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By this time, Aunt Mo had already regretted saying at noon that she wanted to bake a pie with this ham. She had never seen ham before. She thought it was just bacon similar to bacon, and she didn't expect the ham soup to be so delicious. So in the heart silently decided to change the meat of the pancake tonight into bacon, anyway, it is good to eat some meat, certainly no one has an opinion. When she was drinking the soup, Aunt Mo looked at the ham that had been cut into a piece, and thought that when the farm was busy, she would put two pieces of this ham in the soup, which was nutritious and delicious, and it was convenient to make. But usually there is no such beautiful thing, but also calculated that when Xiao Lin went to work, he had to put it away, so good things casually what a pity. Although he was thinking about something, the action of scooping up the soup in his hands was not delayed at all, and the two little girls, Aunt Mo, did not discriminate between one person and a small bowl, a bowl of soup and half a piece of meat. Mo Xiaolin looked at their precious sips of soup and meat, and involuntarily thought of the baby in his wife's belly. Thinking of the dream I had just had,gold cil machine, I looked at the black and thin Changfu and Xiaoya, and silently decided in my heart that I must work harder to earn money to support my family and raise my children white and fat. Although did not see the sex of the little doll, but sitting in the flowers must be a little girl, so white and fat how lovely it is! You can't develop the pitiful appearance of a refugee. Oh, by the way, if you are a little girl, you have to buy beautiful clothes, small leather shoes,mineral flotation, hair flowers and vanishing cream and other skin care products. It's not easy to raise them well! Seeing that his mother always talked about the little golden grandson, he was afraid that his mother would not like a girl, so he said the dream just now, and described the lovely little doll in the dream carefully, without concealing the love and expectation in his words. Although her son was only dreaming, Aunt Mo still preferred to believe in these feudal superstitions. Seeing that she often went to blind Wang, she knew that the deep-rooted ideas of their older generation could not be overthrown by a few slogans about overthrowing feudal superstitions. So after listening to her son's fetal dream, Aunt Mo also felt that her daughter-in-law must be a little girl in her belly. Although she was a little disappointed, she was not as unacceptable as Mo Xiaolin thought. In fact, Mo Xiaolin still does not know his mother well enough. For Aunt Mo, what she cares about most in her life is the son of Mo Xiaolin. When she was a child, Mo Xiaolin's poor health made her worried. After studying, Mo Xiaolin's intelligence made her more proud, and also made her have a higher level of expectation. In this way, gold shaking table ,tin beneficiation plant, she became more and more partial unconsciously. When Mo Xiaolin became a worker, he became more and more promising and filial. Every time he went home and bought so many things to honor her, he felt that his whole life was worth it. How many places did he have in his heart? Look at Mo Xiaolin's baby son talking about the child's happy appearance, where does Aunt Mo still care about the birth of boys and girls, even if it is a girl film, but as long as it is Xiaolin's flesh and blood, can please the son's heart, it is not an ordinary girl film, it must be an attractive baby pimple. Seeing his mother surprised, she smiled and accepted that little Jinsun had become a little girl, and patted his chest to reassure him that he must take good care of his daughter-in-law and baby. He also said that he would take good care not to let people say some messy and unpleasant words in front of the baby. That mouthful of a disgusting little baby, let Mo Xiaolin feel that they must have misunderstood his mother before, such an open-minded and kind mother, where like a feudal old lady who prefers boys to girls? But this kind of old Niang actually lets Mo Xiaolin be moved very much, the sweet talk small flattery immediately did not want the money to pour out toward Mo Niang in the past, said at the same time also at the same time ladles the soup to Mo Niang to pass the sweet potato, that gallant appearance, also has anything not to see. Aunt Mo looked at her youngest son around her in a funny way, but she couldn't help saying a few more words to reassure him before she took out the soup that had been left out for a long time and asked Mo Xiaolin to send it to his wife. The daughter-in-law was generous and winking, and was very filial and considerate to her mother-in-law, and Aunt Mo was not a hard-hearted person, so she naturally returned the favor and took good care of her. When the other daughters-in-law were pregnant, they did not have the same treatment as Qin Xiaohui now, and Qin Xiaohui had such special treatment. Apart from the fact that she married Mo Xiaolin, the favorite son of her mother, her own filial piety and understanding also played a lot of roles. The greatest beneficiary of such a harmonious relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was Mo Xiaolin, who was a son and a husband. After enjoying the delicious ham soup and carrying the enamel cup with the soup inside, he said goodbye to Aunt Mo and walked slowly to the warehouse where his wife went to work. Qin Xiaohui was just pregnant at this time, and she often needed extra meals, otherwise she would be hungry and uncomfortable. The cloud cake she brought today had already been eaten up. Now she saw the soup and baked sweet potatoes that Mo Xiaolin brought over. She left her long-missed husband aside and concentrated on eating sweet potatoes and drinking soup. Although looking at the warehouse is a leisurely job, it is boring and boring, and the work points are low, so it still needs patience. His wife was eating and no one paid any attention to him. No, Mo Xiaolin turned around in the warehouse a few times and became impatient. Qin Xiaohui saw, also did not force, offered to let Mo Xiaolin go to see two Lin drive a tractor to go. So Mo Xiaolin, like the chickens released from the cage, pretended to tell them a few words and ran out to play with unusual joy. Because of Pandi and the purchase of tractors, Mo Xiaolin's prestige in Lao Mo Village is still very high. Walking all the way in the fields, the villagers greeted him warmly. Only two new educated youth did not know him, just asked a few words by the surrounding villagers popular science Mo Xiaolin's scenery and deeds. Mo Xiaolin, who was walking leisurely in front of him, did not know this. He crossed the small fields of the ditches and ridges in the village and came to the most flat field where he could drive a tractor. He saw the tractor driven by Mo Erlin turning over the ground with a rotary tiller dragging behind him. Seeing Mo Xiaolin coming from a distance, he waved his hand excitedly and shouted, "Xiaolin, come here quickly. Come up and see how I drive the tractor." That excited show off,small gold wash plant, although can not bear to look directly, but also vivid, see Mo Xiaolin heart itch. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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