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"Even if it's guilt?" Shangguan Wudi looked at Cang Yuyang. Cang Yuyang squinted at Shangguan Wudi and asked, "What do you know?" Shangguan invincible sneer at a side of the head in a low voice, "go back, for a while." Someone thought I was bullying you. Cang Yuyang laughed in a low voice, "You like the harp." Am I right? "You talk a lot of nonsense!" Said Shangguan Wudi. I want If you weren't the princess of Long Moxuan, we might be able to talk. Cang Yuyang slowly approached Shangguan's invincible ear and whispered, "Because we are not good people!"! In addition In fact, the harp is not dead yet. If you return to southern Xinjiang and disappear as promised, I will tell you! Shangguan invincible turned his head and looked at Cang Yuyang's insufferably arrogant smile, simply unable to associate her with that weak woman. If you don't disappear.. Then you will never see the harp, ever! 、 Shangguan invincible dangerous narrowed his eyes. Cang Yuyang whispered before Shangguan invincible, "I know you don't like being threatened,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, but." I'm telling you, this is a threat. It's up to you whether you are threatened by me or not. Cang Yuyang finished patting Shangguan's invincible shoulder blade gently, as if patting away the dust for Shangguan's invincible, and turned to walk towards the cabin with a smile. Thousands of dividing lines. PS: Dear friends! Today's first watch.. Text for your rebirth (12) Shangguan invincible looked at the back of Cang Yuyang, laughed out loud,ultrasonic handheld welder, not angry. Not at all, but Cang Yuyang reminded himself. What do you care about most? Come to Dongling. In order to find the harp, but I actually immersed in the entanglement with Long Moxuan. What are you and Long Moxuan? The nominal princess.. However Last night lived up to its name, and then what? Go back to southern Xinjiang and you will get the book of separation! Pretty good I, Shangguan Wudi, repaid his life-saving grace with my own body and my first time! Very good Just like I thought, he walked his red carpet and I walked my single wooden bridge! Tired But Shangguan Wudi suddenly felt very funny! It's really funny.. When Qin Se asked himself if he and Long Moxuan grabbed someone's hand, I actually hesitated. I forced the harp to jump off the cliff! Shangguan Wudi, tell me what a bastard you are, ultrasonic generator driver ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, and see what you have done to all this! You should hesitate to harp. Hesitate to that touch of red that has been living in your heart! Shangguan invincible tightly grasp the handrail, as if to crush the handrail into powder! "If it's not what I expect, within ten days." Demons are coming again! So now the princess should eat something to save her strength! Min You carried a plate of beef and handed it to Shangguan Wudi, smiling shallowly. What else is he doing here? Shangguan invincible looked at Min You doubtfully. Repeat the same trick! "Do the same thing?" Min You smiled and curled his lips. "This time." I guess I'm going to ask for you with the Princess of Xidu! This is a more weighty bargaining chip. Stuffy Shangguan invincible looked at Min You, eyes full of doubt. For a long time, Shangguan opened his mouth invincibly. Min You. Who the hell are you? A doctor! Herbalist! Min You looked sideways at the bright smile of Shangguan Wudi, "Oh." Right Min You quietly approached Shangguan's invincible ear and said, "Don't be confused by the appearance!" Then he stretched lazily and walked towards the cabin. Shangguan Wudi frowned, how can this Minyou always speak like this. It seems to tell you, but it brings you from clarity to a layer of fog, as if you can see everything but never see clearly! Thousands of dividing lines. "Mo Xuan." You look pale. Are you ill? Cang Yuyang took a cup of tea and put it in front of Long Moxuan and asked softly. Long Mo Xuan tight lips did not respond, eyes gloomy, Shangguan invincible that woman since dare to provoke in front of everyone. Long Moxuan clasped the handrail tightly and said in a low voice, "Where is Shangguan Wudi?" Cang Yuyang was stunned and replied, "The princess is on the deck." "Princess?" Long Moxuan looked at Cang Yuyang with a sneer. "From today on, she is not!"! Bring pen, ink, paper and inkstone! The servant standing at the door bowed and said, "Yes!" Do you want to leave the book? Very good Ben Wang wants to see whether you want to divorce or divorce in the end! Cang Yuyang's eyes narrowed slightly and looked at Long Moxuan with a shallow smile. "Is Moxuan interested in painting?" "Not the interest of painting." It's the interest of doing things! Long Mo Xuan's lips were hooked up in an evil way. Thousands of dividing lines. "I'm in high spirits!" Shangguan invincible eyebrows tightly wrinkled together, is the dragon ink Xuan. She turned around and watched Cang Yuyang holding the pale Long Moxuan toward the place where she stood, pursing her lips and saying nothing. Long Moxuan went to the handrail, looked at the sea and said with a smile, "The scenery here is really good. You really know how to pick a place." Shangguan Wudi glanced at Long Moxuan. "What can I do for you?" Long Moxuan's smile was even more evil. He took out a piece of paper from his cuff and said with a smile, "I've come to send you a book!" And from the book! Shangguan invincible lips shallow raised, reached over to take "thank you!" Just as Shangguan's invincible fingers were about to touch the book, a breeze lifted it, and the white paper floated lightly from the fingertips of Long Moxuan and fell straight on the sea, gently rippling with the waves. Uh? It landed on the sea! Long Moxuan raised his eyebrows and looked at Shangguan Wudi with a smile. He did it on purpose! Shangguan invincible eyes slightly narrowed up, Long Mo Xuan in the end want to play what tricks. Looking at the cold and indifferent eyes of Shangguan Wudi,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, Long Moxuan's smile is more intense, and his lips are higher, "and only write one copy from the book king." If the princess wants it. You might as well go down and pick it up yourself. 。 fycgsonic.com

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