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It was a little stuffy, so I went out. Did Nan Nan wake up? He changed the subject and looked up at Nannan's ward. Uh Noisy to find Zuo Hongjing. Rufeng lowered his head and his voice became gentle. "He hasn't come to see Nannan yet. Nannan has always been attached to him." She did not know how to explain to Meng Shaonan the feelings between Nannan and Zuo Hongjing. Meng Shaonan looked at her, but knew it in his heart. When I woke up in the morning, I saw Zuo Hongjing standing at the door of Nannan's ward. When I saw him, I turned around immediately. He gently put down the sleeping wind in his arms, followed Zuo Hongjing, and walked out of the hospital gate. In the quiet cafe, two equally excellent and handsome men sat face to face. There was an uneasy factor floating in the air, and there seemed to be a faint burning of anger, but in the end, it never broke out, and the flames did not burn more and more vigorously, but went out in an instant. Zuo Hongjing stared at Meng Shaonan's eyes suddenly darkened, that is, the fact that even if he would not come back, perhaps, no, he would never get her. As Ying Leer said, if you can't get it, why do you want to possess it blindly instead of letting her find happiness? Her happiness, this life, only Meng Shaonan can give. Love is giving, not possessing. Zuo Hongjing, what else can't you figure out? What else can't you see? Eyes down, looking at the hands of the coffee, the heart is as bitter as this coffee,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, in fact, you should be happy for her is not it? Happy for her, she finally waited for him, finally waited for her happiness. His heart was still painful, but he had to let go. Meng Shaonan looked at him, once, they were very good brothers, and now. "Thank you for taking care of Rufeng in the past six years." He spoke softly. And his pretty face chuckled. "Don't you think your thank you is a great irony to me?" He knew that what he said might hurt his heart, and he also felt that what he said might be very mean. Before deciding whether to live or die,Vegetable oil filling machine, he entrusted her to him, hoping that he would never abandon her for a lifetime, hoping that he could give her a lifetime of happiness. However, he came back. He came back alive. Once he came back, he plundered all of him. He even said thank you to him, and he could feel the irony in his words without him saying it. However, emotional matters are not your own decision. If the wind did not wait for him for six years, then, perhaps, he will disappear in her life forever, will never appear again, let her think that he is really dead. However, she waited for him for six years, in the case of his death, she still waited, how can he have the heart to leave, how can. "I know you love her very much, but the emotional thing." Meng Shaonan paused and looked out of the window. "Now, water bottle packaging machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, it's meaningless to say more. I'm sorry." Zuo Hongjing smiled all the time, laughing out of sadness: "I'm sorry." I'm sorry Why does everyone have to say this to me, why. He stood up trembling, smiling tired: "You must love her well, treat her well, and never leave her again …" Always and forever waiting by her side, otherwise, I will not let you go. His voice gently, with the final relief, with all the helplessness, turned away the moment, something gently falling, gently, sliding down his face, dripping in the warm air. Works related to Zuo Hongjing, as long as you say a word. Nannan got better quickly, and Meng Shaonan and Rufeng accompanied her all the time. But Zuo Hongjing did not appear. At least, Rufeng didn't see him. Once asked Yunjing, but she smiled and said to her, let her rest assured, he is all right. Although there is a trace of puzzlement about the meaning of Yunjing's smile, there are still some worries about him, but what else can she do? Unexpectedly, Meng Shaonan is good at taking care of people. He takes care of Nannan properly. Nannan also gets familiar with him all of a sudden. He always makes him giggle. And she never called him dad. Maybe the child's heart is very simple, and he believes that there is only one father. That day, Meng Shaonan took Xiao Zhe out to play. Rufeng accompanied Nannan and peeled the fruit for her. "Mom, when can Nannan go to play with his brother?" Nannan's big eyes were staring at the wind, and his eyes were full of desire. When Nannan is cured, he can be with his brother, so Nannan should eat a lot and grow fast, okay? She looked at Nannan with a smile and held the apple in her hand to her mouth. Nan Nan bit cooperatively: "Mom, why didn't PAPA come?" Rufeng's hand paused and looked at Nan Nan: "PAPA may be busy?"? I'll come and see Nannan in a few days. "Oh.." Nannan promised softly, but his eyes could not hide his loss. Nannan, the person who has been with you these days. It's the man that Xiao Zhe's brother has always called his father. If the wind does not know how to say to the child, but, after all, still want to say, Zuo Hongjing, just godfather, "that person, is your real father, understand?" Nannan blinked his big eyes and looked at her in confusion. If the wind smiled: "It doesn't matter, as long as you follow my brother, it's all right..." How is she supposed to explain to a three-year-old what? “PAPA?” "Dad.." Rufeng corrected Nannan's accent, but did not find Nannan's eyes looking straight behind her through her shoulders. PAPA. She smiled at a certain point behind her, such as the wind just felt the strange behind her, turned around, and saw Zuo Hongjing standing by the door. I haven't seen him for a few days, and he looks much more haggard. He walked slowly into the ward, walked to the bedside, gazed at Nannan on the bed, and smiled at her. Is Nannan better? He crouched down and his hand was held tightly by Nannan. PAPA, why don't you come to see Nannan? Nannan pouted and acted like a spoiled child to him. Dad had something to do in the company, so he came to see Nannan now. His voice was calm and warm, and his eyes were full of spoiling, but he only looked at the small figure on the hospital bed,water bottling line, and turned a blind eye to the people standing on one side. Rufeng stood there awkwardly, neither walking nor not walking. Listening to their conversation, she couldn't get a word in edgewise. gzxilinear.com

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