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The three layers inside and outside the stone wall and the immortal list were surrounded by people, and their faces showed excitement, as if they had seen some exciting news. Han Li moved in the heart, then toward the task of stone wall and inside the list of immortals, face can not help but change. His ranking on the list of immortals has been greatly improved, almost soaring to the top ten, and has been changed to Han Li's real name. The description of the evidence of his crime also adds a lot of things: Han Li, a member of the Hall of Samsara, practiced the forbidden art, participated in the murder of Xiao Jinhan, the head of the North Cold Fairy Palace, and Dongfang Bai, the head of the Jinyuan Fairy Palace, colluded with the Demon Domain to destroy the spiritual vein foundation of the Jinyuan Mountains, causing the collapse of the mountains and the loss of life. Regardless of life and death, 50 million pieces of immortal stone will be appreciated! And on the stone wall of the task of the immortal stack, there is also a task released by the heavenly court, which is also to capture oneself, and it also details all kinds of information about oneself, such as the green bamboo bee cloud sword with thunder attributes, the body with evil spirit,D BHB Factory, the nine hidden evil pupils that can display the evil domain, the transformation of the evil giant, the powerful physical power, and the law of time and so on. The task also revealed the news that Han Li was still in Jinyuan Xianyu, and it said that even if he could not catch anyone, those who provided clues could also get unusually generous rewards. Although Jiao San, Hu San and others also participated in Tai Sui Xian Fu, there was no change in the situation of the two of them on the list of immortals,Theobromine Powder, and there was no task to catch them on the list of immortals. All the spearheads seemed to be directed at Han Li. This Han Li is what kind of person, in order to arrest him, heaven actually promised 50 million immortal stone reward! Tut, there hasn't been such a heavy reward on the list of immortals for a long time! "Fifty million immortal stones!"! With this reward, I will find a real cave and a blessed place to retreat for thousands of years, and I will not come out of the mountains until I reach the next level! "Look at your promise. You have so many immortal stones. Why are you still practicing? You can directly find a spiritual vein to establish a sect, and you have also experienced the addiction of the founder!" "How can we, the golden immortals, get our hands on the people who can kill the immortals?"? "Don't risk your life by not getting the reward." "Hey, what Qin Daoyou said is reasonable. No matter how good Xianyuan Stone is, you have to have a life flower." "As the saying goes, wealth and honor are in danger. You have a little courage. I don't think you should come here. Go back to the cave and have a good time." "This Han Li is obviously a ruthless character who kills immortals without blinking. Let's just watch the fun." "Don't you see that this man is a member of the Hall of Samsara, and the collapse of the Jinyuan Mountains was caused by this man colluding with the Demon Domain!" "I know about the collapse of the Jinyuan Mountains. I don't know how many mortals, as well as the clan and family in the Jinyuan Mountains, were destroyed in this disaster. This man is really guilty!" The crowd nearby was talking about it, Heme Iron Polypeptide ,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, and while condemning it, many people took out the summons to contact Zongmen and pay attention to the existence of Han Li. More people directly secretly explore the people nearby, after all, 50 million immortal stone reward, it is too attractive. Chapter 1140 was discovered. "Han Daoyou, the situation is not good. Let's get out of here quickly." Blue Yan saw the surrounding situation, could not help but voice said. Han Li in her knowledge of the sea set a very strong ban, if Han Li was killed, she can not live. Han Li saw all this, also immediately gave birth to the meaning of leaving Jinyuan City, but the next moment he immediately remembered the closure of the cross-domain transport array, as well as the exploration sensed in front of the Golden Pagoda, the original anxious and heavy mood suddenly became calm, and the train of thought became unprecedentedly clear. You don't have to panic. Just pretend nothing happened. His voice sounded in Blue Yan's mind, his face completely restored calm, smiling at the task stone wall, his face even showed the same excitement as the people nearby. Blue Yan looked at the change of Han Li's expression, slightly stunned, but somehow, feel that Han Li's words have a calming effect, the expression also subconsciously restored calm. Han Li walked in front of the task stone wall and the list of immortals to check, like many people watching the scene of bustle. He and blue Yan are using the reincarnation temple mask illusion appearance, even if the other side is the existence of Da Luo, as long as it is not carefully explored, it is difficult to find their true body. Just now their expressions changed only for a moment, and immediately they calmed down, and if they did not stare at the two of them, it would be very difficult for them to feel strange. And the two of them first arrived in Jinyuan City, and did not do anything eye-catching, just a small flaw should not be noticed. But Han Li did not expect that at the moment in the depths of the fairy stack crowd, a pair of eyes are staring at two people, it is the round-faced middle-aged man in the previous Golden Pagoda. Sure enough, the two men were suspicious. The man had not responded to the probe of the wheel bead before, but there was a momentary slight fluctuation in his divine consciousness. Although he could hide it from others, he could not hide it from my soul-searching eyes. It's a pity that I just came too late to see the reaction of these two people to the list of immortals, otherwise I would have a better grasp of judgment. The middle-aged man with a round face had a strange light in his eyes, staring at Han Li and Lan Yan. Han Li turned around in the immortal stack, said hello to Lan Yan, and left quietly in the stream of people who went out. Out of the fairy stack, the two men immediately flew toward an exit in the distance. A figure also walked out of the fairy stack and looked at the back of the two men. It was the middle-aged man with a round face. Then they have to leave. It seems that these two people are really very suspicious. Should we inform those people? No, just find a suspect, can get too little reward, Liner's immortal orifice is naturally atrophied, want to cure the need for huge immortal stone expenses, I have to confirm the identity of this person, to ensure foolproof, and then report! The middle-aged man with a round face turned over his hand and took out a purple round bead. After his face changed for a while, he put the purple round bead away. His body turned into a faint shadow and chased after Han Li. Han Li and Lan Yan soon arrived at an exit of Jinyuan City,Sex Enhancement Powder, paid the fee for leaving the city, and soon flew out of Jinyuan City. Whew.. Han Li breathed a sigh of relief and slowly put down his heart. Go He waved his hand and sent out a blue light that enveloped the two of them and flew into the distance. This is Jinyuan City. The Molong Flying Boat was obtained from She Chan's storage instrument. Although the chance of being recognized was very small, he did not dare to take risks. pioneer-biotech.com

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