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Ao Kun raised his eyebrows and looked at the dragon shadow in surprise. Only feel this old friend's tone, with blazing confidence, as ten thousand years ago, with a sword across the world! But at this time the dragon shadow's waist back, also quite straight: "Most three years, my dragon shadow can truly live forever in the world!" " Ao Kun's eyes, immediately slightly flash, coexist with the world, that is to the realm. That is to say, at most three years, the dragon shadow is expected to cross the border of the disaster! He was aware of his old friend's disposition. Since this is the case, there must be a hundred percent certainty. There is really no need to worry about this matter. With a smile, Ao Kun turned around and prepared to leave the world. But listening to Long Ying, he suddenly said, "Ao Kun, I know you are unwilling. You want to take revenge on that man by the hand of Zong Shou.". Just Zong Shou, after all, is my disciple. Ao Kun's figure, fixed in place, and then do not care about a smile: "Do you know Zong Shou, recently got a unicorn armor?"? It's the Fire Kirin, the purest blood of the Kirin. The words answered inexplicably, but the dragon's shadow suddenly opened its eyes with a sound. When the sage king comes out,ultrasonic molten metal, the kylin appears. Of the five virtues of a country, the two virtues of fire and water are the most fearsome. Fire burns everything, water drowns the world. Is already vaguely aware of the meaning of his old friend. Even if Zong Shou retreats at this time and does not fight, it is too late. Zong Shou, who has the book of destiny, is the only one who can break the thread of destiny and break the chess game. My heart is dead, and I am lucky to have a chance to get away. So I want to fight with that man again! "Don't worry," he said lightly! I, Ao Kun,ultrasonic dispersion machine, also owe your disciple a life, and the grace of release is even greater than this. I can slaughter this world, but I do not want to have a trace of evil thoughts, imposed on its body. After the words, but is no longer stay, straight away from the world. Leaving the shadow of the dragon is a sigh. Know this Ao Kun, although there will not be a trace of evil thoughts plus the hand of Zong Shou. But at special times, they may not be happy to see their success, or even guide them. Everyone has selfishness, he entrusted Ao Kun Zhao Shuo Zong Shou, this is the price that must be borne. In fact, no wonder Ao Kun 11. Thinking of this, the dragon shadow frowned tightly, it seems that this breakthrough to the state, really want to be as fast as possible, the time as early as possible. ※※※※ Zong Shou was so sad that he spent a hundred nine-step spirit stones and set up a spirit array around the throne of Abi for the Yin Dragon before he really started his trip to Huizhou Island. At this time, ultrasonic welding transducer ,sonicator homogenizer, the preparation for the dry Tianshan Mountains has almost been completed. Knowing that the trip was dangerous, Zong Shou went all out at the beginning. From the east to everywhere, a full transfer of four hundred thousand, the most elite ranks. Forty military towns, all of which have been in the Tianshan Mountains for more than three years, have also experienced the war that swept across the east. There are nearly seven thousand people who are born strong inside. Blood cloud ride nature is to follow, a few months. The number of blood riding, and increased by hundreds of people, to four thousand seven hundred people! To the east of Yunlu's strong, Zongshou needs to consider loyalty. But only the blood cloud ride need not worry, blood ride to kill the spirit of the heart, can control the heart. Even at first, it was ill-intentioned. Can stay for two months, so minor mental method, practice to the depth, also naturally is loyal to Zong Shou. Although there are few strong people in the fifth rank of Yunlu in the east, there are thousands of them. If Zong Shou is willing, he can fill up the number of blood cloud riders to seven thousand people at any time. Only at this time, Gan Tianshan has been qualified to select carefully. Zong Shou also has the ambition to promote the fifth rank of blood riding to the sixth rank, so he always controls the scale of nearly five thousand. The most delightful thing is that Xuanyuan Yiren initially refined the medicine to remove the blood poison of Lingyuan, which really has some effect. In the recent period of time, some of the blood riders who were already deeply poisonous and hopeless in the sixth rank have begun to make progress again. And originally in the peak of the fifth order, or close to the peak of the blood ride, take the new version of'Longyuan Xuejing Dan, the effect is even more gratifying. Now the only regrettable thing is the armor of the blood riding armor, now matching the sixth order of blood, but it seems a little worse. Then there are those vassals who return to the cloud world with the Snow Clan. All of them are powerful war clans who are the best at fighting in the fox department. Zong Shou also drew out the number of about three thousand people and rebuilt the Xuanhu fighters. Outland is dangerous, wars are frequent, and those who can survive are the elite. There are nearly seven thousand strong people above the fourth rank in a seven-fox killing clan with only ten thousand people. Of the ten people, one or two have reached the innate level, or the soul master. This is also the day, snow can two hundred thousand people, but the whole city. And this newly built Xuanhu fighters are also dominated by the fifth-order strong. Is also now the east cloud land, his hands fighting power is second only to the blood cloud ride guard fine ride. Loyalty or some problems, before the influence of the snow is too deep, not easy to dispel. A few months ago, Zong Shougeng slaughtered many of his people. It's just that with a phantom mirror in hand and the blood of a nine-tailed fox, it's enough to overwhelm him without disloyalty, without fear of his rebellion, and even more without fear that these people will not contribute. But it was still the armor of the cavalry that worried people. Kongqi Sect provided him with a set of spiritual armor specially designed for the fox clan. It is not only up to the fourth order, but also can be purchased by temporary loan arrears. Just Zong Shou, but not very satisfied, can only make do with the first. Standing in the school field, looking at this is galloping interspersed, or divided or closed silver armor riding, Zong Shou's eyebrows, is slightly frowning. Remembering the information obtained in the throne of Ah Bi after the desperate struggle of King Xiang's soul that day. The first emperor probably never thought that his Dynasty would collapse a few years after his death. Also did not expect, their own collection of Kyushu refined iron to build the throne, will fall into the hands of others. Unexpectedly, almost all the armor drawings of the elite soldiers of the Great Qin Dynasty, as well as a mental method, were embedded in the throne of Ah Bi. And that king,ultrasonic metal welding, is the same confidence. It also contains all kinds of secret art drawings of the fighters of the Xiang family. Sure enough, at the earliest time, the fighters of the Xiang family were somewhat inferior to those of the Great Qin Dynasty. They might have been improved after they got the throne of Ah Bi. Only in this way can there be such an overbearing one in the world. fycgsonic.com

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