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I nodded and said, "I'll be right back." He went out with black glasses. The third uncle and I looked at each other, see the third uncle's expression is also very strange, the heart said really did not expect things to this extent, it seems that the third uncle is really not easy. To tell you the truth, I have a good impression of black glasses. Although this person seems to be a little crazy, it seems that I know too little about things in Jianghu. The third uncle continued softly, "Don't argue with me. I really can't take care of you this time. You have to be careful. I'm really angry with you. If we can go out, I'll definitely go to your father and tell you severely." I saw his expression and knew he was not joking, so I nodded. "I'll make a long story short," he said hurriedly. "Remember, these people are all tough characters in Changsha, and only these people dare to clip this kind of Lama. This black glasses is a bannerman. I don't know his name. Everyone on the street calls him the black blind. He is a gang. The other group is the people called the mop belt. These people used to be thieves and outlaws. You have to be very careful about these people. Don't think of them as my former buddies, and don't say anything. I continued to nod, and the third uncle looked outside. Then the black blind man called a few times, and the third uncle patted me to let me pay attention to myself. So I stopped talking and went out with the black blind man. At this time, in fact, I did not fully react, while helping and thinking about it, I really realized the degree of trouble, the third uncle wanted to talk to me alone unexpectedly,Small Geared Motors, obviously this group of people have been on guard, it may be something happened before. I don't understand the things in Jianghu at all, and I can't think much about it at this time. I have to try my best to pretend that I am safe and sound just now. I can only wait and see what happens. The fat man was tied down with the "mop", and the two were not easy to control. After they were pulled in, the smell of urine on their bodies was so strong that it was almost disgusting. Then the people above came down one by one. The mop is still very polite, scolded a few Changsha dialect, or nodded and smiled at me,Micro Gear Motor, the third master is long and the third master is short. But when I listen to it, I feel very different from what I just did. Looking at these people, I feel that their expressions are a little fake. I don't know if it's a psychological effect or a real meaning. I pretended that I couldn't hear it at all, so I took it to heart, and I didn't have the heart to think about what was going on with the stuffy oil bottle. Four or five hours later, everyone went down to the lower shaft, tidied up their equipment, found two people to carry the fat man, and we began to follow the mark of the stuffy oil bottle to the depths of the shaft. The third uncle gave me a double-barreled tiger-head shotgun with a short head, a double-barreled flat type. This was the gun I used to shoot flying saucers. It was the same model, but a little lighter. It fired two rounds at a time, using lead shotguns. This should be the most high-end weapon that the third uncle can get. We also use this kind of thing in Qixing Lu Palace. At that time, I bought it from the black market. It seems to cost more than five thousand. This thing can only play a role of hindrance and deterrence against large animals, but it should be quite convenient to hit the cockscomb snake, which can sweep a large area at a time. I said to myself, Small Dc Gear Motor ,Vending Machine Motor, "Why didn't Pan Zi bring one? It's really out of date to use his short rifle.". Think of Pan Zi and very worried, do not know how he is now, in that temple should be safer than here, but if he started to burn again, I am afraid it is really ominous, if he is here, the third uncle should not need to worry so much. I reminded my uncle of the relief he had seen before that besides storing water, the function of these tunnels was to feed those cockscomb snakes. I came all the way from the rainforest, but I didn't see too many cockscomb snakes. I just saw them several times. Obviously, the territory of these snakes was in these tunnels. We should be more careful. The third uncle said that these snakes were impossible to guard against, and it was useless to be more careful. The tunnel is high and low, and the environment here makes me feel quite similar to the Lu Palace. Could it be that the embedded road of the Western Zhou Dynasty at that time was not the embedded road we thought, but the drainage shaft? It is impossible to speculate, because there is abundant rainfall in Shandong and there is no need for such a complex underground water storage system. Otherwise, if it rains heavily for months, the stored water may be flooded out. It should be just a simple similarity here. In less than five hundred steps, the shaft diverged. The third uncle shone his light with a miner's lamp. One went up and the other went down. The one going up should be the upstream shaft. The water came down from above, and then converged with this one and flowed to the one going down. We searched nearby and immediately saw the mark of the stuffy oil bottle on the shaft below. The third uncle could not hide his excitement, but now I could see that his excitement was a little fake, and I had to pretend to be very nervous. Without hesitation, he waved his hand and moved on. Walking in this kind of shaft is an extremely boring thing, surrounded by stone bricks, without any relief and cultural things, there are only simple stones, the light spots of the miner's lamp shaking the shaft wall, which has not changed for a long time. In the first section, I walked for three hours, one fork after another, and saw many marks left by the stuffy oil bottle. The process was very boring, so I will not repeat it. Passing through a lot of reservoirs, the only thing that made me feel a little interesting was that I found that as we lowered our height, these reservoirs were bigger and bigger, and there was no sound around, as if there were no snakes at all. This was somewhat unexpected and somewhat fortunate, but I always felt something was wrong, and there seemed to be something hidden in the silence. To make a long story short, we walked peacefully into the evening, and our nervous tension finally began to relax. We could only rest in a row in the shaft that day, lit several fires, and when we ate, the fat man woke up for the first time. The third uncle gave him an injection and gave him something to eat. I asked him what had happened, but he still had no strength to speak. He only said a few words and soon fell asleep again. But my heart has been relieved, this snake venom is not a serious injury, if he can wake up, it means that he has nothing serious. Sure enough, when he woke up the next morning,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, his face had recovered. Although he could not walk, he was helped to stand up. Looking around, he asked me feebly what was going on. ichgearmotor.com

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