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In fact, to be honest, Xie yuanniang felt that Guo Ke was a pity, married Xie Wenhui, and now she doesn't even like Guo Ke very much. Gu yuan laughed and said, "leave it to me, I don't have to do it." Xie yuanniang looked at him suspiciously. Gu yuan rubbed her head and talked about going to the northwest. "Come back at the end of the year at the latest, two months at the soonest. Discuss with your sister-in-law and mother in the mansion. If there is anything for Jiang Yi to send me a letter, I will leave Jiang Yi behind." "Second Master is going out, and there's nothing to do in the house. There's really something to do with my father and them. Jiang Yi is used by Second Master, and I'm not at ease if you don't take him with you." Xie yuanniang was even tougher than he was. "It's settled." Gu yuan smiled, with a spoiled look in his eyes. "Little girl, are you still my master?" "Which one is the little girl?" Two lifetimes together, older than you. Gu yuan chuckled and reached out to take the man into his arms. Outside, Jiang Yi pushed the door and went in, "Second Master.." He backed out as fast as he could. "I didn't see anything." Xie yuan-niang's head was buried in his arms, and her ears were red. She didn't think of the little uncle kissing her just now, and then.. This is a loss of adults. 。 Gu yuan's face is not good-looking, "go to get ten sticks by yourself." Bad for his good. Chapter 523: Messages Xie Wenhui here has been secretly waiting for the second prince mansion there, Yang Yueqing is a miscarriage, Yang Zhaodi harm also spread out. Then And then we're done. 。 Xie Wenhui felt that this was not right, how could there be no Xie yuanniang? The news of the day did not come again,Time Delay Tap, but waited back for Guo Ke. Guo Ke's face was not good-looking. Mrs. Guo looked at her son and wanted to sigh. Since her son was injured, she had not laughed once. Now she is married, but she does not enter the new house after marriage. What should she do? Big brother, I came back, and you didn't say hello. Guo Shushen's face was discontented. Married people always go back to their mother's home, what do people think? I think your mother spoils you. Guo Ke has no good airway. Brother, do you dislike my coming back? Guo Shushen did not wait for his brother's words, but could only look at his mother with grievance, "Mother,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, look at him." "Well, your brother and sister quarrel as soon as they meet. Can't you talk well?" Mrs. Guo, who is also reluctant to say, can only look at Xie Wenhui unhappily, "dinner is ready?"? Let's set the table. There's no wink. I'll keep an eye on everything. Xie Wenhui did not care, turned to go out, behind you can hear Guo Shushen's cold hum, "Mother, I said this marriage is not good, you do not believe.." "Shut up. You're married and you say everything. It's the same in your husband's family."? Ma Fu is not an ordinary family. Now your sister-in-law has become the third imperial concubine. You should remember the rules well in the future. Don't talk nonsense any more. So what if I know the rules? Isn't Marchant gone? You don't tell me when you leave. What do you take me for? I don't think anyone in Ma Fu likes me. I might as well stay at my mother's home. What Guo Shushen said was not angry. In Ma Fu, after marrying in the past, she has been suffering from the face of the people, "they are not interested in Xie yuan Niang, but Xie yuan Niang climbed the high branch." There was a clang. Then came the woman's screams. Mrs. Guo's flustered voice also sounded, "Brother Ke, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, what are you doing?" "Have her sent back immediately." Xie Wenhui stood in the doorway and wanted to listen for a while, when he saw Guo Ke coming out angrily, Xie Wenhui hurriedly lowered his head. She wanted to wait for Guo Ke to go in again, but the angry Guo Ke stopped and stood in front of her. "Xie Wenhui, since you married into Guo Fu, you should be your Mrs. Guo in peace. Don't think about bullying people all day long. Gu Cifu looked for me.". Today I still put the words here, not to see the face of Gu Cifu, but also to see the face of the little Lord, after you see Xie yuanniang finally walk around. Xie Wenhui raised his head in amazement, and Guo Ke had already gone. Feel around the servant to look at this side, Xie Wenhui tightened the hand of the veil, Gu yuan for Xie yuan Niang? How is that possible? How could a cold-hearted man like Gu yuan stand up for Xie yuanniang? There must be some mistake. The veil in Xie Wenhui's hand was almost broken. In the room was Guo Shushen's low sob and Mrs. Guo's scolding. For a moment, the servants in the yard did not dare to look around. Guo Ke was unhappy, not to be found by Gu yuan to talk, but by Bai Jian Xi to make trouble, Xu Lingyou there to divorce his wife, but also pulled Guo Ke in, said the relationship between the two was improper. Guo Ke wanted to scold his father in his heart. He was blocked by Bai Jian Xi when he left the house. Did you blame him? Such a woman, he did not care, on the other hand is Xie Wenhui, the original when she married Guo Ke also thought she was quite special, but now? Completely still do not know repentance, the heart can not help but feel disappointed, rather than this, it is better to.. Go to Guanbian to make contributions 。 Guo Ke is what he wants to do, that night he secretly took the small fellow away, Guo adults know that the letter is already three days later, Mrs. Guo fell ill on the spot. Xie Wenhui only felt that she had been slapped and scolded by her mother-in-law when she was waiting with Guan, "You Xie sisters don't have a good thing, all of your men are far away from home." Xie Wenhui dare not speak back, can only a person silently swallow this bitter water, but in the heart on the Xie yuan Niang. Xie yuan Niang here is packing things, the little uncle to go, to the other side of the things although Jiang Yi, but wear in Xie yuan Niang here. In her previous life, she had not sorted out Gu Tingzhi, and in this life, she could not find a clue, and she was afraid of what she had left behind, so she took the initiative to go to her mother-in-law for advice. Mrs. Gu happily pulled her to say the weather in the northwest, Jinling is warm here, there is still a strong wind, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, the climate is still very dry. Xie yuan-niang listened very carefully, and when she went back, she found out a few robes with interlayers, even cotton-padded clothes, and made kneepads. Gu yuan came back these days, and what he saw was the side of the little girl sitting on the couch making things, and through the window he could see the side face. He never thought that one day,Service Sink Faucets, he would look forward to going home, in order to see the scene of this review. June 28, easy to travel. cnkexin.com

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