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As the King of Monkey Victory said, the Archangel of Yali in the Western divine world and the Archangel of Oli who came to help him had a sad face. At this time, Yali was full of plots and tricks and could not use them. Everywhere in the corner of the eye, the other four forces seemed to lay down their flags and drums and rest on the spot. Yari, what do we do? Those venerable Ming kings in the Buddhist world of the Western Heaven seem to be sitting up in dry meditation, and when they wake up, they are afraid that the soup will turn yellow. I hate the two light bones in the Northern Heaven Demon Realm. They are all around the girl Han Lancui. They don't even look around. The three most active demon kings actually doze off. The Eastern Fairy Realm is all right. Euryway. Wait a minute. Anyway, it's not far from the source. Oli, we need to endure it! ※※※※※※※※※※※※ A maritime entertainment empire. An unexpected piece of information. My Lord Milan, if you will allow me to call you that. I am a branch manager of Tianxin Group in New York, North America. He is currently the captain of the second brigade under the command of Haharu. The situation in the Americas has changed. The power of tens of thousands of locals controlled by five men in black in New York has stopped fighting and entered a period of integration. Haharu, the devil in black, said a few days ago that he would lead us to sweep the whole of America and build an army. I thought this information might be useful to you. Tang Jian respects you. In the office of the president of the Empire Building, Milan looked at the information and asked Tielin to find out Tang Jiancong's information. Tang Jiancong, male, 26 years old, is the manager of the American branch of Tianxin Group Tianjing Energy Co., Ltd. and the only manager of an overseas company who has been trained to the sixth level. Have an auxiliary brain. "Tielin, tell me, what do those guys in the North Demon World want to do?"? If you're tired of killing people,glass cream jars, you don't have to form an army! Milan asked. Mi Mi, this situation happened after they failed to attack our maritime entertainment empire, there should be some conspiracy! Tang Jian can send back information because he has an auxiliary brain that can use the atmospheric nerve field to transmit information, so his information should be true. As for the plot of the Northern Demon World, I think we can send this information to the president and chairman, or to Zhongnanhai. They are experienced and should be able to give us enough hints and comprehensive replies. "The purpose of forming an army is nothing more than to wage war." Milan muttered, suddenly startled,oil dropper bottle, "Is the purpose of the Northern Demon World to attack the Maritime Entertainment Empire with an army?". These guys are really not human beings. If they can't do it openly, they will use underhand tactics. When the boss comes back, they will make you look good. Mi Mi, maybe things will not be so simple. It is not so easy to attack the maritime entertainment empire in the center of the North Pacific Ocean with the Earth's army. Whether they attack from sea, land or air, the security personnel of the Maritime Entertainment Empire can easily destroy them. So, I guess they have another purpose. It seems that there is an earth pass in the North Demon World, so they came up with this move. Tielin Road. That's terrible. Milan repeatedly said, "Tielin, you go to check, see if you can find more useful information, I will send the information to the Deep Blue Asteroid Base and Zhongnanhai.". A world war cannot be fought. Beams of radio waves fly from the Maritime Entertainment Empire Building to the other side of the ocean and the outer space of the solar system. ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ In the special passage, after a long period of time, there were finally "people" who could not sit still. Yali, 30ml dropper bottle ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, you can't go on like this. The God King has written to urge you! In my opinion, send a polar angel to explore first, and if there is no large-scale trap, our one million angel legions will rush through. "Well, Ollie, I'm going to answer the God King.". At this time we did not reach the predetermined position, the God King will figure out the reason. The team of the Western Gods received a stern order from the God-King Gagori, and the other four forces also received their respective supreme messages. Among them, the tone of Qin Wutian, the supreme of the North Demon World, was the most urgent. Ten thousand devils and devil-level masters were too busy on the American continent, and scattered resistance organizations appeared on the American continent. The tone was lazy when he counted the Eastern Immortal Realm and the Western Buddhist Realm, just asking about their current situation. Therefore, when Froji Angel was ready to cross the disc knife mountain and the sea of fire, the Northern Demon World also sent Sade Tianmo, and the Southern Blood Demon World sent Duke Bili. In the Eastern Immortal Realm and the Western Buddhist Realm, there are countless eyes of observation. Damn, that kid, we're breaking in. Look at the fight! After Sade Tianmo suddenly made a sound, three black lights hit Tianxin at the other end of the disc, and the man followed Ferro and Bili, who had already walked ahead, and marched into the disc with them. The three black lights are the evil spirits that are usually refined by Sade Tianmo. Ordinary people die of blood, and immortals and Buddhas are blown to pieces. Sade did not hope to plot against Tianxin, but he was confident of the power of the magic thunder, at least to make the seemingly powerful Tianxin in a hurry for a while, in order to increase the chances of success. But in Tianxin's opinion, the speed of Sade Tianmo's three black lights is too slow. As soon as he entered the realm of the mountain of knives and the sea of fire, he was blown off at the waist by a bright knife turned up on one side and burst into the sea of fire that followed. At the same time, Fro, Sade, and Bili, who had entered the disc, discovered that the mountain of knives and the sea of fire, which looked very small outside, had now become boundless. What was even more strange was that as soon as they entered, they seemed to be in the middle of the mountain of knives and the middle of the sea of fire. Every moment they had to resist the attack of a thousand layers of knife light and the attack of ten thousand waves of fire. They could hardly breathe. Fro's Angel Armor was burned red, while Sade's Armor was deformed under the attack of the Melaleuca Knife, and was forced to carry out the evil spirit of Tianmo to protect himself. Bi Li is transformed into a stream of bat blood light, using speed and moving body to deal with the incoming thousand layers of knife light and ten thousand waves of fire, looking for a way out. King of instruments, you see what the other side is using, angels, devils,Glass Cream Jars, blood demons trapped in the body, it seems not to move! But he was shaking a lot. Hua Tianwang asked. Qi Tianwang is the first master of refining Qi in the Oriental Immortal Realm. Although there are not many immortals in his hands, each piece is absolutely a dream of fine works. penghuangbottle.com

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