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The dwarf in front of him seemed to be only about 1.2 meters tall, and his head looked very big, perhaps because he had too much beard. Although he was short, he gave people a very strong feeling. His bare arms were twisted and often strong. He seemed to be wearing clothes made of animal skins. Although Nian Bing did not recognize what animal skins they were, the animal skins were very delicate on his body. Can not even see a trace of the seam, the whole dress is like a natural general, such as the land of God, there are such exquisite clothes, to read ice did not expect. Brother Nianbing, come on, I'll take you to see my mother and our people. We dwarves have lived in this holy mountain for thousands of years! If they knew that you had brought the legendary big cake, they would regard you as our benefactor. I didn't expect that I would see the same thing as my hometown in my lifetime. As he spoke, he strode to the depths of the crypt, which was hard for Nian Bing. Although his body had been transformed very well, it was not an easy job to walk in such a half squat. Fortunately, the body of the zombie had made him feel no muscle soreness, so he could barely keep up with the pace of halogen and keep going to the bottom of the crypt. To Nian Bing's great surprise, he did not see a vent in the crypt, but no matter how he walked in the crypt, there was no feeling of stuffiness. The air here seemed to be purified, and it was much more comfortable to breathe than the extremely unstable air of the magic elements outside. The construction of the cave corridor is very scientific, the walls of the cave are smooth,coltan ore processing, without any flaws, and the stairs are scattered one by one. It feels like entering an underground palace, but this underground palace is really a little short. According to Nian Bing's own feeling, he probably walked into the hinterland of the mountain. The halogen just stops own footsteps. The scene in front of us has changed, no longer taking a single path, but a complex corridor leading to different directions, because the corridor looks very dense, and there seem to be many forks. Nian Bing thought that if he went in alone, it would not be easy to get out. Lu turned to Nian Bing and said, "You look really uncomfortable. Would you like to have a rest first?"? It took a lot of time for our people to build this crypt on such a large scale. I dare say, except for the four old and immortal guys, Carbon in Pulp ,sodium cyanide price, no place in the land of God is more comfortable than our crypt. Nian Bing smiled and said, "I'm afraid the four guys you mentioned are the so-called four true gods." The halogen snorted and said, "Who else is there besides them?"? Those four guys are relying on their own powerful strength to run amok. If it wasn't for them. How can we lose our homes? Nian Bing said, "Listen to what you mean. You seem to miss the lost empire very much. As a descendant of the person concerned, you must be very clear about what happened at the beginning.". Although I know a little, I'm sure I don't know as well as you do. He sat down in the corridor beside him and took out a cloth-like thing from his bosom. Wrapped up the big cakes, he said resentfully, "Of course I know what happened. We dwarves have very detailed records.". The battle of God's legacy was instigated by the main gods. They were afraid that our lost empire was too strong to be controlled by them. At that time, they were no longer our opponents. If it hadn't been for the last few old guys who used their powerful strength to take the whole land of God's legacy to another space, I'm afraid the so-called gods of God's land would have disappeared. At this point, he could not help showing strong hatred in his eyes. Nian Bing was surprised and asked, "So your ancestors should not have been in the land of God before the start of the War of God. Then how could your ancestors come here again and not disappear with the Forgotten Empire?" With a heavy sigh, he said, "At the beginning, the Great War was not only carried out in the territory of our Forgotten Empire. In order to completely destroy the existence of enslaving us in the land of God, the Forgotten Empire sent the strongest new human legions to enter the land of God quietly. Among them, there were twelve heroes. What they had to do was to destroy the land of God." Make the people of God who enter the lost land lose their foundation. Nian Bing led the way: "This is indeed a good way, I think, at that time, the mainland did not know the existence of the true God." "Yes," he said helplessly! At that time, no one knew the existence of the true God, so although the number was only a few hundred, it was the most elite heroes of the Forgotten Empire who quietly set foot on the land of God. In order not to be enslaved, they were full of courage in their hearts and killed mercilessly in the face of the enemy. And then what happened? If the land of God is really attacked by them, I'm afraid the four true gods will not sit idly by. "Well," said Lu, "it was because of that action that the Forgotten Empire really lost its chance. Who would have thought that there would be such a powerful presence on this continent? No one knows where the four true gods came from. The number of the main gods and demigods in the land of gods was not large. Under the attack of the elite, they soon forced their remaining power to death. At that moment, the true gods appeared. They ordered the twelve heroes of the Forgotten Empire to leave the land of gods immediately and never return. It took so much effort to get to that point. Although the twelve heroes felt the strength of the enemy in front of them, how could they shrink back? They chose to fight. But it was then that they knew what true power was and what divine power was. At this point, his face showed a look of terror, although he knew that these were also from historical records, but these memories obviously left a very deep impression on him, "Death, like a moth to a flame.". Even the most powerful twelve heroes could not do even a little damage to the true gods. In just a dozen breaths,Carbon in Pulp, more than half of the remaining two hundred soldiers of the Forgotten Empire had died. But the true gods, as if they had never moved, still looked at them with flat eyes. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com

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