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This weak sister! You only think about Dewey, but you don't think about yourself? After a weak concession, this Lady Liszt came directly into our house, and then it would be too late to regret. Although the heart thought so, but also helpless, was finally pulled out by Vivian. Wei Wei thought a little more delicate, before going out, but also carefully help Du Wei to close the door of the study. After waiting for two women to go out, the smile on the face of Madame Liszt, just showed a bit of teasing ambiguity, light way: "I would like to think that the Duke must be resting, so you are in good spirits, accompanied by a beautiful woman, but in the romance.". I was afraid of disturb your sleep when I came in just now. Du Wei's smile was a little embarrassed. He coughed and cleared his throat. Then he said, "Mrs. Liszt, you must not have come here in the middle of the night to tease me.". It's almost dawn. Let's get down to business. "All right, let's get down to business." The smile on Mrs. Liszt's face suddenly converged, and a word came out of her mouth without any warning: "Can the Muse marry your brother?" There was no foreshadowing in front of this, and naturally it was very abrupt, but Du Wei listened, there was no unexpected expression on his face, and there was no hesitation. He nodded directly on the spot, and answered happily and simply: "Good!" "I will go to the Chancellor of the Exchequer to say it myself. I think he is an important official of the Empire. He is magnanimous and should understand the profound meaning of it. There will be no objection." As soon as Mrs. Liszt said this,PET blow moulding machine, Du Wei showed some gratitude. "Well, since you are willing to say it, it's better." The two men looked at each other, but Lady Liszt's expression gradually became serious. "Don't you have anything else to say to me, Duke?" Du Wei frowned. He looked at Lady Liszt, the clever and beautiful marquise, as if there was something hidden in her eyes? "Something happened tonight." "I don't know what happened, though," said Mrs. Liszt firmly. But when you leave, I can see something in your look. Du Wei, you and my two families have been tightly tied together, and now there is a marriage relationship. Gabriel is your brother, PET blowing machine ,PET bottle Mold, and you are naturally very kind to him. And Muse is also my sister, I love her, needless to say! Now that you and my family are tied together, you can't hide everything from me, can you? Du Wei was about to prevaricate. But now I looked into Mrs. Liszt's eyes, and all of a sudden. Also do not know what is the idea, Du Wei suddenly made a strange decision! I.. Assassinated at the palace tonight. Du Wei's face was calm. The tone of the word "assassination" was as relaxed as talking about the weather. This time, Mrs. Liszt was really moved! "Who is dry?" Du Wei smiled and looked at the beautiful marquise. "If I had known, I wouldn't have told you about it." It has to be said that there is a reason why Du Wei told Mrs. Liszt about this secret event. Now that Du Wei is in the imperial capital, there are really no right-hand men and aides around him who are good at changing tactics. Under Du Wei, the only one who is good at this is Philip. But Philip is far northwest. But what happened tonight, the nature of the serious, but had to let Du Wei attention! At this moment, he did not even have a person to discuss the staff, naturally. Tonight he suddenly said it to the marquise. In Du Wei's opinion, the intelligence of Mrs. Liszt is not necessarily inferior to that of Philip! This beautiful woman can be in the aristocratic circle of the empire. As a widow. It has stood firm for many years and managed such a huge family business. It's not just that pretty face. Mrs. Liszt is naturally very good at this kind of Machiavellian infighting. When she was in the northwest, Mrs. Liszt began to offer her advice in order to win her trust, and her ideas were very clever. On the other hand. Since it is decided to marry the Liszt family, then simply do nothing! Completely tie the two families together! Therefore, simply tell the other side about this shocking event, after this incident, the relationship between the two families will be even higher. Is it the regent. Lady Liszt frowned, but at this point she shook her head again and said in a deep voice, "No, not the Regent." "Oh?" Du Wei looked at the marchioness, and now he was really hoping to hear some valuable ideas from the wise matriarch. The Duke.. To put it more clearly, the Regent has been trying to cut your power since a few days ago. Mrs. Liszt seemed to have made up her mind to open her heart to Du Wei. Such sharp words were also outspoken. She continued slowly: "In my opinion, since the Regent has the intention to cut off your power, it is a signal that he still trusts you and wants to put you in a good position.". Cutting your power is just a normal imperial strategy, and I also think that before that, the power in your hands is indeed a little too big. Cut some, but let less suspicion between the monarch and his subjects, but it is a long-term way! Du Wei nodded when he heard Mrs. Liszt's opinion. It's dangerous if the regent doesn't cut your power. Mrs. Liszt thought for a moment, and her tone became more and more positive. "And your title of director of the military Academy.". This is what the regent put out to add a halo of an uncrowned king to your head! The director of this military Academy is a signal that he has made it clear that although some of your power has been cut, your trust in his heart has not been weakened at all. In the capacity of this dean, within ten years, most of the young officers of the empire will become your disciples, and you will have a strong prestige and influence in the army,water filling machine, although these are not actual military power, but no one dares to underestimate the weight of this prestige. So Since the Regent has given you this hat, why kill you again? 。 gzxilinear.com

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