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In the same sentence, different emotional expressions will have different intonations. Obviously, Wang Shiyao's words are obviously angry. Su Nan Xing naturally heard, quietly looked at Wang Shiyao and then opened his mouth, "It seems that you are not in a good mood today, when you are in a good mood, come back to me, I went back." Then he turned to go, but then Wang Shiyao turned sideways and said, "Hey," he grabbed her arm, lowered his head and opened his mouth to apologize, "I'm sorry, I.. Namely He hesitated for a long time but could not say anything. How to say that Wang Shiyao is also a young master, even if the young people are precocious, there should still be some arrogance and small pride. Should he tell the girl he likes that he is actually jealous of a professor named Gu? How is that possible. Had to stand there with his head down, stubbornly pulling Su Nan Xing. Su Nan Xing moved his arm and found that he could not pull it. Some did not have the good spirit to twist the head to stare at Wang Shiyao, this turned the head this only then to see behind the young man this pair of frost hits the eggplant appearance. He stood there foolishly with a stubbornness. Su Nan Xing saw that somehow he felt quite happy, and suddenly he burst out laughing. This smile immediately made Wang Shiyao look up at her in amazement, as if to say, "Is this not angry?" Even the eyes are a little brighter. Su Nan Xing sees him like this also no longer throws the facial expression, does not have the good spirit to squint after he opens the mouth, "I do not go you to be able to speak well?" Wang Shiyao stared at Su Nan-xing and immediately nodded, which made Su Nan-xing laugh again. Think carefully, in fact, the other side is a teenager, his actual age is older than him, why so stingy. So Su Nan Xing turned back and looked up at Wang Shiyao as if waiting for him to say something next. But after standing for a few seconds,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, he looked down again at the other side still pulling his arm and not letting go, then looked up and raised his eyebrows, shook his arm and joked with him, "The sleeve is going to be pulled off." Hearing this, the teenager quickly let go of his hand, stood honestly in front of her, and continued to look at Su Nan Xing with the small eyes that had done something wrong. All right, all right. With a magnanimous look, Su stood on tiptoe and patted Wang Shiyao on the shoulder, slanting his head and smiling, "For the sake of your young age, I will forgive you reluctantly." This joke made Wang Shiyao laugh. The two men stood in the corner and looked at each other foolishly. After half a ring, Wang Shiyao, as if remembering something, took out a piece of candy from his bag and stuffed it into Su Nanxing's hand. What is it if it's not peanut sesame candy? "It's not too late today, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,akba boswellic acid, just one piece.". There are several new candies in the shop recently, and I'll bring them to you next time. Wang Shiyao explained with a smile. If you're busy, it doesn't matter if you come late. Su Nan-xing said with a smile, holding the sugar and trying to break it in half with his hand, but he couldn't break it off for a long time. Face slightly wrinkled also rose red appearance, how to look how funny, all of a sudden amused Wang Shiyao. He took the sugar from her hand and broke it in half smoothly, then stuffed it back into Su Nan Xing's hand. Su Nan-xing looked at him, then looked down at the sugar in his hand, smiled and handed him the extra half, joking with Wang Shiyao, "Na, this is your thank-you gift for helping me break the sugar." Wang Shiyao could not help laughing when he heard this, but instead of taking the extra half, he pointed to the other half and said, "Then I'll eat that." All right, you are the biggest when you are small. Su Nan-xing shrugged his shoulders and handed over the good advice, and the two of them looked at each other with a smile as they peeled off the candy wrappers and stuffed the candy into their mouths. Continue to giggle at each other with bulging cheeks. A pair of two little guesses, the beauty of childhood sweethearts. After waiting for Su Nanxing and Wang Shiyao to tell each other about the recent things around them with this half candy, it was not too early. Come on, it's been a long time. Didn't you just say you had something to do? Just go. We'll talk about the rest when you're free next time. Su Nanxing calculated the time and urged him for fear of delaying Wang Shiyao's affairs. Yeah, okay. Wang Shiyao answered, hesitating for a long time or did not know how to open his mouth, so he had to look at Su Nan Xing. This pair of "do not know where to start" look instead makes Su Nan Xing feel funny, then considerate and take the initiative to help him open his mouth, "how? Is there anything you want to say to me but you are afraid that I will be angry? Big deal. I tried not to get angry. Su Nan Xing thought about opening his mouth and consulted with Wang Shiyao. That I said you're really not angry? Wang Shiyao carefully looked at Su Nan Xing, and tried to open his mouth. This makes Su Nan Xing curious about what is going on. Is it related to Qian Panpan or Zhao Lianer? But as soon as the idea came out, it was dispelled by Su Nan Xing. Wang Shiyao has no friendship with two people since before, and what can happen now. Su Nan Xing, who really couldn't think of anything, simply gave up and chose to listen directly to Wang Shiyao and said, "Hey, I can't guess what you're going to say, but I promise I'll try not to get angry." "That.." Wang Shiyao hesitated for a moment, but still mustered up his courage to open his mouth. "Didn't I just say that my family had a big business recently?" "Hm?" Su Nan-xing nodded and motioned him to go on with his eyes. Uh Wang Shiyao looked at Su Nanxing and went on to say, "Because of this, I made a friend and found that." She doesn't seem as annoying as she's rumored to be. Su Nan Xing some doubts, looking at Wang Shiyao like this really do not understand who he is talking about, is about to open his mouth to ask who it is, but suddenly Fulin thought of what, suddenly slightly opened his eyes have guessed but some uncertain look at Wang Shiyao, slowly opened his mouth, "you said the big business.." It's not the Bai family. As soon as the voice fell, there was no need for Wang Shiyao to say anything more, and Su Nan Xing had already read the answer from his expression. It's really. Su Nan Xing repeated in a daze. Yeah, that.. Nan Xing. You won't be angry,jujube seed powder, will you? Wang Shiyao carefully looked at Su Nan Xing, a very afraid of her unhappy look. Su Nanxing slowly raised his eyes and looked at Wang Shiyao again. Seeing his appearance, he took a deep and slow breath and then slowly exhaled. He tried to speak objectively and rationally. "I have no position to be angry because of the cooperation between your family and the Bai family." 。 prius-biotech.com

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