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These twelve people, although the martial arts are different, but all have amazing internal force, suddenly merged into a huge stream. The stone wall was so fierce that it was also held up by the huge current. The stone wall was rejected and could not move forward, and the sound of "rumbling" gradually sounded like thunder, like a roar of anger. So deadlocked about half a cup of tea time, all are sweating back, as long as one of them, a little loose internal force, all will die in the stone room. The situation is dangerous, suddenly heard a loud noise, like gold and iron, the momentum of the stone wall suddenly disappeared. The strength of the crowd, all on the stone wall, the stone wall momentum lost, how to withstand the huge force of the crowd, quickly sliding to the original position. There was a loud bang, and the grey stones were flying, as if they were in the smoke. Moments, gray stone depression, people can not help but shout with joy. It turned out that the stone wall was pushed back to its original position by the huge force of the crowd, and the castration was so fierce that it collapsed in one corner, revealing a small dark hole. Sima Yu looked into the small cave and shouted, "Ni Huanting!" Inside the cave was also "Ni Huanting", and the echo of "Ni Huanting" kept echoing. It must have been a wide, deep and long tunnel. Just as Sima Yu was about to lean forward into the tunnel, Ni Chunlan stepped forward with a jade arm and said,ghana seed extract, "Shaoxia Sima!"! Don't make a mistake. "It's better to move than to be still," said Sima Yu. "It's better to be trapped here than to risk your life. Maybe you can find a way out of the palace." Ni Chunlan said, "The White Snow Palace is full of hidden things, especially the leprosy virus. Once it is contaminated, there will be no physiology. There are no less than dozens of corpse caves in the palace where the leprosy virus eats people. Even if you are highly skilled in martial arts, you can't do anything about it." "Lady Xue listened attentively." What do you think, Miss? "She asked. Ni Chunlan replied, "I will be the first to explore the way, and you will follow far behind. Except for the corpse cave, other accidental attacks can still be dealt with by cameras." "" That's very good,tannic acid astringent, "said Lady Xue, nodding." I'll ask you to lead the way, and we'll go with you. Ni Chunlan dodged into the tunnel and said, "Then they took about twenty steps." The precious light of the two "glittering and translucent phoenix hairpins" shines brightly in the tunnel, which is clear at a glance a hundred paces away. It turned out that this tunnel was actually a natural cave. It is not artificially opened up, only to see stalactites drooping, wall springs dripping, dark and damp, cool hurricane. Leng Rubing walked beside Sima Yu and whispered, "Brother Yu!"! When you make your way in Jianghu, you are neither resentful nor hostile. If you can get out of danger this time, you should also take heart. "Alas," said Sima Yuwei! At the end of the fierce fight on Poisonous Dragon Island, I already felt tired. However, one wave is not flat, another wave is rising. The door of Wulin is easy to enter and difficult to leave. If you are involved in it, you will never have peace. It is not easy to take heart. "That's a bit far-fetched, Brother Yu, phycocyanin spirulina ,lutein eye complex," said Leng Rubing. "There are a lot of people in the martial arts world who retreat at the right time. Is it difficult to take heart?" "Of course," said Sima Yu in a low voice, "Sister Leng's words are polite. I'm afraid.." Leng Rubing knew that Sima Yu had always been outspoken, but now he was still talking. Doubtful, he quickly asked, "What are you afraid of?"? Do you still have a grudge? Sima Yu still took the matter of Biyun Villa to heart, but at this point he could not speak out. He had to stammer, saying, "There are certain arrangements for everything in the world. It is impossible for human beings to turn things around. What will happen in the future?"? In the end, we naturally understand that if we are lucky enough to get out of the White Snow Palace, I'm afraid there will be a big disaster waiting for us! Both Jin Chunhong and Xue Qi could hear their conversation clearly. The former had been the leader of the water bandits, but he could not be moved by Sima Yu's evasive words. Xue Qi was different and was curious for a moment. "Sima Shaoxia has always been outspoken," he said excitedly. "After half a month's separation, he has become so rigid. Is there something you can't tell?" As soon as Sima Yu was provoked by Xue Qi, he was about to say something about the "pretty Luocha girl." Then he thought, "Here and now, I really can't say it lightly." Then he answered slowly, "It's not that there's something difficult to say. It's just that it's a big matter. It can't be said clearly in a few words. Let's talk about it tomorrow." In the middle of the conversation, the crowd suddenly stopped. The original way out has a fork, Ni Chunlan is the right to rush out of the direction. In the tunnel also can not distinguish between north and south, although distinguish the direction, Ni Chunlan Fang hand from the tunnel into the palace, not this one, her guidance, related to the life and death of the other eleven people, no wonder she hesitated. One to the right, wide, flat and broad, the two walls have been artificially opened up, both moving the force axe, of course, there is a hidden trap, the danger is greater. The one to the left is gradually narrow, the stalactite droops as before, and the wall spring drips down. The other seems to be safer, but the only concern is that it is a dead hole with no exit, which makes people go back and forth in vain. After a little consideration, Ni Chunlan waved her hand and took the lead in walking to the tunnel on the right. Inside the tunnel, there was no light, and the whole line was illuminated by the precious light of two phoenix hairpins. After several turns in the tunnel, the scene suddenly changed. The tunnel suddenly widened, the two walls were full of pine nuts and torches, and Ni Chunlan, who was moving forward, suddenly exclaimed! Hearing the sound, everyone was stunned, and then looked up at the scene of the road, unconsciously shocked. Twenty wooden frames were lined up in the tunnel. On each frame was a naked woman. It was obvious at a glance that they were lepers, because they all had dark blue spots on their bodies. These ***ing girls are still alive, as if they were in a coma. Everyone already knew the severity of the leprosy, and they all flinched. Ni Chunlan looked at it carefully and turned to the others and said, "Although these women are suffering from extremely serious leprosy, they are not rotten to the point of suppurating blood. It is not harmful to you yet. Please be a little careful in the past. Just don't touch their bodies." They listened to Ni Chunlan's words. This just rest assured, each carefully forward, Ni Chunlan in the side deliberately alert. The crowd walked alone and moved slowly, and when they were only a few feet away from the naked women, they suddenly became hasty. Hearing a slight sound, twenty daggers flew out of nowhere, and the throat of the twenty naked women was immediately pierced by the daggers. The surprise was no small matter. Ni Chunlan gave a sharp shout and shouted,pumpkin seed extract, "Hurry up and step down!" Before the shouting was over, the dagger that had stabbed the naked woman was suddenly pulled out by itself and flew back upside down, and a stream of blood spurted out of her throat. prius-biotech.com

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