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Stunned, he forgot that this was a show, that this was just a scene. He broke away from the crowd and jumped onto the stage. He pushed the two men away and hugged Willow. The sword was still in Willow's chest, the blood was still gushing out, and Willow's performance was quite lifelike, lying motionless in his arms. Willow's body was covered with blood, and his body was covered with blood, which spread across the stage and onto Turandot's shoes. Turandot's performance was also selfless. Her eyes were full of surprise and pain. She looked at him and Willow. Then she stepped back and accidentally fell under the stage. People helped her up, but she rushed into the crowd. People made way for her. She ran as fast as she could until she ran out of the square and into the depths of some knotted alley in the city. On the stage, the two masked men had disappeared, and the spotlight was focused on him and Willow, whose white clothes had been dyed red, and people thought that perhaps too much mercurochrome had been used for the performance. Her hair, still loose, fell like a waterfall in his arms. Suddenly, there was another man on the stage, who came to him and Willow, and then said slowly to the people in the square- "Here, the author's heart stopped beating.". The play is over. He looked back and saw the face of the speaker, the headmaster,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, his headmaster. After the headmaster finished, he walked off the stage without saying a word. Then all the people in the square began to leave, coming like the tide and going like the tide. Soon, the original sea of people had gradually become bleak, people went to the streets again, and they went home. Ten minutes later, the square was empty except for him and Willow. The huge lamp was still on, and a strong circle of light enveloped them as if it were day. Now that the play was over,push button toilet flush valve, it was time for Willow to wake up. He called Willow softly, but Willow still lay quietly. The blood stopped flowing, and he gently pulled the sword out of Willow's chest and threw it on the ground. He continued to call Willow, who remained silent until Willow's fiery body gradually cooled. He raised his head and looked around. The huge square became dead silent. Only the night wind ran wild in the square, brushing his cheeks and making his body cold. He was still holding Willow, he thought it was just a play, Willow would wake up after the play, so he was not worried, he was not afraid, he believed that Willow would come back. A few hours later, the huge lights went out, and some red lights began to appear in the eastern sky. Half of the sky turned purple. The sky was beautiful now, and the moon was still hanging, looking at him and Willow. No one sleeps tonight. He repeated it himself, Time Delay Faucet ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, then nodded. He looked at Willow's calm face. Gradually, he began to remember. He remembered that when he was five years old, there was a little girl next door named Liu Er. They were all together from childhood to adulthood. They grew up together and grew up together. They were very familiar and very close. They had a complicated relationship, but they kept a pure contact. Yes, it was all true, 100% true, and he finally remembered Willow, remembered her without missing a trace. Then, just before the sun in the east was about to rise in the buildings, he picked up Willow and walked off the stage. He said to Willow, "You have to walk off the stage.". They went to the depths of the city, before the night was replaced by the day. The play is over. Thriller novel Thriller novel When I left Shanghai, the typhoon had gone away, and occasionally there was some rain in the sky. Ye Xiao quietly leaned against the window and looked out of the window at the fields in the south of the Yangtze River. The long-distance bus is speeding on the expressway, and the terminal station is Xileng Town, K City. Ye Xiao sat in the last row of seats, thinking about the letter he had received yesterday morning. It was the twelfth letter sent by Zhou Xuan from the Ghost Inn. It was hard to imagine that the contents of the letter would be true. In short, Ye Xiao was puzzled. Moreover, yesterday's letter was different from the one a few days ago, and there was no signature in the end. A line of words at the end is- "Ye Xiao, help me.". ” Perhaps Zhou Xuan has fallen into a desperate situation. Is it true that he was dragged into the sea, as the letter said? In this case, how did he write this letter to Ye Xiao? How did he send it and how did Ye Xiao receive it? However, judging from the envelope of the twelfth letter, like the previous letters, the stamp was still stamped with the postmark of Xileng Town. After reading the letter yesterday morning, Ye Xiao received a call from the hospital. The doctor told him on the phone that Zhou Hanchao had died of myocardial infarction at five o'clock in the morning. At that time, Ye Xiao only felt a fever in his eyes, but the doctor said that Zhou Hanchao died in his sleep without any pain. When Ye Xiao put down the phone, he had already made up his mind: no matter what terrible things he encountered, he would go to a ghost inn in order to deal with him and his father. Also just yesterday, Ye Xiao's case was successfully solved, and he finally got a three-day vacation. Early in the morning, Ye Xiao sat on the coach and embarked on a journey to the Ghost Inn. At two o'clock in the afternoon, the bus pulled into the town of Xileng. Ye Xiao, with only simple luggage on him, got off and walked around the town first. As described in Zhou Xuan's letter, the town is rich and prosperous, the streets are full of various markets and entertainment places, and many different accents can be heard along the way. He did not enter the old street of Xileng Town, but found the post office of Xileng Town first. Ye Xiao showed his police card to the post office and found the village postman in charge of the area of the deserted village. The village postman told Ye Xiao that in the last ten days, a letter could be opened from the mailbox in the desolate village every day. The sender's address on the envelope was Ghost Inn, while the recipient's address was Shanghai, but the letter had disappeared since yesterday. Ye Xiao asked the village postman to take him to the ghost inn, the other party hesitated for a moment,Concealed Flush Valve, or agreed to Ye Xiao's request. Ye Xiao sat on the schoolbag rack of the village postman's bicycle, and the village postman shouted, "Be careful." He stepped on the pedal and jumped out. cnkexin.com

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