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Fan Yi-weng was so frightened that he hurriedly turned out a somersault. As soon as it was too late, a clump of beard was cut off by him. It was a big surprise to him. The onlookers also gave a low shout of "sigh". Li Mochou's kungfu on the cloud broom was so good that Yang Guo wanted to cut her with a big cut. He had already thought about it carefully in advance. How she rolled the whisk, how the big cut was stabbed, how the whisk hit, and how the big cut was clipped. Unexpectedly, Li Mochou did not fight, but met this dwarf who used his beard as a weapon in this beautiful valley. Yang Guo thought to himself, "No matter how good your beard is, you can't beat Li Mochou's whisk." Angrily and angrily, he pressed forward with big scissors in his hand. Fan Yiweng had been working on his beard for more than ten years, and because his palms were empty, he was more powerful than the general soft whip and cloud broom. He shook his head, drove his beard, and at the same time urged his palms to attack Yang Guo. Just now Zhou Botong cut Fan Yiweng's beard with big scissors, but let him roll the scissors with his beard, so he had to admit defeat. When they saw Zhou Botong's kung fu, they all thought to themselves that they were really inferior to him. They knew that Yang Guo had opened the big scissors, cut and clipped them vertically and horizontally, and came and went to twist and dance, but it was still better than the old urchin's technique. Everyone was curious. Of course, Yang Guo and Zhou Botong were far from each other in terms of martial arts skills, but he had carefully studied Li Mochou's cloud broom skills in advance and imagined the tactics of scissors, while Fan Yiweng's beard was similar to the use of cloud broom, and his scissors were so handy that he had the upper hand. Compared with Zhou Botong, he took a large pair of scissors at random and cut them at random without any rules and regulations, which is not the same. Jinlun Guoshi and others did not know the reason, only to see the old urchin will give the big scissors to Yang Guo, expected to Zhou Botong as a person, this strange nonsense blade is naturally his fantasy to make. Yang Guo is good at using the sword, which is known by the national teacher. Fan Yiweng was almost injured by scissors several times. He immediately lost his contempt for his youth and incompetence. As soon as he changed his tactics, he danced his beard around and around. He hit him in all directions and swept him away. It turned out to be a trick. Yang Guo even clipped several scissors, but all of them failed. He also saw that the enemy's palm wind was fierce. Sometimes the beard was a false move,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, but the palm force was real. Sometimes the palm method lured the enemy, but the beard took advantage of the gap to attack. It was a wonderful kungfu that had never been seen in the martial arts world. After tossing and turning dozens of moves, Yang Guo thought to himself, "This Valley Lord is insidious and ruthless. His martial arts must be far above the dwarf. I can't defeat his disciples. How can I defeat his teacher?" Feel slightly anxious in the heart. But Fan Yiweng's beard was long and thick, much bigger than Li Mochou's whisk, and there was no flaw in it. Yang Guo gazed intently at his opponent, but saw him shaking his head with a funny expression. His beard became more and more urgent, and his little round head shook even more violently. As soon as he thought about it, he thought of breaking the law. With a click of scissors, he jumped back half a foot and shouted, "Wait a minute!" "Instead of pursuing him, Fan Yiweng said," Little brother, if you admit defeat, you'd better get out of the valley quickly. Yang Guo shook his head with a smile and said, "How long will it take you to keep your big beard after you cut it short?" "That's none of your business, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,S Adenosyl Methionine," said Fan Yiweng angrily? I never cut my beard. Yang Guo shook his head and said, "What a pity! What a pity!" "What's the pity?" Asked Fan Yi-weng. Yang Daodao: "I will cut off your beard in three strokes.". You're a good man. If you're afraid, it's not too late to retreat. Fan Yiweng thought to himself, "You and I have fought dozens of moves, and we are always tied. If you want to win within three moves, hum, that's a dream." Shout angrily: "Look at the move!" Split out the right palm. Yang crossed the left oblique grid, smashed the right scissors, and hit the opponent's left forehead. He was tall, and when he hit the enemy's head and face, the scissors were from top to bottom. Fan Yiweng turned his head sideways to dodge, but Yang Guo's left palm fell and split his right forehead. This split was fierce, and Fan Yiweng hurriedly slanted his head to the left to avoid it. The enemy came quickly, and his slanting was also very quick, and his long beard was thrown up. Yang Guo's big scissors had already opened and stood on the right side, and with a click, he cut off more than a foot of his beard. Everyone was greatly surprised to see that he had cut off Fan Yiweng's beard with only three strokes. It turned out that after a long struggle, Yang finally found out that Fan Yiweng's beard was thrown to the left, and his head would be thrown to the right first. When his beard was hit, his head would be lowered first. He secretly scolded himself for being stupid: "His beard is on his head. If he wants to wave his beard, naturally he must move his head first.". I didn't attack him at the root, but I was always entangled with his beard. I was really a big fool. In the heart decided to strike the head to cut the beard plan, this just declared three strokes to cut his beard. As soon as Fan Yi-weng was in a daze, he saw that a trace of his beard, which he had grown up with half his life, had fallen to the ground. He deplored it and was angry. As soon as he rose and fell, he grabbed the steel staff in his hand and shouted angrily, "If you don't fight to the death today, you won't be able to get out of the valley." "I didn't want to go out," said Yang Guo with a smile. Fan Yiweng's steel staff swept and hit him in the waist. Ma Guangzuo had been fighting with Fan Yiweng for a long time and had really suffered a loss. At this time, he was very proud and shouted, "Old dwarf, you are not beautiful in appearance. Without this big beard, you look even more strange." When Fan Yiweng heard this, he gnashed his teeth and added three points of strength to his hands. Yang Guo has been fighting with him for a long time. He has been dealing with the softness of his beard. I don't know how strong he is. When he sees his steel stick waving, he stretches out his scissors. He hears a loud noise. His arm is sore and numb. The scissors have been bent by the steel stick and are out of shape. That's the only move. The shears can't be used any more. The onlookers saw that Yang Guo had already won, but as soon as the blade changed, the two of them changed their positions. Fan Yiweng was holding a heavy weapon, but Yang Guo was holding a pile of scrap iron. Green Calyx couldn't help shouting, "Master Yang, you're not as strong as my master brother. Why fight again?" When the Valley Lord saw that his daughter had repeatedly defended outsiders, he became more and more angry. He glared at her and saw her face full of concern and anxiety. When he looked at Xiaolongnv again, he saw that she looked indifferent and did not care about Yang Guo's safety. He immediately turned his anger into joy and thought to himself, "So she has no affection for this boy. Otherwise, seeing that he is in danger, why doesn't she mind?" In fact, Xiaolongnv knew that Yang Guo was full of tricks, and his martial arts were better than Fan Yiweng's. When they fought, he won or lost, so he never worried. Yang Guo threw the twisted shears on the ground and said, "Old Fan, you are no match for me. Hurry up and drop the steel staff and surrender." Fan Yiweng said angrily,Thyroid Powder Factory, "If you win the steel staff in my hand, I will be killed." Yang Daodao: "Pity, pity!" 。 pioneer-biotech.com

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