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The change of words often contains profound meaning. Just the change of a word shifted most of the audience's attention to the dance on the stage rather than the singing. If according to the rehearsal, "the song is lovely", then the vast majority of the audience will pay attention to the content of the lyrics, followed by Jiang Wuyou's singing skills. So when people find out that Jiang Wuyou is a lip-synching singer, the public will surely label Jiang Wuyou as a "lip-synching singer". In this case, no matter how hard Jiang Wuyou tries, everyone's first impression of him will not change easily. Now, "the loveliness of dance" has shifted the attention of most audiences to the performance on the stage. Although it is also not conducive to Jiang Wuyou's singing, the public's first impression of Jiang Wuyou will become a positive label of "good dancing talent". This is what Xu Yongsheng has just come up with to help Jiang Wuyou. Although the change of MC's desk book made Jiang Wuyou worry about whether Xu Yongsheng would be scolded later, he felt Xu Yongsheng's intention to help him, and the last sentence was absolutely not in line with MC's identity, "Jiang Wuyou, FIGHTING!". " Kang Woo Woo realized that he was standing on the stage of his debut. The performance was no longer his own performance. It also contained the expectations of Yongsheng, the help of Kwon Eun-hyuk and Lim Yun-yeon, the hard work of choreographers, Park Ji-young and choreographers, and most importantly, the support of "milk". Thinking of this, Jiang Wuyou felt that his body was full of strength. Come on,manganese beneficiation plant, everybody! Taking advantage of the segment before the music sounded, Jiang Wuyou said energetically to the dancers around him. Just as the dancers looked at each other, wondering how Jiang Wuyou, who had just been lifeless, suddenly became full of fighting spirit, the music of "Boy. Friend" officially sounded. Wu You OPPA! Come on Jiang Wuyou, our BOYFRIEND! ". Although the "milk" beside them took advantage of the music gap,chrome washing machine, screaming for help, the atmosphere was really warm, but Jiang Zhiying's heart suddenly sank, calm and terrible. How is the original sound? Why not an accompaniment tape? What is PD doing? Jiang Zhiying's heart was full of doubts, but looking at Jiang Wuyou's powerful dance, Jiang Zhiying began to feel that it was not worth it for Jiang Wuyou, "Why did the debut stage become lip-synching?"? Although Wu You OPPA's singing is not very good, it is not so bad that he has to use lip-synching to cover it up! However, not all of the "milk" next to her have the same musical talent. I think the dance of Wu You OPPA has a good feeling! "Really?"? You think so, too? Seeing that the other party nodded and admitted, the "milk" said excitedly, "I found this dance for the first time, and I can dance so actively. In the MV, although Wuyou OPPA also has a dancing part, portable gold wash plant ,coltan ore processing, it feels that it is not as active as today's scene. And when it's active, it makes people feel very, very excited. "Are you moved when you see Wuyou OPPA? Look at your eyes, they all have red hearts!" "Aren't you? We're both the same!"! Anyway, I like dead Woo Woo OPPA, I will do his' milk '! "'. …… The male fan of girlhood also said excitedly to the female companion at this time, "Look, look.". Isn't that dance fun? "What is fun? That's cute!" The girl glanced disdainfully, "but now this dance is more beautiful and powerful than the rehearsal just now.". Is it really because of the rehearsal, so you didn't try your best? But the dance is really beautiful, and you must buy one of his albums when you go home. I don't know if the one in the album is a dance version or a plot MV. But the boy's idea is, "I must buy one, I must learn this dance when I get home, and then I will dance for Meixi, hey.". ” < a href = http://www.qidian.com > Qidian Chinese Network www.qidian.com welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! Chapter 48 comments Updated July 24, 2011 22:05:32 Words: 3023 "Wu You, your stage today is very good," opened the door of the copilot, Lin Runyan in the car, deliberately said loudly, "Meiying that little girl has been praising you.." 。“ Shh. Kwon Eun-hyuk put his index finger on his lips, indicating that Lin Runyan was quiet. Seeing his movements, Lin Runyan sat back and looked, only to see Jiang Wuyou leaning against the back seat, his coat draped over his body, his head tilted to one side, and his face tired and sleeping. Seeing this, Lin Runyan lowered her voice and asked Kwon Eun-hyuk, who was sitting in the driver's seat, "Is he all right?" "It's all right," Kwon Eun-hyuk looked at Jiang Wuyou sleeping in the rearview mirror. "I guess I'm tired. I just made my debut on the stage. As a result, I made so many things. It's my responsibility. Forget it. Remember the seat belt. Let's go home. With that, Kwon Eun-hyuk started the car slightly and drove slowly all the way back to Jiang Wuyou's dormitory. However, the two people sitting in the front row did not notice that when the car started, Jiang Wuyou secretly opened his eyes and looked out of the window at the scenery moving slowly. There was a loud bang, which alarmed Secretary Jin, who was dealing with the documents quietly outside the door. Why is it another one? How long has it been since the power broker went in? How can President Kim, who usually laughs and never curses, be so excited? I can't figure it out. Still in that British-style room, although the mahogany desk can not make a sound, but standing on this side of the desk,tin beneficiation plant, Kwon Eun-hyuk, looking at the picture of President Kim Kwang-soo shooting the desktop several times in a row, also secretly felt pain. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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