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"No, and I'm saying that I really have a real mother!" Whose bear child is this? Are you here to annoy yourself? "He Siwu, your mother has a bad temper!" Sun Simiao wants to fry hair. He Siwu nodded: "I have fully realized this, and no one can stand it except my father!"! So I know very well! I'm so angry, I'm really angry. He Siwu, how do I feel about breaking off the relationship between mother and son? We can't get along! He Siwu shook his head: No matter what you do, you are my mother by blood! So cut it off! Don't try to be brave if it's determined by your genes! Sun Simiao was shocked to grow his mouth wide. Then I saw He 45 being picked up by He Yiting: "Son, you're really going to make your mother faint!" He Yiting is really in a complicated mood about his son's performance now. You know so much at such a young age, but do you still let other people live? He received a lot of knowledge, but in the end there is no way to fully understand. But one thing he knew very well was that his mother was angry. Then I'll go to play with my little uncle. Dad, please coax your mother. The brat just ran away. Sun Simiao pointed at He 45 and looked at He Yiting with a stunned face: Did you hear that? What exactly did the old director teach He 45? How dare he talk to me like that? He Yiting patted Sun Simiao on the back and told her not to be so angry: "You should know that the old director will never teach children according to the rules, and why do you make such a fuss?" Is this a matter of making a fuss? This is a fatal problem. Sun Simiao sneered: "He Yiting,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, are you happy?"? Your son is talking back to me now. Chapter 577 577. Dabao coaxes people 1.apply honey He Yiting, who had always had a strong desire to survive, dared not answer. Daughter-in-law is angry, or because of her son. Between his son and daughter-in-law,Flushometer valve, he Yiting decisively abandoned his son. A son or something can be reborn, and there is only one daughter-in-law. How come? Why don't we just throw the kid away? I made you angry anyway! What He Yiting said is called smooth. Sun Simiao felt uncomfortable again. You really dislike your son. I knew he came out by accident. You don't like him! The way he cried, he Yiting was numb. Why did you cry when you were talking? What is the situation? "Why? I like my son. After all, you gave birth to him." As soon as he Yiting finished, Sun Simiao said again: "Sure enough, you like your son better than me!" This is impossible to talk about. That's not how you make trouble out of nothing. He Yiting holds his forehead. Reach out to Sun Simiao: "I'm sure I won't be angry if you come here!" Sun Simiao smiled, and he knew that he was making trouble out of nothing. He took to his heels. Where can I really run past He Yiting? He was quickly caught and disappeared into the room with the man on his back. He Siwu and He Yixing sighed together. I knew that my mother would always be subdued by my father in the end, and sure enough, my mother's nemesis was my father! The tone of the little adult made he Yixing want to laugh. Where did you learn that? Is that still so reasonable? He Siwu said very seriously: "Little uncle, Flush valve price ,Self-closing Faucet, you don't like my mother, my mother's heart is only my father, even I stand aside, who likes her is to make trouble with themselves, you ah, no!" He Yixing was stunned. What no one could guess was revealed by a child. He Yixing is a little embarrassed and a little lucky. I'm glad Dabao saw it. So do I like you? He Siwu shook his head: "This is certainly possible, but you expect me to be your son, and we will always be uncle and nephew!" At this time, He Yixing has a feeling of understanding Sun Simiao. Bear child, Ben Bear. Sure enough, no matter how smart a child is, there are times when he is annoying. No, this is the moment. If it weren't for his own nephew, he Yixing would want to beat him up. He said it as if he wanted to do something. All right, let's go. Your mom and dad won't be able to get out for a while! Leave with He Siwu in your arms. There are only Sun Simiao and He Yiting at home. They can do whatever they want. We are all adults, how can we not understand it? There were old men playing chess at the entrance of the alley, and He Yixing went to see them with He 45 in his arms. Old people want children, not to mention quiet children. Plus he 45 has been looking at the chessboard very intently. Boy, see, understand? The speaker is an old man who watches chess. He Siwu nodded. He Yiting has taught him since he could speak. Most people can play chess. It's just that some people can get started quickly, and some will be at the door forever. He Siwu is a genius, and chess is also a mathematical operation. Anyway, He Siwu is not afraid of this at a young age. After He Yixing put down He Siwu, he sat in the seat of an old man who got up. Then follow the old man opposite. Look at the small hand is not as big as the chess piece, but it is very stable. The people watching the scene of bustle all stared. If you don't see this kind of thing with your own eyes, you won't take it seriously. Looking at the way children play chess, everyone is curious about what kind of family can cultivate such prodigies? Isn't that awesome? No one does not admire it. At the end of the game, He Siwu opened his hand to He Yixing. I have no strength. I need my uncle to hold me. He Yixing also cooperated. He reached out and picked him up. Why did you leave? No more next set? The child's style of chess is so good that the old man wants to continue. I want to go home and take a nap. I'm still a child,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, and I have to grow up! He Siwu took it for granted. He Yixing smiled at the old people and left with them in his arms. As for whether he is really sleepy, there is really no need to worry. Children have a lot of sleep. Back home, there must be no one waiting for them. Go to sleep in your room and don't bother mom and dad. cnkexin.com

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