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The nightmare began, especially the child, who not only opposed her everywhere, but also had no time to be alone with him. When she came back, the three of them left her alone at the airport without saying hello. She was so angry that she jumped. Daughter, are you sure you've investigated everything? Fang Dong was silent for a long time and suddenly threw out such a sentence. Yes, the detective I hired should not be wrong, "Fang Yaohan thought thoughtfully, shook his head, there should not be any big problem." What about the child's mother? Have you done more research in this area? She shook her head. "No." She didn't know he had a child at all, and she didn't know which woman gave birth to the child. "You," Fang Dong put down the newspaper in his hand and said with some blame, "I told you earlier that you could find a better one with your conditions, but you didn't listen to me. You didn't know anything about marrying him. Are you crazy?" Fang Yaohan kept silent, silently lowered his head and let him say, "I don't think that boy is worthy of you. Forget it. Dad will introduce you to a better one another day. I really don't understand what's good about that man, and he's married. You're really.." "No," Fang Yaohan shook her head firmly. She didn't want anyone but him. " Dad, I don't care anyway, you have to help me. "Fang Yaohan got up and didn't want to continue this topic. If her father refused to help her, she would solve the problem by herself.". Anyway, she just wants him. You, you are so angry with me. "Fang Dong shouted angrily," Why don't you ask more questions? His son is by his side. What about his ex-wife? What about his mother? What about the rest of his family? You are too simple to know anything. Fang Yaohan was angry and replied with a cold face, "I don't want to ask. Anyway, I want him. I don't care what his ex-wife is. When she comes, I'm still not afraid of her." Fang Dong worried,stesweet stevia, he is such a daughter, how can not let her suffer, secretly thought that it should be a good meeting for a while Bi Tianao is. You Lin, tomorrow Xiaoxuan's physical examination please you "at the dinner table, Bi Tianao suddenly opened his mouth, tomorrow he has an important meeting, how can not get away, but Xiaoxuan." He still can't put his mind at ease. No, I don't want a physical examination. "Xiao Xuan,best green coffee bean extract, who was eating silently, suddenly muttered in a low voice, which was not loud, but just let the other two people at the table hear it clearly.". Tian Youlin smiled, answered in a low voice, and when her eyes turned to Xiao Xuan, they suddenly became complicated. After the physical examination in the city hospital, Tian Youlin pulled Xiaoxuan and was preparing to go back by car. When waiting for the car, the hand inadvertently turned over the hand Xiaoxuan's physical examination report, the pupil carefully swept the above text, in the confirmation of all normal, inadvertently relieved. Big hand tightly holding his small hand, Xiaoxuan obviously absent-minded looking elsewhere, Tian Youlin laughed, "how, where do you want to eat at noon?" "Home" Xiaoxuan cool look very cute, Tian Youlin can not help but spoil the pinch of his handsome face, provoked his discontented exclamation. The moment she looked up, Tian Youlin casually glanced at the tall building opposite, carnosic acid price ,naringenin price, and at this glance, she was stunned in place. Big eyes carefully staring at the window that wipe on the beautiful shadow, can no longer move the line of sight. She. She is? When she blinked and looked at the window again, sure enough, this time, she was not wrong. That woman is not Shangguan Wanyun, who else can it be? It's just how did she end up here? She's supposed to be in the suburbs. In this way, she stared straight at the top, even in the side of Xiaoxuan also looked at her doubtfully, he shook her hand discontentedly, "Auntie, what's wrong with you?" "No, it's okay." It's just a surprise. " Aunt, let's go. "Xiao Xuan pulled Tian Youlin to leave." No, "Tian Youlin pulled back his little body and smiled," Let's do one thing. " Something that neither you nor she can think of. Mother and son meet, this scene must be very touching. Without saying a word, Tian Youlin pulled Xiaoxuan to the inpatient department. Really did not expect, too many is the accident, in here unexpectedly can also meet her, she is really haunting. Wan Yun felt bored, so he lay at the window and looked around at random. Wang Ma went out to buy a meal and hasn't come back yet. She was really bored. She couldn't do anything. She could only eat and sleep like a rice worm every day. She was tired of repeating this life every day. The door opened, Wan Yun did not look back, still lazily shouted "Wang Ma" and then looked out of the window in silence. There was no movement behind him, and Wan Yun was a little strange and more puzzled. She struggled to get up, put her hands on the wheelchair, and turned around with difficulty. At the moment of seeing the child, Wan Yun's head suddenly had some pain, and more discomfort and bitterness came from her chest. She tried to get rid of the discomfort in her heart. Looking at the child's tender face, which was too familiar, she frowned sadly and shook her head. Looking at the people, she did not know them. He asked in a friendly way, "Hello, who are you?" In front of one big one small two people, Wan Yun once again determined not to know, only then asked in a low voice. "Tian Youlin's clear and melodious laughter came to Wan Yun's ears, but for some reason, she felt so harsh and unpleasant," I really don't remember, or.. " As soon as the conversation changed, the eyes shot sharply at her, "This is just your trick again." Wan Yun listens muddleheaded, but she is not stupid, in front of this woman is clearly to provoke her, but, do they know? "I do not understand, you please," Wan Yun some angry under the order to leave, pushing the wheelchair, walked to the window. The breeze blew away the panic and uneasiness that had no reason to appear in her heart. She relaxed her brows and breathed a sigh of relief quietly. Never mind, this is the first time we meet, hello, my name is Tian Youlin. "Tian Youlin smiled carelessly, stroked Xiaoxuan's soft black hair and smiled." He is.. His name is Xiao Xuan. Remember the name and say goodbye. Say, pull Xiaoxuan out of the ward, far away, the air once again floated her light words not full of any feelings, "amnesia is good,turmeric extract powder, everything is forgotten, also do not have to be responsible for anything, you are really comfortable.". prius-biotech.com

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