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Two motorcycles. I need two motorcycles. I'm heading west to east on the Yan'an Elevated Road, just past the Maoming Road. Repeat, Yan'an Elevated Road, west to east, about 100 meters from the upper entrance of Maoming Road. Transfer me from the nearest traffic police. "Three minutes, the car must arrive in three minutes!" Guo Dong shouted to the intercom. Which one of you can drive a motorcycle? "Guo Dong asked.". Well, I can ride a bike, I can drive a car, but I've never driven a motorcycle. I will He Xi said. Three minutes, 4:44, two police motorcycles arrived. He Xi took the helmet cover and I straddled behind her. Take the car to the city office. The other one was still driven by Daren, Guo Dong, who was sitting in the back, said to the two policemen who came by motorcycle. Hold tight. He Xi looked back and said that as soon as he turned the throttle, the motorcycle burst into the gap between the two queues in front of him. I didn't expect He Xi to drive a motorcycle so hard, no less than the person who just drove a police car. There was very little space to pass, and she often needed to snake, but she kept the speed at about 50 yards per hour. The absolute acceleration of my heart beat was much more exciting than driving a car on a expressway for 200 kilometers, and the idea that I had clung to her slender waist at first had long been blown away by the wind. Entering the tunnel, the cars on both sides moved faster, leaving much more space for motorcycles than before. He Xi's body leaned forward, the motor roared, the pointer on the speedometer rose in a straight line, and soon passed one hundred. My eyes were completely narrowed, the wind pushed the skin of my face back, like needles from all corners of my clothes, the exposed skin was frozen,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, and all I heard in my ears was a whistling sound. A car was thrown behind us one by one, and the exit of the tunnel was in sight. There was a bus ahead, and He Xi overtook it from the inside. Same? Time A BMW overtook it from the outside, and as soon as the bus gave way, I saw the tall body of the car pressing like a wall. He Xi hurriedly borrowed the car, next to the tunnel wall, the right reflector of the motorcycle scraped a spark on the wall, then suddenly broke off and flew back. The next second, the motorcycle overtook the inside of the bus and got stuck in front of the BMW. Only then did I feel my heart twitch violently and then begin to beat wildly. Steeply open, the five-mile long snake-like tunnel across the river is behind us. The speedometer reached one hundred and forty kilometers. I managed to turn around and see that Daren's car was following closely behind. Today, the two extremely fast motorcycles, one after the other, are bound to become a classic passed on by many drivers by word of mouth. When the motorcycle stalled in front of the gate of the Jinmao Grand Hyatt, the two doormen had already looked straight at it. He Xi took off his helmet and hung it on the car. I slowly stepped out of the car. She moved much more quickly than I did. She looked at me and asked, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, "Won't you vomit?" I shook my head. "No." She patted me on the shoulder. "Then go in quickly." I can't throw up, but my feet are still weak. The minute hand has just pointed to fifty. And the last ten minutes-if Viral Knight is so punctual. If he acts early, then we all have to put our lives on the line. Even if he can be killed, in order to save the whole city, the government will certainly blockade here, even if the whole Jinmao Tower becomes a dead zone. Daren and Guo Dong are also here. In the children's building? "He Xi asked." Second floor. Relax, don't run, don't attract Zhao Ziqiang's attention. Guo Dong quickly moved his fingers and wrists, and he was so cold that he could not even hold the gun tightly without moving. I took two deep breaths, lifted my feet to go in, saw Guo Zhen's police uniforms, and quickly pointed to them. The two men understood, took off their police uniforms and threw them on the motorcycle, wearing only the sweater inside. Take off the holster on your waist, take out the gun and put it in your pants pocket. Guo Dong's trouser pocket was too small to be stuffed with a gun, so I immediately took off my coat and let him put it on. Watch the car for us. Guo Dong patted him on the shoulder as he passed the doorman. We deliberately slowed down our pace, divided into two teams, and entered the Grand Hyatt Jinmao Hotel one after the other. Daren also lit a cigarette and put it in his mouth to show his leisure. A young man in a suit stood at the entrance of the stairs on the second floor. When he saw Guo Dong, he nodded and said, "Director Guo, you're here. We just received an urgent notice from the city Bureau.." Guo Dong waved his hand to the city government staff: "Time is very urgent, there is no time to delay, we first turn around outside, and then may have to go in, you take care of it." "All right, but now the foreign guests are seated and the leaders will be here soon. It's better not to disturb them." As he spoke, he walked to the door of the grand ballroom, whispered a few words to a staff member there, and pointed to us, supposedly saying that if we wanted to go in, we didn't have to stop or anything like that. From the time we walked in the door to the time we walked upstairs, our eyes never stopped watching everyone coming and going in the hotel. He Xi needless to say, Guo Dong and Zhen Daren must have seen Zhao Ziqiang's photos, doing their line of sight is better, but so far there is no discovery. End of the road? One hour and fifty-five minutes. (7) Nado, I'll go this way with you. Daren, you and Miss He, remember, shoot the target as soon as you find it. Guo Dong said in a low voice. The man nodded heavily. Guo Dong's right hand slanted into his coat, and together with me, he put a pocket on the left outside of the main entrance of the banquet hall. When they returned to the main entrance, Daren and He Xi returned at the same time, looking at each other and shaking their heads slightly. Go in. Guo Dong said. The staff at the door saw us coming and gave way. Guo Dong, however, was not in a hurry to go inside. "What kind of people went in before?" He asked. "They are all people from the city government and foreign guests." "Didn't the unrelated people go in there?" "No." He said with certainty. So where else can I get into the banquet hall besides this door? "Today,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, in order to control the people entering the door, several side doors were closed." The man thought for a moment and then added, "But there is a door in the back for waiters to go in and out." "What? Please take me there at once." 。 penghuangbottle.com

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