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As a result, three thousand people were quickly scattered. Assigned a twenty SuWei commander, of course, those who were originally a battalion captain is not unconvinced, in the ability and force are tending to the disadvantage of the situation. I'm not qualified to fight for any rights, let alone. Have already unified the idea, naturally can not sweep the face of Wei Guan, disobedience is very easy to fall into a bad impression. Moreover, this is only a temporary appointment, and it does not mean that they have been reduced in this way. Just like this, these battalion officers were also very cooperative with the guards who were in danger. In the eyes of the latter, they also saw encouragement. "These guards have only been loyal to the Wei clan since they joined the collective. As long as someone hits the Wei clan, they will be keenly captured.". Obviously, these people can't hide their minds from them, but they can have these smart guys. Also saved a lot of trouble, as for, Wei Guan whether in the future will promote them, that is the last word, now, their task is to use this just three thousand people, to fight each other eight thousand Jiangdong army. This is a tough battle, even though these guards have commanded countless battles and defeated countless powerful enemies, but now this situation. And it does make them tricky. This is not a world where one's own abilities are enough. Even though those ministries Xiangcheng officers all guess Wei irrigation status is extraordinary,euro plastic pallet, with all kinds of thoughts to please. Try to maintain the morale of the army, but after all, three thousand people will not change much because of a small number of voices. It's what it should be, and it's only a little bit better to delay the decline in morale and the victory that the net has just won. In fact, these guards are also very satisfied with the performance of their young masters, sustained victory is essential, and the significance of this attack is important, this is undoubtedly to let everyone know that the number of gaps does not mean anything, the important thing is to have the hope of victory. If this sneak attack can achieve the stability of morale,heavy duty plastic pallet, then at least in the future, there will be no need to worry about the collapse caused by casualties and reinforcements. Therefore, Wei Guan's bold idea has won the approval of the guards and their unanimous support. This is a sneak attack under the auspices of Wei Guan. But the real actors are these fifty good old men. Chen Wu Jiangdong army did not form a large-scale encirclement of NanDun, just alone will camp in the north gate, west gate two, two village together is not far, in addition to a small number of military forces formed on the south gate and east gate two surveillance, the north gate and west gate can be expected to be the next day's strategy center. Although Nanton is the place where the Jiangdong Army stores grain. But in fact, after all, this is only a small city, eight thousand people's attack force, placed outside the town, the pressure is particularly strong. At least, on the wall, looking at the other side do not know the end of the tent, it is a little chilling. In the middle of the night, plastic wheelie bins ,foldable bulk container, all the three thousand sergeants were well-fed. When they learned that they were going to do a big deal tonight, many of them were worried. But more. But it was because of the repeated bold sneak attacks of Wei Guan that blind trust was formed, and this time it also made their blood boil. The gate of the east gate opened quietly, as expected by Wei Guan, the other side's defense was relaxed, and the towers that had been used as surveillance were easily pulled out by the hunting team that had been sent out before, and now the army began to bypass the wall from the east gate, directly giving the other side a deadly attack. This time the raid was not out in full force, Wei Guan sent out one thousand five hundred troops, of which five hundred were his carefully armed main force, including ten Suwei led. Their mission is simply to sneak in and cause chaos and division, while the remaining Nanton defenders will fight their way out of the north gate. Attack from both sides and defeat the enemy in one fell swoop! Wei irrigation nature will not follow those sneak attack military forces out of the city, he just anxiously paced back and forth on the wall, nervous and excited mood accompanied by footsteps, more and more intense. After all, it was a bold plan, and if it succeeded, it would save Nanton's decline at one stroke. Even if he can't defeat the other side, he can keep Nanton long enough to wait for reinforcements. However, if it fails, the other side is on guard. Then, the loss of 1500 military forces out of the city will push Nanton into a situation beyond redemption. In fact, this was the first real battlefield fight in his life. Compared with the first rescue of Ye County and the raid on Nanton, it was a strategic deployment, and the process was smooth and light. There was no risk to face directly, and there was no real impact to fight. But this time is different, is a person alone to complete a brilliant heart, a fight, each of his instructions represent the life and death of Bu Qian, each time Wei Che, will let the balance of victory tilt left and right. This is a gamble, but also a gamble with their own life and death. He used to hear his uncle say that war is a game, in the advantage, to suppress the other side any possibility of turning the tables, in the disadvantage, it is necessary to use tricks to equalize the outcome, a gamble is not rare. Gone, Ben is at a disadvantage. If you don't do anything, you will only go to death step by step. It's better to put the chips of life on the table a moment earlier! With the blood of the Wei family, he seems to have inherited Wei Ning's love of adventure. This time, he gambled. However, the palm is all sweat, Wei Guan silently looking outside the city, looking forward to the signal he wants to see happen, but also looking forward to this time the most brilliant battle of life into the climax. As time went by, Wei Guan's legs were numb. Looking at the sky, he had crossed the third watch and moved towards the fourth watch. In other words, two hours had passed since the military forces left the city. But the expected signal has not been seen, Wei Guan's mood is more and more anxious. No one can remain calm in the first encounter of such a thing, even if he has the name of genius, in the final analysis,wholesale plastic pallet, he is just an inexperienced child. Set the enemy on fire. When he was in a muddle, a voice of surprise suddenly sounded, but it was the Xiangcheng officers who accompanied him who shouted loudly. cnplasticpallet.com

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