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One hand handed over a piece of cloth shaped like a handkerchief. Without even thinking about it, she grabbed it and wiped away her tears, while desperately holding them in her stomach. What is there to cry about? She is not the heroine of the sad idol drama, crying a P ah! Idiot! "Hey, how about beating me up?" The man beside him suddenly said something. ?” Xiao Nuan raised her head doubtfully and looked at the man who had always been a nymphomaniac in her eyes. I can't meet your tricky and strange standards in a short time, but I'm duty-bound to make a sandbag for you when you feel uncomfortable. "You.." "Don't worry, although I look a little thin and weak, in fact, I am very strong, very resistant to beating, just come." The man squinted his crescent eyes, still with a liverless smile on his face, and stood in front of the girl, looking down at her with a smile. You're an idiot! I'm not sad! With these words, the girl punched him hard in the stomach. The man was very depressed with the red character "-1" on his head, and flew several meters away without any suspense! "Ah -- -- system, I XXX you, how this mage MM'repel 'probability is so high!"! There is no justice. Listening to the howl of God's beloved killing a pig, Xiao Nuan couldn't help laughing through tears-this idiot man,Gear Reduction Motor, sometimes a little cute, it seems that he really wants to be good to him in the future. But don't say, the taste of beating people is really not generally cool. Chapter 64 Beloved's Peach Blossom Robbery Search for the fastest update of this novel Bincheng, a peninsula city located in the easternmost part of the fantasy continent, is the vast sea out of the East Gate. In the vicinity of the spacious city gate, there is an endless stream of players of all kinds, surrounded by tall and straight tropical plants similar to coconut trees. The road paved with blue jade is smooth and clean,gear reduction motor, reflecting a faint golden luster in the sun. Walking into the city, a statue of Poseidon standing at the entrance of the East Gate with a three-pronged spear, a dignified and solemn expression and a ferocious sea beast on his feet, watching the players coming and going thoughtfully, seems to be guarding the beautiful city. When the breeze blows, a smell of salty and wet sea comes to our nostrils, which makes people feel comfortable. She came into this game to find you, and you have to show your face anyway. She didn't believe that we didn't see each other very much in the game, and she followed me every day until you appeared. I said that you should at least set the information reception to the state of "receiving stranger information" and say a few words to her. "In a few days, help me stop him for a few days, last night I begged you!"! If you open the message, a handsome man like me can easily be harassed by a nymphomaniac. Where are you and what are you doing? How many days will it take? Soon, I will go to see her as soon as I finish the task, micro gear motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, I promise! But now I really don't have time, even if it's my ex-girlfriend, doesn't it have the word'friend 'in it? Help me take care of her for another two days. I promise to get her out of this game! She's you anyway, my best friend's ex-girlfriend, and I'm not interested in her. Seeing this message, the small circle could not help rolling their eyes wildly. God's favorite, this guy, only spoke so politely when he had something to ask for. Dude? Why didn't he mention these two words when he robbed Xiao Nuan? He sighed helplessly, thinking to help him this time, the main task of the matter had to be said in a few days, although he was rejected by Xiao Nuan, but he did not intend to give up, after all, this flower has no owner, he still has a chance. But the most important thing is that he must be careful these days, if Xiao Nuan sees himself and Feifei together, and she misunderstands that they are reconciled, it will be completely over. So these days he has been taking Feifei to find a place far away from human habitation to practice, only when the medicine runs out, he quickly returns to the city to replenish ammunition. Yang Yunxiang, I'll give you two more days. If you don't show up in two days, I'll send her to your gang. "Last night, I know you are the best, do not ah, so abandon will tell my father, the old man will kill me." "Two days.". ” "Well, I know, it must be!" The beloved son of God said and dropped the contact. He looked at Xiao Nuan with a slight guilty conscience. Although the system blocks the sound of the private contact communication. Even standing beside him, Xiao Nuan couldn't hear it. But he couldn't help feeling guilty. Although he did not expect in advance that Feifei would suddenly appear and find the small circle. I didn't expect that the small circle would be seen by Xiao Nuan behind his back. But his behavior is still a bit unkind. Last night, last night. Love is selfish. Don't blame me.. Anyway, Xiao Nuan saw it just now. You just give up. Help me! He muttered in a very low voice. What are you talking about? Go rent a boat. It is said that there is a systematic ancestral site near the beach. "Don't always talk to me in such a businesslike tone.". A rare visit to this tropical beach. Why don't we go to eat seafood first? The ivory clam and red wine in the restaurant over there taste great. "What is it if it's not business?"? But your suggestion is good. Let's call it my working meal. Boss, you pay. Small warm face is still the same lovely smile for thousands of years, do not think that he hit a poor man who has some love for her all day long will have a bad conscience. After saying this, she looked forward to the delicious seafood she was about to eat, and ran along the place where God's favorite hand pointed. A blow to the head, fortunately, the man has been completely accustomed to the girl's knocking, and do not care, still with a lazy smile, followed closely behind the girl. Welcome. Please sit inside. Walking to the door of the restaurant, Xiao Nuan suddenly stopped, her beautiful eyes fixed on a certain direction,Low Rpm Electric Motor, thoughtfully. What's the matter, Nuannuan? Let's go in. "You go in first and wait for me for delicious food. I'll be right back." As he spoke, his figure flashed and disappeared in a twinkling of an eye. ichgearmotor.com

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