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She knew that Chu was simply not scheming, and her eyes jumped over the matchless and fell on Chu Yao. It seemed that the elder brother could not bear loneliness and instigated his younger sister to force him to marry. But she had just married a precious granddaughter, so she couldn't bear to marry another one so soon. This The old lady spat out the tea in her mouth and said slowly, "The little princess is young. I'm afraid I don't know. In Shangjing, if someone marries his daughter one after another, he will be laughed at.". So, at least after two or three years, I have to wait until I am about eighteen years old. Jun Shu and Yang Shi also hurriedly agreed, they have two daughters, the eldest daughter has no time to marry early, after two places apart, seven years can not even see one side, really let the parents feel distressed, so the two have already discussed, the youngest daughter must stay around for a few more years. Chu small face a wrinkle, disappointment overflowing: "also five years so long..." Maybe when she gets married, how can she get along with Shuangshuang day and night. "It's human nature," said Chu Yao. "I don't want to get married too early. I can understand that. Don't be too sad. Anyway, you can often invite Wushuang to be a guest in our palace. "Shall I invite Shuangshuang to stay for a long time?" Chu asked. Jun's family almost all fell on their backs. What's the difference between living for a long time and being married? Besides, whose daughter will go to live with her future husband's parents? Say can't marry with the royal family, clever and lovely such as Chu is still so overbearing and unreasonable, not to mention above her there is a brother in charge of the power of life and death of officials. However,x52 line pipe, the party being discussed was completely out of the picture, staring at the table full of crab dishes, swallowing saliva and swallowing, and did not hear what everyone said. When Chu Yao saw the matchless face, he thoughtfully helped her pick up a dish of dishes, such as spicy crab, steamed crab, tofu with crab roe,347 stainless steel, crab-flavored mushroom. Pile up into a hill. Who would have thought that the matchless did not even move his chopsticks, and his yearning turned into tears, frowning and staring at him angrily. The second monk, Chu Yaozhang, couldn't make head or tail of it. Not to mention that he usually spoils the matchless, even if he doesn't, he can't treat her badly in front of his future father-in-law's family. So he asked softly, "What are you.." Didn't you get what you like? He scanned the table to make sure everything was caught. Beg The book net www. Qiushu. CC to want to see the book almost all to have, compared to the general novel website must stabilize very much, the renewal is also quick, the entire writing does not have the advertisement. Just then the maids filed in, each holding a blue and white porcelain cup in his hand. It turned out that there were still dishes that had not been served, and Chu Yao suddenly realized that it must be the one that matchless loved most. The first servant girl went to Chu Yao's side, put down the porcelain cup, lifted the lid, and it turned out to be an orange crab. Chu Yao immediately moved it to the matchless: "Both eat first." However, x60 line pipe ,316l stainless steel pipe, the matchless still did not move, Chu Yao simply picked up the spoon and directly scooped up a spoonful to feed her. See matchless small face one slant, the meaning of determination is like an assassin who is forced to confess by words and deeds. Walking at the end of the line, the servant girl walked to the matchless side at this time. Unlike others, she was holding a mahogany tray in her hand. The food on the tray was placed on the table in front of the matchless body one by one: "Three girls, specially cooked for you. Please use it." Chu Yao saw that it was a bowl of white porridge, a dish of pickles, a dish of rose fermented bean curd, and nothing else. If he hadn't known that Runan Hou and his wife loved each other very much, he almost thought that his fiancee would be mean in front of him. What's wrong? What's wrong? Or don't you like crabs now? Then what do you like to eat? I'll bring it to you. Chu Yao asked softly. The old lady looked on coldly and was extremely satisfied with this noble future grandson-in-law's series of performances. She laughed and said, "Don't worry, Wang Ye. This girl loves to eat very much. She just loves to eat too much. She eats without restraint. Yesterday, she ate ten crabs in the middle of the journey. She was so sick that she ate herself. The doctor said that she needed to give up raw and cold food these days and could only nourish her stomach with clear porridge." When Chu Yao heard this, he wanted to laugh, but he was afraid that he would hurt his matchless face and annoy her, so he comforted her by saying, "It's all right if you like to eat. I think you can dig a pond in the palace and raise crabs for you. If you get used to it, you won't feel rare, and you won't be greedy when you eat." I've seen a man who spoils his wife, but I've never seen a man who spoils him like this. Everyone couldn't hold it for a moment and burst out laughing. The matchless really lost face and spat, "Who.." Who wants to raise crabs? I like to eat congee, can't I? Then he picked up the porridge bowl and ran out. There were many people in your family, and by the time she had cultivated her stomach, the twenty baskets of crabs had been eaten by everyone. She wrote a letter to Chu Yao in the name of complaint, which was actually coquetry. A few days later, the carriage of Ying Wang Fu came to the gate of Runan Hou Fu again and sent ten baskets of fresh autumn crabs. However, this time, the named recipient was not matchless, but Mrs. Hou Yang, who could control her not to eat indiscriminately. Yang knew in her heart that her future son-in-law would not be filial to her mother-in-law. She would only give one basket to other courtyards, and the rest would be left to the matchless, but she would also control the number. After all, crabs were cold, and even if they didn't eat bad stomachs, they would not be good for her daughter's health in the long run. After he Caiqiong got crabs this time, he took the initiative to send some back to his mother's home with Jun Nian, but the weight was not easy to handle. The population of Zhongyong Bofu is far more than that of Jun's family. It's not good to send too little. It's not enough to send too much. There are two children in the family, No Regrets and Jun Wei, who can't ignore the crabs crying for food. The couple discussed and discussed, and finally He Caiqiong decided to send only the cooked seafood delicacies back, then a meal time, see who has a share, there is no point favoring one over the other. "I'm going to ask Mr. Lu to cook two dishes," said He Caiqiong. "The sea cucumber soup I made the night before I left the cabinet is very good, and the orange crab I made for the return banquet." Lu Zhenniang was employed as a cook in the Hou Mansion of Runan. Her family was courteous and respected her teacher, so it was impossible to ask her to cook as a matter of course. However, Lu Zhen-niang is kind and grateful, and never forgets the help that Chu Yao, Wushuang,316 stainless steel plate, and others have given to their mother and son over the years. If she sees someone in your family who is not feeling well, she will always take the initiative to provide a formula for taking good care of her body. After getting familiar with several girls in your family, they don't mind cooking some of their favorite dishes and snacks from time to time to satisfy their cravings.

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