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Xia Boda patted Gong Qiwei on the shoulder and said in all earnestness, "Vice Premier Wen's decision to come to Nancy this time was a sudden one, which caught us by surprise. The deep-water port project is the top priority of our urban construction in Nancy, and it is also the focus of Vice Premier Wen's inspection. Now time is pressing, so we can only do our best to prepare for it.." Try to make sure nothing goes wrong. Gong Qiwei said: "In fact, it is not a bad thing to let the leaders find some problems. Maybe Vice Premier Wen understands our current financial difficulties and approves a large sum of financial allocation with a stroke of his pen. All our problems have been solved." Xia Boda said hurriedly, "Don't, don't. Our Nanxi municipal government has the ability to solve the financial problems of the deep-water port. We can't stretch out our hands to the country and add burden to the country." Gong Qiwei smiled. He was just saying. Judging from Xia Boda's nervous expression, Xia Boda wanted to report good news and not bad news. Gong Qiwei really didn't understand what good it was to whitewash peace and cover up the actual situation? Isn't Nancy part of Pinghai? Is Nancy not a part of China, and to let the leaders of the State Council know the real situation of Nancy is to discredit Nancy? Is it to deny one's own political achievements? Is political achievement important, face important, or the practical interests of the people of Nancy important? Gong Qiwei didn't want to go on. He whispered, "Mayor Xia,aluminium laminated tube, I'll go back and get ready right away!" ………… When Zhang Yang learned that Wen Guoquan was going to visit Nancy, he decided to return to Nancy immediately. The work of the Sports Commission he was in charge of was also very important. The new sports center was also one of the key projects in Nancy. It is also the only way for Wen Guoquan to go to Nancy. Maybe the old godfather will go to his own one mu and three parts of the land when he is suddenly interested. Zhang Yang temporarily borrowed a Volvo from Ren Wenbin, general manager of Nanguo Villa. After breakfast, he drove back to Nanxi with Chang Haixin at 7:30. He had to go back to make preparations before Wen Guoquan arrived in Nanxi. Although Zhang Yang had always opposed doing superficial work, the minimum preparation work still had to be done,eye cream packing tube, such as hygiene problems. At least to present a neat appearance to the leaders of the State Council, because Zhang Daguanren kept calling to arrange work, so Chang Haixin took the initiative to undertake the task of driving. Zhang Yang informed Cui Guozhu, the deputy director, by telephone, and asked him to mobilize all the staff of the Sports Committee to work overtime and clean up ahead of time, so as to make the environment inside and outside the Sports Committee clean and tidy. He also informed Xiao Tiaomin that she should do a good job in the sanitation work of the construction site of the new sports center, and inform the construction units to tidy up the site in the shortest possible time. The road sections involved in the construction should also be cleaned up as soon as possible, and all transport vehicles should be stopped in the morning of the same day. The construction personnel at the construction site must do a good job of safety protection and act in strict accordance with the construction regulations. Zhang Yang called one after another, empty lotion tubes ,eye cream packaging tube, and by the time he finished explaining the matter, Chang Haixin had already sailed into the city of Nancy. Chang Haixin kindly reminded him: "Recent scientific research shows that using a mobile phone for a long time will cause radiation to your brain.". Zhang Yang said with a smile, "I have a thick skull and I'm not afraid of radiation." Chang Haixin said, "Don't ignore these details. Some people in Europe have got brain cancer because they use mobile phones for a long time. I remind you because I care about you." Zhang Daguanren stuck out his tongue: "It's so horrible, but the mobile phone can't be used." Chang Haixin said: "If possible, try to use the fixed-line phone as much as possible. If you really need to use a mobile phone, don't hold it and call it endlessly. Say a few words and hang it up. The shorter the time, the smaller the radiation. And when the mobile phone is just connected, the radiation is the largest. Don't be in a hurry to speak. Wait a minute and then put it in your ear." Zhang Yang said with a smile, "Are you tired if you live like this?"? I'll try to pay attention in the future. Before he had finished speaking, the mobile phone rang again. Zhang Daguanren really followed Chang Haixin's advice this time, took the mobile phone far away from himself, then connected the phone, and waited for the other party to feed a few times before putting the mobile phone close to his ear. [db:wangzhi] Chapter 594 [Leadership Inspection] (II) WWW. XiAosHuoTX T. Com now everyone understands that Premier Wen's visit to the new sports center is just a cover. Even if the local sports cause is important, it is not important enough to alarm the vice premier of the State Council. The reason why he came here is to hold his godson in high esteem and affirm his achievements in public. This is good. It is tantamount to announcing in front of the public that the new sports center is the achievement of publicity. His godson has done a good job. As long as the Provincial Games are held successfully in the future, all the achievements will be publicized, and no one can take them away. Besides, Wen Guoquan said this, who has the courage to take them? Luo Huining looked at her husband and felt a burst of warmth in her heart. She emphasized in front of the leaders of Pinghai Province that Zhang Yang was her godson out of guilt for Zhang Yang. Her husband never formally evaluated her practice. But today, her husband came to the new sports center to respond to her practice. Her husband was in this way to support Zhang Yang. He was different from himself. The way of doing things would not be so direct. But his method is more ingenious, through the affirmation of the new sports center to achieve the goal of affirming the achievements of publicity. In a sense, it is also a kind of compensation for the past. Zhang Yang's heart is also very warm, because of the Jiangcheng new airport, once let him and the relationship between the Wen family alienated a lot, but this time Wen Guoquan's husband ffù came to Pinghai, a few things have tactfully expressed their apologies, how can they get so much attention, Zhang Yang's heart that little grudge has long disappeared. Xu Guangran finally came to Wen Guoquan's side. He smiled and said, "Hello, Premier Wen. The main stadium of our new sports center is in front of us." Wen Guoquan did not seem to hear what he said. He turned to Zhang Yang and said, "Xiao Zhang,plastic laminated tube, do a good job. Your generation will become the backbone of our Republic. You should be down-to-earth and guard against arrogance and rashness. You should not be complacent because you have made some achievements. You should always put the vital interests of the common people in the most important position in your heart." Zhang Yang nodded seriously and said, "Premier Wen, I remember what you said." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com

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