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"In the west courtyard, to entertain the visitors, although the rosefinch delegation came few people, but also came three guys, there is a chieftain, such as smoke is also a few years have not seen the hometown of people, so is accompanied to talk, Meier, Qianhuang are also over there!" "West Court?"? Can people live in that place? Although Yang Ye this Hou Fu is not big, but it is a small sparrow with all the internal organs, but Hou Fu this generation of patriarchs, not much time to live in this end, most of the time live in Panlong City, so everything here is simple, Yang Ye lived in the back house is good to say, did not break the cleaning, rest, but as a guest room with the west courtyard, can be a bit of disrepair. Some time ago, you went there and arranged for your old friend to live there. After seeing the environment, you got angry. Later, Manager Xiao made a good repair, but it was able to live there! Bai Sudao. Let's go and have a look. At least we've come all the way here! Although Yang Ye was surprised at the arrival of the delegations of these countries, he could not pretend that it had never happened. After all, he was an international friend and could not see them. It seemed that he was playing a big card. Baku, how does this place compare with your chieftain mansion? Is it as rich in mountain interest? Even the air is different. It's very fresh! Lori witch Zhu Yin stood on the stone chair, just patting Baku on the shoulder, but in this words, but irony avoided praise. Baku rolled his eyes, but did not pay attention to Zhu Yin's words, although he was a little wooden, but not stupid, if he said that here is not as good as his chieftain mansion, that is not to say that this place is broken, if it is better than their chieftain mansion, and a little unconscionable, simply do not speak, when did not hear. Yan Ruyan, who was talking to the sand girl Snow Lotus, happened to hear it. He was a little unhappy. He was about to open his mouth to refute it, but his shoulder was patted. Yan Ruyan turned his head and saw Yang Ye. He smiled and said, "Husband, you're back. I'll introduce you to a new friend I just met, Snow Lotus, a saint of the sand tribe from the boat of the western desert of our rosefinch country." I've only heard of the sand tribe in the west before,ultrasonic spray nozzle, but I've never seen it. I didn't expect to see it here! "Sand Clan, but I've heard a lot about you. When I was at the South City Gate, I was still sitting in a nearby teahouse and wanted to see you. At that time, a companion mentioned the Sand Clan, saying that the Sand Clan was a very mysterious and powerful ethnic group, and that the Sand girls were even more mysterious, even without their faces. Today, I saw that it was true!"! But although you can't see your face, you can see that you are a beautiful woman only from your bright eyes! "Tut, even the saint of our sand clan dares to molest. No wonder in Qinglong City, many people say that Mu Tianhou is a womanizer. When I saw him today, it was true!" Yang Ye moved his eyes, toward the snow lotus, Yan Ruyan looked behind him, but saw a dress as bold and wild as Yan Ruyan, but this son is a little short, face like a porcelain doll, but it is a best girl, but this girl is not only belly black, even the mouth is very poisonous, and look at Yang Ye watching over, but also stand up their full chest. He looked at Yang Ye with confidence and teasing. Even if Ben Hou is lustful, he is not good for you. He is too short, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, has no stature, and his mouth is smelly. Hey, they are all from the same country. One is as beautiful as a fairy, and the other is as ugly as a dwarf. Why is the gap so big? Yang Ye looked at Zhu Yin, then looked at the snow lotus, shaking his head. Who are you calling a dwarf, Ugly? Zhu Yin immediately stared round almond eyes, mercilessly looked at Yang Ye, way. Who promised to say who? Yang Ye is not afraid, for this kind of nose proud to the forehead of the woman, you have to hit it hard. You dare to call me a dwarf, ugly, believe it or not, I hit you all over the teeth! Zhu Yin's anger surged, her skin had become red, faintly, and there were gold lines flashing on her skin. With a sound, a touch of flame jumped up, and perhaps because of the role of the gold lines, there was still a ray of golden light swimming in the flame. Mu Tianhou, after the God of war of the Qinglong Empire, Yang Ye, I've heard a lot about him! When Zhu Yin was like an active volcano and could erupt at any time, she heard the movement in the courtyard, but a dozen people came out of the main hall. The speaker, however, was a young man with extraordinary equipment and blond hair. His physique was not that kind of tall and straight, but he gave people the feeling that he was as tall and straight as a mountain. He was calm. In the face of Yang Ye, his eyes were full of waves that he wanted to fight, but his eyes were just a flash, and then he restored calm. And you are "Thick Earth Empire, Tianyue Beidou!" The Tianyue Family of the Eight Diamond Hill Nobles? It's really a pleasure to meet you. Oh, by the way, I have to congratulate brother Tianyue on showing his skills in this five-nation exchange competition and winning the title of the first young master in mainland China. Yang Ye will not be blind to each other's surnames, the thick earth empire, military strength in the top five empires, if not for the population is far less than the other four countries, and the country occupies the center of the mainland, you other four countries remote, the country is a mountain mang mang, gathered a large number of orc tribes, contain the power, perhaps, rule the whole continent, is the thick earth empire. And the Diamond Hill nobles of the Thick Earth Empire, almost equivalent to the royal families of all countries, have barons, and not the kind of nominal barons, but have their own legions, occupying a vast fertile territory of the king. This first, unworthy of the name, there are many people who are better than me, but they disdain to participate in this exchange competition, but let me steal the first name, I am ashamed to say! Tianyue Beidou said he was ashamed, but there was no expression of shame on his face. Although this guy covered up well, the people behind him were full of fighting spirit. Ya, don't look for Lao Tzu to fight, this kind of no good, no money to take the battle, the most boring: "Oh, brother Tianyue also need not belittle himself, this time the five-nation exchange match is well-deserved, as for those who did not appear, I think they probably don't have the courage, and everyone has a long mouth, there will be no loss to say, if you really have the strength, you will not just talk!" "Not to mention this, the wife of the family doesn't know how to do things. She didn't inform you in advance. My humble abode is a little shabby, which makes you feel wronged. However, although the Battle Dragon City is a little dilapidated,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, there are many good things on the Panlong Plain. Tomorrow I'll let someone take you to enjoy the surrounding scenery. If you want, you can also go hunting and have a good time. It's not easy to come here once, but you can't return empty-handed!" 。 fycgsonic.com

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