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Kelly laughed: The envelope was filled with all kinds of habits of Xuanyi. He lives alone outside, and I don't feel at ease. He wanted to ask someone to take care of him, but he refused. I have to ask you to move around more. The child has a hard life. I raised my eyebrows and looked at her. I couldn't hold back, so I had to ask, "When you say he had a hard life, do you mean he left his hometown to study in Linxi?"? He was born with a full heaven and raised eyes. He looked like a man of great wealth and great honor. In fact, he was indeed a man of great wealth and great honor. How could he have a hard life? A lot of people can't get a good life even if they have a lot of births! Kelly's face flashed a trace of vicissitudes, sighed: "Life is good or not, it has nothing to do with physiognomy.". Let me tell you a story. There used to be a little girl, a hard-working father and a virtuous mother, a happy family of three; until the little girl grew up carefree to 7 years old, the little girl's mother suddenly fell ill. Dad took her to the hospital and waited for her day and night. This true love touched many people, including a beautiful young nurse in the hospital. Mother's condition is getting worse and worse, sometimes coma, sometimes awake, coma time is getting longer and longer, awake time is getting shorter and shorter. Once she was in a coma for so long that many people thought she would never wake up again. When her father was about to collapse and despair, the nurse, in order to comfort him, talked to him every day,Portable gold trommel, and finally talked to the bed. Ironically, when they forgot their love, the mother woke up, saw nothing behind the scenes, and told the little girl Pure Brightness the next day. The little girl listened half without understanding, and her mother died. When she died, because she was unwilling to close her eyes,gold heap leaching, she did not close her eyes until the little girl said she remembered. Later, the nurse became her stepmother and gave birth to a younger brother. When the younger brother was nearly 18 years old, the father fell in love with a 20-year-old woman behind her back. The woman felt that this was God's retribution and wrote a confession that night to commit suicide by cutting her wrists. The confession contained a detailed description of how she had seduced the man at the bedside. She asked heaven to forgive her mistakes. Unfortunately, God did not forgive her, because her son not only saw the pool of blood, but also found the confession. He abandoned his original plan to go to school in the United States and ran away from home to a remote university. He is still being tortured and condemned by his conscience. Kelly's eyes filled with glittering light, paused, said: "Because the retribution is too much and too complicated, the girl has long put down the hatred, but the boy is entangled with a lot of things, did not cross that barrier.". I rebelled in college, and a lot of things happened after graduation. I think maybe you can treat this boy well, even if you are not a couple, but also take care of him. It's too lonely to live outside alone and not go home. I am used to hearing some illusory things and making unnecessary associations. When listening to the story, Portable gold trommel ,magnetic separator machine, out of the instinct of the Chinese Department, I can't help but add oil and vinegar to the story, add bricks and tiles, make dog blood more dog blood, make despair more despair. This lengthy story takes love and affection, betrayal and forgiveness as its theme. If we enrich the details, we can make the conflict more intense, such as the nurse knowing that the mother of the little girl in the hospital bed woke up when they forgot their love, or further, the mother of the little girl was in a state of depression, which is what the jealous nurse did in the medicine. Then this will become a living TVB rich and powerful family feud drama of the year, which is expected to surpass the insurmountable Hong Kong feud drama "Big Time". Aristotle said thousands of years ago that tragedy can wash people's souls and purify the hearts of the audience because of its strong shock effect, so the climax of the play should be that the son died either in a car accident or in depression, preferably after being cheated by the woman he liked and then committed suicide, giving his son a mother's way. But when I think that the victim of this story is Wang Xuanyi, all the associations are cut off. For the first time, I knew that such a complicated and ups and downs story was so close to me that I almost suspected that this story was made up by Kelly after reading a soul-stirring and sadistic palace struggle novel on the Jinjiang website. However, Kelly's eyes were so melancholy that she was about to wring tears. That kind of melancholy I have seen on another similar face, is the teenager who once dealt with all kinds of beautiful women, talking about the lonely back of the empty house, thinking that he might dream back in the middle of the night, still seeing a pool of blood under his mother's wrist in a nightmare, enough to shock my soul like a tragic drama, so that I can not speak for a long time. I can't say anything. The most powerless and desperate thing is that birth is an original sin. The child of the third child, who does not conform to morality and ethics and comes to this world, is doomed not to be blessed. Ironically, this child who got retribution and could not get happiness now lives opposite me, just like in ancient times, after the execution of Caishikou, the body was not taken away, but still hung high on the bamboo pole to warn the people, warning me not to be a mistress, not to be a mistress, warning me that such love is not a matter of one person, nor a matter of two people. It is a huge net, carelessly, trapped in the dragnet, destroyed themselves, destroyed him, but also destroyed their families. After returning to the company, Wang Xuanyi's story has not had time to deep aftertaste, the director together urged the amulet to come down, the copy must be finished today. I threw myself into the work quickly. Just as Caishikou after the execution is restored to a bustling downtown after welcoming the sun the next day, no matter how sad we are in spring and autumn, we have to move forward. At 11:30 in the evening,gold CIP machine, I finally finished the task before the deadline, finished the plan, and sent an email to the director and Lord Lin. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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