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"Is there anything else to drink here?" Su Wu asked greedily. Yan Feiang called the waiter to ask about it. Finally, the waiter not only brought Su Wu a glass of milk, but also put a plate of cotton candy in front of him. He said to him with a smile, "Our boss said that this gentleman is so handsome, so he gave it to you for free." Suddenly heard someone praise himself handsome, rather than cute or something else, Su Wu a little embarrassed, "Thank you." The two of them sat in their seats and drank slowly until Su Wu's cotton candy and milk were all drunk up, and the person who was waiting for Yan Feiang had not come yet. Yan Feiang frowned and his face gradually became dignified. He took out his cell phone and sent a message to the Ninth Bureau. At the same time, he clicked on a special program. Su Wu saw that his expression was not good, and did not dare to disturb him, so he sat aside worriedly. After operating on the mobile phone for a while, Yan Feiang suddenly said, "Xiao Wu, can you go back to the hotel and wait for me first?"? I have something to deal with. Su Wu asked worriedly, "Is it very dangerous?"? I, I will go with you! Yan Feiang looked at him in silence for a few seconds, then nodded and agreed, "You must follow me well, you must pay attention to safety,juice filling machine, do you know?" "Okay, I know." Su Wu won the right to act together and nodded in agreement. The two men checked out and left the coffee shop. Yan Feiang stopped a car and headed somewhere in the city. Long Wen never thought he would be planted here today! He has been working for the Ninth Bureau in private for many years, providing all kinds of information, and has been hiding very well. This time, he cooperated with the people of the Ninth Bureau to attack some forces in the city, but he did not expect that his identity would be exposed in the end. With blood all over his face, he looked up at Shaomao,Beverage packing machine, who was standing in the distance. Suddenly, he raised his hand, which was wearing an emerald ring with a dragon pattern. He felt a flower in front of his eyes. The man in the windbreaker had turned into a milky white streamer through their wall and rushed to the people behind them! Shaomao, the locked target, narrowed his eyes slightly and snorted coldly. The brown streamer immediately rolled up a fast-rotating tornado in front of him like running water! The powerful suction of the tornado makes the attack force of the dragon pattern drop by more than half in the middle of the journey! Shaomao suddenly jumped and disappeared in place, and then reappeared behind the dragon grain, punching the already spent force dragon grain into the tornado like a meat grinder! Longwen thought he would die here today! For the Ninth Bureau. He never regretted it, but it was a pity that he might never see that person again in his life. "Dragon pattern-!!!" In the ruins, suddenly flew out of a vigorous figure, one foot will think that the success of the stray hair to kick fly on the other side of the wall. Long Wen, who thought he was going to die, suddenly felt a mass of brilliance wrapped around him, and before he could figure out what had happened, he had flown out of the chaotic brown tornado! When Longwen finally opened his eyes from the sharp pain and dizziness, CSD filling line ,Edible oil filling machine, he saw a delicate and beautiful little face. The owner of the little face moved his lips as if he were saying something, but the dragon's ears were ringing at this time, and he could not hear anything at all. Su Wu saw that the man's whole body was "broken" and was so worried that he gave him a simple treatment with spiritual power, and then took a fruit and fed it to him. Long Wen did not know what the boy was going to do, but he was dying, but his perception of good and evil was more acute. The boy had no malice towards him, he thought to himself, so he accepted the kindness he finally got before he died. Eating something that tastes sweet, Longwen's consciousness is a little sleepy. Really want to see that person again, ah, he thought, see that person again, even if he is still so grumpy, it does not matter. Su Wu saw the man in front of him suddenly closed his eyes and was startled. When he looked carefully, he realized that he had fallen asleep temporarily. Then he was relieved. At the same time, he looked at the man's face and found that the man was so handsome! Of course, it's still not as handsome as Fei Ang! Su Wu added another sentence in his heart. At this time, the situation on the other side of Yan Feiang is climbing. Ever since Yan Feiang's body was transformed and he was able to practice, he has been following Su Wu to practice, and has learned to absorb Reiki into his own power. Shaomao brought the people who besieged the dragon pattern. Originally, he could not find a solution to the problem, but now it is not worth mentioning in front of him! A golden red light full of righteousness flowed on the ground, so that the rebellious people almost touched the dazzling light and were immediately swept out like dead branches and leaves! Shaomao had been with Yan Feiang once before, so at first he didn't take Yan Feiang seriously at all. He was worried only about Su Wu, the little man who was absolutely enough to crush him to pieces! However, what he did not expect was that the man who was originally just an ordinary person had become so tough in such a short time! Shaomao thought of electricity, turned around and ran. Yan Fei Ang immediately wanted to catch up, even after saving people Su Wu also surrounded up, at the same time on the two people, Shaomao knew he had no chance to win, he retreated, at the same time summoned those people he brought to do their own shield, all the way with flesh for him to resist the attack of two people! Although these people are not strong enough, but also enough to entangle Yan Fei Ang, Su Wu heart is not anxious, the body suddenly sent out a light net, overwhelming to the body of Shaomao hit! Shaomao heart is not good, suddenly shrink to the ground, until Su Wu's light net hit the ground heavily, later has firmly covered people, but found that there is nothing on the ground at all! "What's going on??" Su Wu turned around in a shallow pit smashed out of the optical net, but could not find any trace! Yan Feiang searched the ground carefully, frowned and said, "He escaped." "Can you escape,water filling machine, too?" Su Wu is still very confident about the optical network he just figured out, but he didn't expect to let people run away like this, and he was very depressed. gzxilinear.com

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