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Inside the door, Li Yun was in a mess. He threw himself on the bed and said, "What should I do?" What should I do It is false to say that you are not tempted. After all, Liu Dan is really excellent. But intellectually, it's hard. Even if Liu Dan is interested in her, Liu Dan's family will not accept a girl born in poverty like her. Especially in the messy place of the entertainment circle. Forget it. I don't want to. Maybe it's just a three-minute passion, and we'll see later. Ruan Suixin left the moonlight and took a taxi back to the hotel. I sent a video to Yin Liuli at the first time. As soon as Yin Liuli picked up the video, he heard the sound of Ruan Suixin laughing. The lip angle bends up a good-looking arc directly. So happy? "Ha ha ha, very happy!"! Qu Qingyang, that boy, is probably angry to death. "Be careful they don't play with you." "No, believe it or not, I'll call Qu Qingyang again and say I'll bet again. If I lose, I'll bet with him this time. He promises to bet with me again." "Well, I believe it." "Ha ha ha.." That's an idiot. Hey, Yin Liuli, how do you know about this? Ruan Suixin got up from the bed and asked. Qu Qingyang called me. "Poof.." No wonder, ha ha ha, that boy has shit in his head. When he calls you, it's obvious that you won't help him. I'm laughing to death. "Watch out for a side stitch." Yin Liuli said in silence. Hey hey,Prison toilet for sale, don't worry. By the way, Yin Liuli, there's something I must tell you. "Hm?" Ruan Suixin said all the things he knew today. Yin Liuli did not have much reaction. "" Yin Jue has no idea about me, "he said." If he doesn't do something, he'll feel uneasy. "I think so, too, especially when I'm still in the capital and I haven't been looking for you. He probably can't guess what our intentions are. He only thinks that you must be trying to come back, so he did some damage first." "Mmm." "But Yin Liuli,stainless steel shower tray, not only does Yin Jue have no idea about you, but I also have no idea. How can you come back? When the time comes." Chapter 1363 go back to your mother's home together ~! "Secret," said Yin Liuli silently. I'll go! Ergouzi, you have changed again! You even have a secret from me. "Well, the secret." "Do you mean resolutely not to say?"? Even if I act like a spoiled child and roll around, I won't say? "Be good, don't make a scene." That is can not say, Ruan Suixin is not a vexatious person, immediately also did not ask. Just said: "peace of mind, this small fight, I can handle clean, as long as you take good care of your affairs, when the time comes to come back." "Well, it's been hard." "Hey, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, it's not hard at all. I'm going to continue filming tomorrow. I shouldn't have much to watch." Then he stopped talking and looked at Yin Liuli with a smile on his face. Yin Liuli's ears were turned red by her, and then she opened her mouth and said, "It's all ready." "So soon?"? Yin Liuli, it seems that you are looking forward to it. Yin Liuli looked at her and said, "Don't you expect it?" "I was looking forward to being super invincible." Ha ha, Yin Liuli, let me ask you a question. "Ask." "Do you have any condoms or anything like that?" "No." "What if you're pregnant?" "Health.." Ruan Suixin immediately blossomed with joy. Are you sure you want to be a father so early? "Well.." If there is, I will. But Would you like to? Can I not? I wish I could give you a litter. "One litter is too much." One is enough. "One is too few, and two are the companions anyway." "It's up to you." The two of them chatted until dinner, when Ruan Suixin said, "Yin Liuli, let's not talk about it. I'm hungry. Go downstairs and eat something." "Good." When the video hung up, Ruan Suixin's cell phone rang immediately. At a glance, it turned out to be a strange number, and I felt a little strange. Not many people know this number, but there are still strange numbers to call in. He immediately pressed the answer button. "I'm Annie," said the other. ” Ruan Suixin was immediately surprised and said, "Did that boy Qu Qingyang go back to lodge a complaint?" Annie said indignantly on the other end of the phone, "If you are willing to gamble and admit defeat, how can you act shamelessly?" "Uh.." I'm just playing with him! "That's no good either. Send you the card number and turn it around right away, or I'll go to Ruan Yi's place in the evening." Nima! Qu Qingyang went back to complain to you, and then you had to go to Ruan Yi to complain. Sure enough, how hard is it to subdue me? "OK, I'll go there in the evening, just when I'm hungry and want to go downstairs to eat, go directly to Ruan Yi's place to eat!" Annie was very upset and said, "Can't you be more straightforward?" "Cheerful!"! Your card number is sent, I transfer to you, just give you some pocket money to spend, who let you be my sister! Annie broke down and said, "My husband won that!"! It's not from you. All right, all right, it's all the same! Just give it to you, my sister is not short of money. "I am your sister!" "Yes, yes, you are, you are." You lost your memory. Are you awesome! I'll give it to you. The phone hung up, the card number was sent, the money was transferred, and it was done at one go. But they also made an appointment to go to Ruan Yina together in the evening, and the two of them made an appointment to go back to their mother's home with their married daughters. It feels quite novel. Ruan Suixin tidied up and was about to go out, but suddenly remembered Liu Dan's share. Qu Qingyang has given all, not to blame Liu Dan. After thinking about it, I think it's more appropriate to send it to Li Yun. Don't you feel inferior? Don't you deserve Liu Dan? Sister, give you some confidence! Immediately a phone call to the past, to Li Yun's card number to fool over,stainless steel squatting pan, and then directly began mobile phone transfer. Yin Liuli received a text message. Cary lost two hundred million yuan at once without blinking an eye. And laughed. Sure enough, she just likes to play, not a deadbeat. I figured it out. cnkexin.com

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