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Phoenix after resting for many days, although the body is not cured, but at this time the appearance has been restored to the former elegant demeanor seven or eight points, his line is graceful and elegant, the mind is keen and delicate, although it is a song to meet but to stop, since it will not make people feel disgusted, the queen thought of the romance of that year, see the people in front of a mature breath, than the green and astringent naturally have a unique charm. I couldn't help thinking about it. That night, I stayed in the Zhenxiu Palace and revisited my dream with the Phoenix Queen. As for Pao-chueh, since she and Yue-ching-cheng were newlyweds, they were not allowed to enter other courtyards. Except for a few times when they rested in their own Hibiscus courtyard, they spent most of the month sleeping in the Mulan courtyard. Of course, Yue-ching-cheng was weak, and the pleasure of fish and water was occasional. Most of them were just chatting about the new moon, hugging each other and sleeping until dawn. During this period, Bao Jue also specially invited Hua Fei to come over and let him give Yue Qingcheng a physical examination. Yueqingcheng has great respect for "the younger brother of Hua Taiyi", and does not think like most people that "it is strange for a man to know medicine, even if he knows it is trivial", on the contrary, he actively cooperates with his medication and acupuncture treatment, and his words are very polite and courteous. Hua Fei feels that as a man practicing medicine,tile trim factory, he can actually get the praise of the prince, and he is very proud of it. Especially with his not disguised gender, the prince of the month can be treated equally, it serves to show that he is also a broad-minded and wise, so his personality is also more admired, for him, the prince of the month is much easier to get along with than Xiao Wen, so for a long time,tile trim manufacturers, the two people are more and more talkative. In the second month after Baojue and Yueqingcheng got married, the spring of Hongguo was coming to an end, and summer was coming soon. Ziyu served the princess in the Hibiscus Courtyard and put on the summer skirt of this season that had just been ordered and delivered. She stepped back a few steps, looked around, and suddenly complained softly: "What neon clothes and butterfly clothes? It is said that there is the best tailoring master in the capital. Even the size is not accurate!" Pao-chueh touched her belly and laughed at herself. "I'm old, I'm old," she said. "The swimming rings are all out!" Ziyu took one look at her and said, "Does the princess still say she's old?"? Over the past few years, all the people in the mansion have been saying that the princess has got the elixir from somewhere, and her face is as good as ever. If the princess says that again, her son-in-law will not be happy when he hears it! "All right, all right," said Pao-chueh with a grimace, "I won't say anything. Don't tell your son-in-law that, or I'll be talked about again." Her appearance has never changed since she came back from East Lake Xiangling. At first she did not care, but as her daughter grew up day by day, aluminum tile edge trim ,stainless steel tile edge trim, her appearance was still the same as that of a young girl, and even her figure recovered very well. Such an obvious contrast naturally made all people confused, and Xiao Wen had some insecurity, so she would constantly test and constantly want to grasp her heart. As a matter of fact, when she and Hsiao Wen were standing together, you could tell at a glance that they were a couple, but now they are standing together more and more like brother and sister. Hsiao Wen has a lot of hard work to do, and his expression is more and more calm. His gestures and gestures look like the main room of a big family that has been in the family for more than ten years; On the contrary, although she has a daughter and more and more people around her, time seems to be frozen on her body. She knew in her heart that it was mostly because the "Jiaoluan" of that year had played a role. Wen Ling had said that if the medicine was used well, it could keep women young. She didn't expect that it would be true. Now that she thought of it, she regretted being so cruel to Hu Jinlu. I'm not that talkative! Purple jade immediately felt aggrieved, "I am what kind of person, the princess heart still does not understand?"? If you suspect that I am your son-in-law's eyes, in the future, let Tangerine and Golden Cherry serve you closely. It doesn't matter if I'm a rough boy. Just ask the princess not to twist me out.. Pao-chueh, aware of his misunderstanding, quickly declared, "I didn't mean that. It was just a casual remark. Don't be wronged!"! Nah, I'll make amends! Can't you make amends? With these words, he bowed to the ground. What is the princess doing? "Ziyu was startled." Get up quickly, get up quickly, break the slave! " Said to come up to help. Pao-chueh, who had just stood up straight, suddenly stumbled. In a panic, Ziyu, who had wanted to withdraw her hand, hugged her tightly. "What's the matter, Princess?" She asked in a startled voice? What's the matter? Pao-chueh shook her head and relaxed. "Nothing.." she said. Maybe I got up in a hurry. Just now my eyes were black, and my head was dizzy and I couldn't stand steadily. "Who wants you to make amends?" Asked Ziyu? What's the crime of making amends? Look at yourself, your face is so pale. No, I have to ask the playboy to show you. "No need," Pao-chueh refused. "I'll just lie down for a while. You don't understand. Hypoglycemia is always like this.." "What low blood sugar, high water salt," purple jade stamped his feet, "I can not understand, I only know that the princess is not in good health, you have to find a playboy to see! Everyone can rest assured. Seeing that Pao-chueh still wanted to stop him, he frowned. "Are you going to ask the playboy, or are you going to tell my son-in-law to ask the doctor? Princess, you can do it yourself." "Then ask the playboy to come over." "Pao-chueh curled her lips and gave in." I told you earlier, but you didn't listen. You had to hear the name of the emperor's son-in-law to be convinced. "Ziyu helped her lie down and went to bed." She really didn't cry without seeing the coffin! " After scolding, she turned around and went out, telling Juhong to invite someone, and Jinying and Yinqiao to prepare tea. She came back and sat on the edge of the bed, carefully wiping away the cold sweat from Baojue's forehead. After a while, Hua Fei hurried over. He was dispensing medicine for Yueqingcheng in the Lilac Pavilion when he heard Juhong say that Baojue was not feeling well and that he could not care about the matter at hand. As soon as she entered the inner room, she saw Pao-chueh lying on the bed. She was in a hurry again. She took three steps and two steps to come up. When she saw Pao-chueh's face, which had regained its color, she breathed a sigh of relief. Ziyu got up and moved out of the way. "Just now the princess was dizzy and almost fell down. Her face was very ugly. I'm worried about what's wrong with her."? "Playboy,aluminium tile trim profiles, show it to the princess quickly. If it's important, I'll have to talk to the two son-in-law." "No, don't go." Pao-chueh wanted to get up to stop her. "I'm all right. I told you to lie down for a while. Don't bother.." 。

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