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Fei Zhenyu and Shuixin Tong both turned around and looked back. Szeto Ye was standing on the wall not far away with Shuixin Ling in his arms. Although they were in a mess, they were not injured. Ye! Shuixintong could not care about anything. She broke away from Fei Zhenyu and rushed up, hugging Szeto Ye tightly with a black and grey face. Husband, husband. She kissed Szeto Ye's blackened cheeks madly, not caring how dirty he was now. Shuixin Ling struggled in disgust. Shuixintong, hold your husband, don't touch me, you make me feel sick. "You almost blew up my husband." Shuixin Tongcai, regardless of her sister's cynicism, refused to let go, just now she was frightened, in addition to panic, is the disgust of Shuixin Ling. He is also my brother. I've asked him to leave. It's so nosy. Shuixin Ling coughed, the wedding dress has been broken, stained with a little mottled, she raised her eyes, looked at Fei Zhenyu and the woman behind him in the wedding dress, indignantly pursed her lips. If it wasn't for Szeto Ye, all of them would have died instead of standing here. Fei Zhenyu took Tang Mingxin's hand and walked step by step to the front of Shuixin Ling. You want to blow me up? Shuixin Ling heard this, actually giggled: "Wrong, I want to blow up you and me,liquid bottle filling machine, and then we go to hell to be husband and wife." "You are so sick!" Fei Zhenyu clenched his fist angrily. Morbid. Ha ha, yes, I am disabled, of course not healthy enough, but these are all thanks to you, so I want to remind your bride, Tang Mingxin, be careful that one day,plastic bottle making machine, you not only have no legs, may not even have arms, because this man does not love you at all, he only loves a woman, that is, Shuixintong! Shuixintong listened to her sister's words, awkwardly released Szeto Ye, looked at Tang Mingxin, hoping that she would not listen to her sister's nonsense, just newly married, such a situation is really too bad. Don't listen to your sister. It's not like that. "That's the truth!" Shuixin Ling shouted, then looked at Tang Mingxin with hatred and said sarcastically: "What are you? At best, you are a woman who goes to bed. If one day when he makes love with you, he calls out the name of Shuixin Tong, juice filling machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, don't be surprised, because I have experienced it.." Shuixin Ling's words, let Tang Mingxin very embarrassed, she has just seen, in the most critical moment, Fei Zhenyu can also show love for the heart child, she should be jealous? Acting like this crazy woman? "Shuixin Ling, don't talk nonsense!" Fei Zhenyu looked at Tang Mingxin in a panic. He didn't want their marriage to be shrouded in the shadow of the past. Nonsense? But that's the truth, you for the sake of Shuixintong, what means have not thought, even at the expense of false remarriage with me, use me, let me become disabled! Shuixin Aya was so aggressive that she didn't think she had done anything wrong. The wolf tore her legs and blamed Fei Zhenyu and Shuixin Tong. Shuixin Ling looked at Tang Mingxin proudly. You will be the next me! Shuixin Ling thought that after this sentence, Tang Mingxin would be timid and backward, questioning Fei Zhenyu, who knows, Tang Mingxin actually came to Shuixin Ling. I know that my marriage with Zhenyu is a business marriage, without much emotional basis, but I am confident that he will fall in love with me, because I will not care about his past, the most important thing is that I have a heart that can be forgiven, unlike you, who slander him and do not trust him. Then Tang Mingxin walked back to Fei Zhenyu's side, still a bird snuggled in his arms, she saw Fei Zhenyu fell in love with this man at first sight, so she would not regret it. Fei Zhenyu's arm encircled Tang Mingxin's waist, and the warmth in his heart rose again. I will learn to forget. "I know you will, and I'll give you time." Tang Mingxin smiled indifferently, her little hand was placed in Fei Zhenyu's hand, and she gave him her heart. "I suddenly feel very lucky." Fei Zhenyu leaned close to Tang Mingxin's lips and kissed her deeply. It took him a long time to let her go. He said softly, "This is what I owe you at the wedding. Now it's all for you, including Fei Zhenyu." Looking at them frankly, looking at the kiss given by Fei Zhenyu, Shuixinling's heart was about to fall apart, her tears ran wildly, anyone could get it, but she could not get anything. You should all go to hell. Shuixin Ling shouted loudly, but only got everyone's strange attention. Fire engines and ambulances arrived, Shuixin Ling looked at Fei Zhenyu and Tang Mingxin with bitter eyes, she hated that kind of happy eyes, she was carried to the ambulance, resentful eyes only in the moment when the door of the ambulance closed, gradually disappeared. The fire was brought under control when the ambulance left. Fei Zhenyu took Tang Mingxin and held Szeto Ye's hand before getting on the float. I owe you one. "In exchange, you don't come to Nightingale Island again." Szeto Ye held Fei Zhenyu's hand with ease. I didn't expect you to be such a stingy person. "Sometimes it's hard to be generous about something." Szeto Ye said meaningfully that Fei Zhenyu should understand that Nightingale Island would never welcome him, because there was a man named Szeto Ye there. "Well, I guess I don't have time to visit your island." Fei Zhenyu turned around and picked up Tang Mingxin and strode to the float. Chapter three hundred and fifty can't wait Chapter 350 can't wait (3050 words) On the float, Tang Mingxin smiled happily,bottle blowing machine, and Fei Zhenyu hugged her passionately and sped away. Yan Qing The people in the church gradually dispersed, and Szeto Ye was still sitting by the flower bed of the church, with a black face. Shuixintong sat beside him with his head tilted and his head resting on his shoulder. Why did you say such a quid pro quo? I also think you are very stingy. "I've never said I'm generous. It's because you think I'm too generous. You'll get used to it later." 。 gzxilinear.com

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