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Therefore, even some old-school bureaucrats who followed Junwu southward saw Junwu's drastic reforms and even made such acts as cutting the palm of his hand and worshipping in blood at the sacrificial ceremony, they may have complaints in their mouths, but in essence they did not make much confrontational acts. Because even the old people also know, can only be conservative, want to open up, perhaps really need Junwu this kind of extraordinary action. From a historical point of view, emperors like Junwu, who have blood in their hearts, rules under their hands, and even have seen blood in battle, may be qualified as the Lord of Zhongxing in any Dynasty or generation. At least in this beginning, with his feedback, with the help of people like Cheng Zhouhai and Wen Ren, it has been perfect, and if he put himself at any time in the past history, he would indeed be ecstatic with such an emperor. But at present, in the sincere expectation, praise and praise of those Confucian scholars, there is always an emotion that will rise in the depths of his heart, suppress his joy and question him. At this moment in history, how do our efforts compare with those in the southwest? Does the strong and wise Lord of Zhongxing have a chance to win in the face of the one in the southwest? In the eyes of those young Confucians who come to talk to him, even many of them are capable and knowledgeable,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, the answer to this question is beyond doubt. But only on Li Pin's side, deep in his heart, he is not even willing to answer such a question, he understands that this has reflected the measurement and answer in his heart. So when every Confucian scholar feels excited and inspired, only he always smiles calmly and can point out each other's problems and guide each other's thinking. Such a situation has made his reputation even greater in Fuzhou. In the early morning of the first day of May, shortly after he finished talking with several Confucian scholars, the question from the bottom of his heart was handed to him through intelligence. On April 24, when Ning Yi's reinforcements did not arrive, Qin Shaoqian led 20,Amber Dropper Bottles,000 troops of the Seventh Army of China to defeat the attack of 100,000 troops of Zonghan and Xiyin head-on, and even killed his son Wanyan in front of Zonghan. From then on, the two most successful descendants of Zong Han, King Zhenzhu and King Baoshan, both died in the hands of the Chinese army in the Southwest World War I. Zong Han and Xi Yin led the remnants of the army to flee in panic. When the Jurchens went south to encircle Bianliang for the second time, they caused the greatest humiliation of the Wu Dynasty. In the humiliation of Jingping, Zong Han, Xi Yin, King Zhenzhu and King Baoshan were all among them. In addition, Yin Shu Ke, Ba Li Su, Yu Yu and Da Yu were all among them. These ferocious Jurchen generals, in the hearts of the people of the Wu Dynasty with conscience, are all great enemies who are implacable and want to kill with all their efforts. This time, one by one, Blue Bottle Serum ,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, they were killed in the southwest. I was going to be happy. But more complex emotions rose, haunting him and torturing him. Such a mood made Li Pin sit for a long time under the big banyan tree in the yard. The night wind came lightly, and the banyan tree swayed. Also do not know when, the Confucian scholar that has stayed overnight comes out from the room, saw him, come over to salute to ask what happened, Li Pin also just waved his hand. Nothing. When the Confucian scholar went back to sleep, Li Pincai cast his eyes in the direction of Miyagi and sighed. Then he called the servant. Prepare the car and enter the palace. This is the news that the whole world will cheer for, but whether it can be released or not is something that needs to be discussed. Soon after, he met Zhou Pei, Cheng Zhouhai, Wen Ren Buer, Tie Tianying, and.. The only emperor who unscrupulously expressed his excitement. Chapter 1010 Tide (middle). On the first day of the fifth month, the midnight had already passed, and the night in Fuzhou had become quiet, but in the palace in the north of the city, the atmosphere gradually became lively. First, the summoned palace people came in and out, and then a senior official came in a hurry with a special token and knocked at the door. In Bianliang and Linan in the past, such a thing would not have happened. The royal dignity was greater than the sky. No matter how big the news was, it could be discussed in the morning. If a special person really wanted to enter the palace at midnight, he usually let the wall put down the hanging basket and pull it up. But in the past few months in Fuzhou, many rules and etiquette have been temporarily broken. In the face of chaos, the hard-working new emperor often stayed up all night. Although he arranged to study at night, occasionally when something happened in the city, he would go out of the palace at night, or call people to inquire and consult overnight, and soon let people remove the hanging basket and open a side door to let people in. In the early morning of the beginning of May, the emperor had planned to sleep and rest after midnight, but the consultation and study of some things exceeded the time limit, and then an urgent letter came from outside. Tie Tianying knew that it would be another sleepless night. He toured Miyagi and told the guards to cheer up. In the past, the old police chief was nearly sixty years old, with half a head of white hair, but his eyes were sharp and his spirit was hidden. Within a few months, he was in charge of the garrison around the new king and arranged everything in good order. Compared with several great masters in the world in the past, Tie Tianying's skill can only be regarded as first-class at most. He has been fighting for decades, and has suffered a lot of physical pain. His control of the body and the cultivation of martial arts are far less than those of Zhou Dong and Lin Zongwu. But when it comes to the knack of fighting, the control of the green forest in Jianghu, and the understanding of the people in the court and the court, he can be regarded as one of the people who know the green forest and the green forest best in the court. In the past ten years, he first accompanied Li Pin to kill Ning Yi, and then resigned from his official position disheartened. In the general trend of the world, the old police chief could not see a way out. Later, he had many contacts with Li Pin, and went to the Central Plains to build the Caohe Gang to deliver news for Li Pin. He had already saved the idea of collecting people with lofty ideals from all over the world. Jianshuo Dynasty passed away, and the world was in chaos. But in that chaotic crisis, Tie Tianying did witness the course of Junwu, the new emperor, fighting all the way. By the middle and later period of the escape, Tie Tianying was already organizing people to take charge of Junwu's safety. During the few months in Fuzhou,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, he had arranged all aspects of the palace guards and the greenwood left road properly. If not, with Junwu's personal appearance during this period of time, what he had encountered would never have been only a few small assassinations. penghuangbottle.com

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