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"Idiot!" Li Xuezhu went to the building with a sneer. Colonel Qian did not eat with them. He took his subordinates directly to study the battle plan. But he forgot his own work. He came here to supervise Xia Buer and Li Xuezhu. But Li Xueshu only used one sentence to make him angry and run away. "Come!"! Xuezhu, come and drink two cups with me to warm up. Xia Buer sat in a spacious living room and waved. Nie Ergou had already brought several braziers to dispel the cold chill in the room. Li Xuezhu climbed in from the window with her two secretaries and sat directly at the table and said, "Don't drink. There may be an encounter at any time!" "Do you think mutants are retarded? Why don't you run when you see so many people." Xia Buer nonchalantly lit a cigarette and said, "The leader of Blood Drops is Chu Qin. Chu Qin has been my nanny for more than half a year. I know what kind of shit she shits if she doesn't take off her pants. If she finds out how fast I will run here, I promise you won't be able to catch up with me by driving!" All right! Then I'll have a good drink with you and fight the final battle tomorrow morning. Li Xuezhu got up and went to a wine cabinet. He picked up two bottles of dust-laden red wine and put them on the table. He opened them with his own hands and poured them for Xia Buer. The people in the cooking class soon brought up the stir-fried dishes. Li Xuezhu raised his glass and said with a smile, "I wish us success immediately and kill all the mutants!" "No!"! I wish you an early accession to the throne and become the second Wu Zetian. Xia Buer picked up the glass and touched it with her. Li Xuezhu's eyes dimmed a little. It sounded like sarcasm, but she still smiled and drank up the wine in the glass. But after three rounds of drinking, she suddenly said, "Sister Yu!"! I call you sister, can you promise me a small request? Tang Yu raised her eyebrows and said, "Yes, except for borrowing a husband from me." "I just want to borrow your husband." Li Xuezhu looked at her with bright eyes and said, "We don't know when we will meet after World War I tomorrow. I want to give him my most precious thing tonight, so that I will have no regrets in my life. Even if I fail, I can rest assured to die!" "You can rest assured to die,L Methylfolate Factory, but you will always live in my husband's heart." Tang Yu stared at her with sharp eyes. The taste of tit for tat was particularly obvious. But Xia Buer shook his head and said, "You two don't take me seriously. Tang Yu, you are just my lover. You are not qualified to care who I sleep with. Li Xuezhu, I appreciate your kindness, but your first time is left to your future husband!" "Why?" Li Xuezhu stared at him unwillingly,Glucono Delta Lactone, but Xia Buer drank the wine slowly and said lightly, "Let's forget each other in Jianghu. Don't live in the past. So when we become enemies of each other, at least we can have a good time, right?" "Why should we be enemies? I am not your enemy." Li Xuezhu smashed the wine cup on the ground, and tears burst down in an instant, but Xia Buer looked directly at her and said: "Good!"! As long as you are willing to put down everything and go with me today, I, Xia Buer, will marry you in style and let you, Li Xuezhu, become my first wife. I will do what I say. Can you do it? "I.." Li Xuezhu's face trembled with tears, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Thyroid Powder Factory, but he could not speak with his mouth open. Xia Buer shook his head and said, "Xuezhu!"! Your ambition is higher than the sky, pursue your dream well, leave your most precious first time to your future husband, I believe he will help you complete your dream, let's forget each other! "Dong ~" Suddenly! A loud noise shook the earth, and a huge mushroom cloud turned the whole sky red. Li Xuezhu hurriedly wiped away his tears and rushed to the window. A communication soldier rolled and crawled over and shouted, "Chief!"! No, our army was discovered by the enemy, and the enemy launched a surprise attack on them! "How is that possible? They are still far away from the enemy." Li Xuezhu turned pale with horror, but Colonel Qian and others all rushed out angrily. Pointing at Xia Buer who had just turned out of the window, they roared: "Well, Xia Buer, you joined forces with the mutant to entrap us, didn't you? Arrest him. If something happens to us, you won't be able to live!" "I'll see who dares to move." Slingshot boy and a Li suddenly jumped down from upstairs and tore off their clothes to reveal the explosives all over their bodies. Colonel Qian and others were so surprised that they took a step back. But Xia Buer said angrily, "My surname is Qian!"! Is your brain being trampled by a chicken? If I unite with the mutants, I will kill you first and leave you to kill me! "Chief!"! Not a mutant. The communicator suddenly shouted: "What the main force encountered was the shuffler. The shuffler also chose to attack the knife-wielding troops tonight. They went around in a circle and ran right into the main force. The missile just launched by us, but our plan of surprise attack must be aborted!" "What?"? What a coincidence. Colonel Qian and the others all looked at Xia Buer suspiciously, but Xia Buer shouted, "What are you looking at me for? If I can command the troops of both sides, do I still need to join hands with you? And with so many of you staring at me, can I still fly out with wings?" "Stop talking nonsense and ask them if they need support." Li Xuezhu hurriedly turned out from the window, but Colonel Qian grabbed the communicator. After covering his ears and shouting loudly, he suddenly turned pale and said, "Oh, no!"! The mutants are also attacking, but the two of them are attacking us together, and we have to rush to support them immediately! Xia Buer shouted at the top of his voice, "Don't support me. Put the cannon up and fire at the mutants. I'll contact the Taniyama Army to attack them immediately. We must destroy them all tonight!" Chapter 0610 melee. An unknown encounter suddenly fought, not the kind of small friction that rubbed away, the Renaissance Army itself is to mobilize a large number of troops to fight, naturally there is no reason to turn around and run, but the shuffler did not know what medicine to eat wrong,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, unexpectedly did not mean to retreat, directly with the Renaissance Army. "Fight!"! Even if you can't hit it accurately, launch all the missiles to me. 。 pioneer-biotech.com

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