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"Did you help me cook the still warm food on the table downstairs?" Nalanqing looked at the obvious pain in Murong Xing's eyes, but he could do nothing but spoil the silk she had dropped in front of her ear and stuffed it behind her ear. Uh I was afraid that you had no appetite when you caught a cold, so I simply made a few light dishes. Murong star pretended to be strong back, Nalanqing looked into Murong star bright star eyes, want to see some clues, and Murong star actually escape like turned around. Murong Xing. You are like this.. Is it related to the wind again? Nalanqing did not know where to open his mouth at this time and could only sigh. Who would have thought that it would take more than half a month for a rural freshman with horrible scars to grow up and mature rapidly, and that the clear breath from inside to outside gradually played a decisive role in the people around him, especially the increasingly mellow singing skills, which made others not to be underestimated. Senior Nalan.. No, it's just a little hard to sleep. I'm sorry to make you worry. Murong Xing shook his head and did not tell the whole story of what Yin Feng had said before, so he randomly found an excuse to prevaricate, knowing how smart Nalanqing was beside him, but he still could not say anything to hide it in the end. The starting point Chinese net www.qidian.com welcome the general book friend presence reading, newest, quickest, most fire serialization work all in the starting point original creation! Chapter 95 light and fire Updated August 30, 2010 19:29:54 Words: 2063 "Xiaoya.." Wait a minute. Stop avoiding me. I want to talk to you. It is not easy to find Yin Ya, who is angry and unwilling to see him, in a sundry room full of childhood toys and books in Yin's house. He looks at Yin Ya,ultrasonic cutting machine, who is now sitting in the middle of childhood toys and crying until her eyes are red and swollen. Thunder sighed unconsciously, a pair of deep eyes that had lost their composure under the previous search and worry, gradually restored tenderness as the room was filled with toys and books that could not erase the memories of childhood. Came to the red and swollen eyes of Yin Ya, squatted down, love to gently wipe away the tears of her cheeks, it is difficult to let go of the gentle voice: "Xiaoya.." Do you know? I've searched all the places you used to go, and fortunately.. It's a good thing you're here. Come.. I'll help you up. Today The two of them must have a good talk,ultrasonic extraction cbd, otherwise some problems can not be completely solved by neglect and suspicion, right? Ray.. Is it really you? Purr You bastard.. Unexpectedly. Unexpectedly helped Murong Xing that outsider to annoy me, whine. I don't want to see you again, you go.. Let's go.. These are the toys you gave me when you were a child, and please take them with you. While crying, he threw his baby's childhood toys, which he had been reluctant to discard for many years, onto the cold-eyed thunder, crying louder and louder, even if the soft voice of the thunder did not work. Completely immersed in the situation of worrying about gains and losses, Yin Ya, as long as she remembered the picture of her fiance helping Murong Xing roar at herself, she almost lost control until she threw her hands without any strength, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, cried so hard that her throat was painful and it was difficult to make a clear voice as before, then Yin Ya stopped crying and throwing.. Let Yin Ya cry to count all his faults and hateful thunder, because too much understanding of Yin Ya's personality, so at the moment also by Yin Ya temperament, silence to take Yin Ya to give the scolding and throwing. "Ray.." I want you to swear that you will never see Murong Xing again from now on, or. Otherwise I will tell this matter to Lei's uncle, not only Lei will have bad luck, but also Murong Xing will suffer, hum.. Seeing that the trick of crying, making trouble and hanging oneself could not frighten the thunder in front of her, Yin Ya, who was used to being spoiled, could only use her'killer's mace '. She was not afraid that the gentle and elegant thunder would not submit. Even though such a scheming approach would affect the feelings between each other, Yin Ya, who had already been forced into a dead corner by Murong Xing, could only take risks to use it, hoping to organize her fiance to meet Murong Xing again. Tell me.. Xiaoya.. What is it that makes you so upset and alarmed? If I remember correctly, in the past Yin Ya generous, noble and quiet, the most important thing is that no matter what happens, the soldiers are full of confidence, but now, thunder doubts is not only exclusive to her generous disappeared, even the noble temperament is slowly eroded sharply, is it because of the appearance of Murong Star? Yin Ya stared at the thunder in front of her in disbelief. After stopping all the throwing movements, she raised her right arm in a daze and pointed her fingertips at the handsome and extraordinary face of the thunder: "Who is it?"? Ray. Don't you get it? There is no one but you who can make me so uneasy and frightened. But he himself did not know, even Murong Xing, also can not want her Yin Ya to end up so unbearable, only fiance thunder, only have such a great ability to hurt her, sometimes, Yin Ya would rather thunder in the face of her different from other people have his own temper and expression, rather than a single gentle treatment. Is that him? It turns out that the person who has been hurting each other with tenderness is his fiance? Thunder seriously looked into Yin Ya's tearful eyes, so silent on the spot, can no longer find a reason to defend themselves. "Ray.." Do you really want to marry me and live with me? If Thunder's answer is yes, then he should not treat her as a fiancee in a gentle way. If Thunder's answer is no, then Yin Ya is really not sure how far and how long such affection is far better than love. Clearly this is a simple question, I can blurt out to give a positive response, but. Now the thunder has an indescribable melancholy and helplessness, as if this question is extremely difficult to answer, straight silence on the spot. Looking at the face of silence on the spot of the thunder, Yin Ya is crying breath is not smooth up. "Ray.." You are a real bad guy. I never want to see you again, you go.. Purr Words,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, ignore the thunder has not yet come to his senses, so both hands covered his cheeks, ran to Yin Zhai's room. fycgsonic.com

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