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"This senior, if you continue to use internal force to force poison, even if there is an antidote, it will be useless." Night dye just when the voice reminded a sentence, if her poison can be forced out with internal force, then she also hard to study what strength? This is not the night dye self-confidence, but indeed past life to the present, but who has been poisoned by her, in addition to her own, no one can detoxify. The middle-aged man listened to the words of the night dye, loosened the woman's wrist, looked back at the night dye, with a smile: "Little girl, you are the night dye?" "Exactly." Night dye quietly added a layer of boundary to her body, middle-aged man's strength she could not see clearly, but the deliberate pressure on her body, but let her even with the law of heaven defense boundary also faintly breathless. At this time, a pressure from behind the night dye directly to the middle-aged man, the night dye also regained fresh air. Night dye looked back,Serum Bottle With Dropper, in addition to the invincible team, Ye Qing, Xuan Jiuyue and Lan Ziye, who had been standing firmly behind her, there were Ye Wei, Ye Jiazhu and Lan Jiazhu at this time, and she wrote down the favor. The middle-aged man looked at so many people and took back the pressure with a cold hum: "Girl,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, you have to forgive others. These boys are just a little too playful. They don't deserve to die, do they?" "Playful?"? The play of the northwest region can really let this girl see ah, the poison in the jade bottle is the famous'one second death 'of the barkers in the western regions, right? Just lift the lid of the jade bottle, how many people will die at my banquet? Ye Ran's words undoubtedly threw a heavy bomb to all the forces present! Those present were either the head of the family or the core members of various forces. They naturally understood that the most famous poison of the Vaishe clan in the four clans of the Western Regions in the northwest region was "one second death". As the name implies, as long as the jade bottle was opened, the poison gas would spread in the air instantly, and the people within ten meters would die in one second! Hiss. How many people all stood up, originally unconsciously they from the gate of death around a circle, a good northwest region ah! What a vicious Vaisyar! No matter how strong the middle-aged man was, facing the anger of the whole southeast region, he still broke out in a cold sweat and stared at several young men and women behind him: "Why don't you take out the gifts you have prepared?"? Have you had enough nonsense? Several young men and women were obviously afraid of middle-aged people. A young man took out a jade bottle and handed it to the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man shook his head. He really didn't know what the heads of these two forces were thinking. He sent a few straw bags over. As soon as his mind turned, he said to the night dye with a smile, "It was just these younger generations who were not sensible. This is the gift I gave to the northwest region, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, a drop of life spring water." The eyes of the people present changed again. Spring of life. A unique treasure in the northwest region, enough to make the whole continent crazy for it. Having the life spring is equivalent to having a second life. It is said that the life spring is the tears of the wood spirit. The dead can come back to life after taking the life spring. The human beings can get the friendship of nature and communicate with any plant. Entering nature is like entering their own home. Who doesn't want to use the power of nature? But the spring of life is extremely cherished, and so far, there are only ten drops in the northwest region. The northwest region actually sent a drop of life spring water? The middle-aged man raised his hand and threw the spring of life toward the night dye. The night dye caught the jade vase with an obscure expression: "I'm really flattered by such a heavy gift." The middle-aged man laughed and said, "No, we have a request.". I hope I can buy twenty resurrection pills in the hands of the night dyeing girl. This is the real purpose of the arrival of the two forces in the northwest region. Life spring can come back from the dead, but after all, only ten drops, since the news of the resurrection of the dead Dan spread to the northwest region, many forces are not calm, but because of the contradiction with the southeast region, no one is willing to come to buy the resurrection of the dead Dan. This time, the Vaishe Clan of the four clans in the Western Regions and the third pagoda of the nine pagodas of warriors jointly put together a drop of life spring water to come, in order to come back from the dead. Middle-aged man is embarrassed to say to exchange, so he said to buy, but according to his ideas or human nature, night dyeing should be at this time, send them some resurrection pills, to know that he said the purchase is only one-sided after all. Ye Ran is indeed a person who likes to play cards according to common sense, but it does not mean that she still plays cards according to common sense after the other party provoked her, so Ye Ran raised his eyebrows: "The auction room has a fixed time to auction the resurrection of the dead every month.". Of course, now that you are here, you should not go to the auction room to buy in the way of hospitality. "Does the night dye girl have it on hand now?"? If there are more than twenty, I hope I can sell some more. The middle-aged man's frowning brows opened at the beginning of the night dyeing. I have forty on hand now. Do you want to buy all of them? Ye Ran asked the middle-aged man with a smile. Middle-aged man nodded: "Yes, buy all!" " Forty, no matter how, must get, come back from the dead, the influence on anyone is too great. Cheng Ze, how much is the auction price of our resurrection Dan? Ye Ran looked back at Qu Chengze and asked lightly. There was a flash of sly light in Qu Chengze's big eyes, which had just been lowered. When he raised his head, he looked like a simple, honest and clear man: "Captain, the auction price of an elixir is 330,000 crystal cards to 700,000 crystal cards." Uh. Most of the people present attended the auction of Resurrection Dan. When they heard the price quoted by Qu Chengze, they slipped and almost sat back in their chairs. In their impression, it seemed that the highest auction price of Resurrection Dan was a 120,000 crystal card, right? You should know that one hundred and twenty thousand crystal cards are almost equal to all the belongings of a fourth-rate force. No matter how high it is, who can afford it? However, the presence of the people are not to see through, the southeast region and the northwest region has always been at odds,Oil Dropper Bottle, they are also happy to see the northwest region as a sucker. Middle-aged man listens to Qu Chengze's quotation, the brain smokes, that is the elixir? The price is higher than their life spring!. penghuangbottle.com

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