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"Yes!" Seeing that Bahamut didn't seem to believe it, another mercenary stood up and said, "If you want to talk about our Lord Huayun, he is a great man. At the beginning, the plants in the Kingdom of Sith were cursed by the devil. Even Lord Rudolf, the sixth-order plant guide in the Kingdom of Sith, was at a loss what to do. Fortunately, Lord Huayun arrived in time. It only took a few days." He cured all the plants cursed by the devil in the Planting Master's Temple. If it weren't for Master Huayun, we wouldn't know what to do in the Sith Kingdom. "Well, what was that?" Another mercenary soldier also stood up and said, "Master Huayun was awesome when he went to the Elves. All the heads of the Planter's Temple in many countries on the mainland went there. Even the head of the Planter's Temple in the four empires, the eight-step Planter, had no way to face the sacred tree of the Elves. In the end, only our Lord, Lord Huayun, took action to cure the sacred tree of the elves. Tut, so heroic." "What a face." "I also heard that Lord Huayun went to the Rocky Mountains of the dwarves not long ago to solve the problems of the dwarves. Hey, if you go to Montreal now,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, the walls are full of dwarves craftsmen, who are specially sent by the dwarves to repay Lord Huayun's kindness.." "And, as far as I know, Lord Huayun still has a lot of divine plants on his body." After someone began, all the people present at the mercenary guild told Bahamut and Himmri about Huayun's deeds on the mainland, and Bahamut and Himmri were stunned. These mercenary soldiers, many of whom are natives of Costa Province,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, are grateful to Huayun, and now when they say it, they praise Huayun as unique in the world. Coming out of the mercenary guild, Bahamut and Himry all had a wry smile on their faces. They never thought that Hua Yun was the most popular planter in the mainland of Allen today. At the thought of this, Bahamut wanted to fly to the palace of the Sith Kingdom and disassemble Nexant. Chapter one hundred and ninety make war money It is no accident that the God-given fruit was discovered thousands of years ago by humans in the land of Allen. Allen continent nearly ten thousand years ago, after the great war of the whole continent, the gods seemed to punish the killing on the continent, and it became more and more difficult for all living things on the continent to advance, until one day, all human beings completely stopped advancing, and many of them stagnated forever above the level they could reach when they were young. The human world once panicked, and even the top level of the Dragon Empire at that time was helpless in the face of this strange phenomenon. At that time, stainless steel toilet ,Manual Flush Valve, the Dragon Empire called on nearly ten top gods of various professions to study this phenomenon of human beings. However, in the face of this strange phenomenon, the nearly ten gods studied it for more than ten years, but still found nothing. And the Dragon Empire has long found that not only human beings on the continent have stopped advancing, but also other intelligent races, like human beings, have completely stopped improving their strength. However, many interested people have found that the Warcraft living in the Demon Mountains can still improve its strength. Therefore, the eyes of the top level of the Dragon Empire are all focused on the Warcraft in the Demon Mountains. Curious people have found that those Warcraft in the Magic Mountains have been upgraded when they take a fruit containing magic fluctuations. As a result, the major races have studied the fruits and plants in the Demon Mountains, and the God-given plants and God-given fruits have been slowly discovered by people. Before the crisis of survival, people at that time were unprecedentedly enthusiastic about the research, cultivation and planting of God-given plants. The cultivation of God-given fruit has gradually become the most important thing on the continent, and all races have produced the profession of cultivating God-given fruit. Human planters, elven druids, orc shamans.. But there are still some races. There is no one who can cultivate the fruit of God's gift. Such a race relies on all the natural fruit of God's gift, just like the Warcraft in the Demon Mountains, which can not cultivate the fruit given by God. If they want to advance, they can only rely on the natural fruit given by God growing in the Demon Mountains. At the beginning, Saha, the court planter of the Kingdom of Sith, went to the town of Kodo for the purpose of finding the fruit of purple water chestnut in the Demon Mountains. In fact, except for Warcraft. Similarly, the Dragon Clan has not produced a profession specializing in the cultivation of God-given fruits. Thousands of years ago, the storm also attacked the Dragon Clan of the Dragon Island overseas. At that time, the head of the Dragon Clan on the Dragon Island, Golden Holy Dragon, was also burning with anxiety until one day, in a valley on the Dragon Island. The poisonous miasma that filled the air all the year round slowly dispersed, and a giant tree gradually emerged in front of all the dragons in the valley because of the disappearance of the miasma. And on this giant tree, all of them are full of different sizes. Strange fruits of different colors. At that time, the dragons of Dragon Island also served as dragon knights in the Dragon Empire. Familiar with the God-given fruits of the human world, they recognized these strange fruits at a glance, which were the God-given fruits that all races on the continent had worked hard to cultivate. The dragon clan on the Dragon Island all regarded the tree of God-given fruit as the grace of the Dragon God Sfeder to the dragon clan, so for this tree of God-given fruit. The dragons were treated as sacred trees. And this valley has also become a forbidden place for the dragon clan. Only when the dragon clan needs the fruit from God, the current patriarch will go in to pray and pick it. However, although there are many God-given fruits on this giant tree, they can't stand the consumption of the whole Dragon Island Dragon Family. Fortunately, the God-given fruits on this giant tree will also grow when they are consumed. Moreover, the fertility of the Dragon Family is extremely low, and the number of dragons on the whole Dragon Island is not very large,Self-closing Shower Valve, so they have persisted. But now, thousands of years later, the growth rate of the God-given fruit on the giant tree is getting slower and slower. What worries the dragon family is that the God-given fruit on the giant tree suddenly falls without being picked. cnkexin.com

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