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Without hesitation, it went straight to one of the holes and dug the hole bigger and bigger. About five minutes later, its claw leaf went to the Buddha and dug something. Sasha shone her flashlight and found a glass jar covered with mud. I pushed the rest of the mud away and took out the jar. The jar was stuffed with a roll of yellow notepaper bound with a rubber band. I unrolled the document and put the front page close to the light, and I immediately recognized my father's handwriting. I only read the first paragraph: Chris, when you read this letter, I was already dead. Olsen led you to the place where the jar was buried, because only he knew his origin. We should start from this place. Let me tell you about Olsen.. "Bingo." I say. I rolled up the paper again and put it in the glass jar. I looked up at the sky. There was no moon, no stars, and the clouds drifted low and fast. Sometimes I was polished by the dim yellow light of Moonlight Bay. We can look at these later. I said, "Let's go. Bobby's there alone." When Sasha opened the Ford Explorer's tailgate, a flock of screeching seagulls flew low above us, apparently frightened by the strong winds and waves on the sea, and sought safe shelter inland. I held in both hands a box of ammunition I had bought from the Torgec store and stared up as their white wings disappeared into the dark, windy night sky. The thick fog has long vanished. Under the low clouds of the night sky, the night is particularly crystal clear. On the peninsula around us, the sparse grass swayed with the wind. The sudden wind is like a ghost jumping out of the grave, blowing away the fine sand at the top of the dunes. I wonder if there is a reason for the gulls' haste to get away besides the strong wind. They haven't arrived yet. Bobby affirmed as he took out two boxes of pizza from the back of his truck. It's still early for them. "This is usually the time for monkeys to eat," I said. Come out for a little dance after dinner. "Maybe they won't show up at all tonight." "They are bound to appear." I say You're right. They're bound to come. Barbary chimed in. Bobby came into the house with our dinner. Olsen followed closely,24v Gear Motor, not because he was afraid of a killer monkey ambush in the dunes, but because he played the role of food police, supervising and ensuring the equal distribution of pizza. Sasha took two packages of shopping bags from the truck, which contained fire extinguishers she had purchased at Crown Hardware. She closed the tailgate of the truck and pressed the remote lock to lock all the doors. Since Bobby's only garage was already occupied by his jeep, we had to leave the Ford Explorer outside the main entrance of the cabin. When Sasha turned to face me, the evening breeze blew her long, soft, colorful hair into a bright flag, and her skin shone slightly, Planetary Gear Motor ,12v High Torque Motor, as if the moon could not help but break through the heavy clouds and sprinkle a moonlight just to caress her delicate face. She seemed to be taller than herself, like a fairy of nature. What's the matter? She couldn't read my eyes. You are really beautiful, like the goddess of the wind, and all the winds come for you. "You are really good at talking nonsense." She said, but there was a big smile on her face. This is my most attractive skill. A gust of wind hit us in the face with ballast and sand, and we hurried into the house. Bobby was already waiting in the room, where the lights had been adjusted to a pleasant darkness. He conveniently locked the front door behind us. Sasha looked around at the large glass windows, and she couldn't help but suggest, "I wish we could take a couple of tripties and nail them up." "This is my house," Bobby said. "I'm not going to nail up the window and hide in the house like a prisoner because of those monkeys." I said to Sasha, "This cool guy has never been scared by these monkeys since I met him." "Never," echoed Babi. "So I don't have to be afraid of them from now on." "Then we can at least close the shutters." Sasha said the next best thing. I shook my head. Bad idea. This will only increase their suspicion. If they can spy on us, they will be more unwary as long as we don't make a suspicious appearance of waiting. Sasha took out the fire extinguisher and cut off the plastic seal on the wrench. It's a ten-pound mini fire extinguisher. It's very easy to operate. She placed one in the kitchen, in a corner not visible from the window, and hid the second next to a sofa in the living room. While Sasha was busy setting up the fire extinguisher, Bobby and I sat in the candlelit kitchen, our laps piled with bullets, quietly using our hands to set up the ammunition under the table, in case the monkey Mafia suddenly appeared. Sasha bought three more magazines for my Glock and three quick-fit magazines for her own revolver, and we loaded with a bang. After I left your house last night, I said, "I went to see Roosevelt." Bobby raised his eyebrows and glanced at me. "Did he have a good chat with Olsen?" Roosevelt tried to communicate with it, but Olsen wouldn't cooperate. But there is a cat named Montgomery. "Of course." He said with little interest. The cat said, "The people at Westbourne want me to stay out of this and get on with my life." "You mean you talked to the cat yourself?" "No, it was sent to me by Roosevelt." "You can imagine." The cat said they would give me a warning. If I don't stop pursuing them, they'll kill my friends until I obey. "They would kill me to warn you." That was their idea, not mine. " "Why don't they just kill you?" "Roosevelt said they looked up to me." "Yes, who doesn't respect you?" Even after the monkey nuisance incident, he was still very suspicious of the human nature of animals. However, his sarcastic attitude has obviously been restrained a lot. "Right after I left the Nostraumo,small geared motors," I said, "I really got a stern warning, just like the cat said." 。 ichgearmotor.com

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