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Nangong Yi, however, realized something and looked at Beitang Jinghao with an unfathomable expression. Is he going to say it? Say it, Moyiluo is his fiancee? Speaking out, as early as two years ago, it was not the wishful thinking of Mo Yiluo, but the engagement of the previous generation? With a cold hum, are you going to fulfill your engagement? Glancing at Yao Guoer again, her expression is calm, oh. Did you really lose your memory? So, the feeling of the person you love has changed? But if you play hard to get-now Mo Yiluo, it's not impossible to do it. Maybe later she will blush into the arms of Beitang Jinghao. Hum, Beitang Jinghao is determined not to marry this woman? What made him change? How many feel uncomfortable, now he does not want Mo Yiluo so easily married in the past, Mo Yiluo but he snatched from the Palace of Hell, she should remember this, whether entangled or playing hard to get he is not allowed! The smile that catches again is taking not to be able to refuse, "fall son, leave with north hall childe." Mo Yiluo, before he abandoned, no one can take it away. Mm-hmm. Good-bye! Good-bye! But in the eyes of the North Hall, the footsteps are as heavy as lead, can not lift, can not move. Beitang Jinghao's eyes were extremely slow to Nangongyi, "I didn't talk to you." The tone was surprisingly hard. You're lucky I'm still hearing people. Nangong Yi pulled on the consistent smile, but with a little cruel, people died, can not speak. The smell of gunpowder became stronger and filled the whole side hall in an instant. The moon in Beitang Jinghao's hand trembled slightly, and his face began to be gloomy. "Your happiness seems to have made a mistake." The hall was so quiet that the air was frozen. "Is it?" Nangongyi also did not scruple, "I would like to confirm it." The situation is imminent. Yao Guo'er pondered, this war and she can not get rid of the relationship, the hat will eventually fall on her head. Damn it, throw caution to the wind! Smiling suddenly, he returned to the chair,push back racking system, sat down, poured himself a cup of tea, and opened his mouth lightly, "Aren't you tired?"? Why don't you come and sit down, set up the ring, and start fighting? Then he felt that it was not enough, so he stood up and stepped on the chair and stepped on the table. His manner was like the master of ceremonies of the whole meeting. "The north and south forces picked the west gate, and the west gate was all touched by a sharp sword.". Now in the battle between the north and the south, who is in charge of the ups and downs? Said is full of emotion, "we buy to leave, did not miss!" " Quickly climbed to the focus of the crowd, Yao Guoer turned a blind eye and looked at Tong Ruyu with a smile. "Why don't you come over and take charge of the overall situation?"? This is the original intention of the three villages, now save some effort, early play early break up, why not sit back and enjoy its success? This scene can be met but not sought. The whole hall can be summed up in a word of silence, plus a little cold wind. I saw that Tong Ruyu raised a strange radian at the corners of his mouth, and then gradually rose, asrs warehouse ,mobile racking systems, and then, finally, he could not restrain his laughter. Ha ha ha ha. Mo Yiluo, I appreciate you! Slightly nodded, just smiled, "where where, shame, lift lift." Pretend to exaggerate. In the words of the north and south two people, the face is ugly and frightening. At the same time, he looked at Yao Guo'er and opened his mouth at the same time. Mo Yiluo- "Luoer-" "Don't worry, I don't charge much, and I'll give you a big share of the income later.". But you have to watch the point to play, Nangong, if there are many people who buy you, you should pay attention to lose a move and a half, Beitang you are the same. Otherwise, it's a draw and the dealer eats it all. "Mo Yiluo-" "Luoer-" The tone of the threat was aggravated by three points. Why don't you fight? Tell me earlier if you don't play. Two people do not know where to look, chose one at random, the tone is mixed with some girl's delicate. Jing Hao, who was selected as Beitang, was slightly stupefied. Nangong Yi also looked at the fundus, and looked at the moment of absence of Beitang Jinghao, flashed a trace of gloom. After adjusting his mood, he opened his mouth again as evil as ever. "Luoer, how do you think Liu Fei has been recently?" Yao Guoer rarely changed his face. "Do you know?" Nangongyi ignored her eagerness and lightly swept Beitang Jinghao before answering, "What do you think?" “……” Yao Guoer is not confused, calm down to think, Nangongyi should not know Liu Fei and she know and follow her out of the village, but this time the name of Liu Fei can eat her, is it? Looking carefully at Nangongyi's expression, he was not surprised that she was in Luanfeng Tower, was it because he knew she was here? But the reason for her coming is not so glorious, nor will it spread so quickly. What is going on? But if because Mo Yiluo is a "scourge", "she" needs to be monitored, then why don't his people rescue her? It's Liu Fei. Yao Guo'er smiled and did not intend to make Nangongyi so satisfied. "You have worked hard about Liu Fei, so I don't have to worry about it." A proud man like him simply disdains to embarrass a child like Liu Fei. Liu Fei should be all right. What's more, she made a scene at Luan Feng Lou, it is estimated that it will spread very quickly, if Liu Fei is still looking for her, should be heard, more worried about two days can not die. Let that boy feel guilty for another two days, who told him to leave her stupid! To learn a "profound" lesson, what Yan Chu said is not unreasonable. Nangongyi is squinting again, "Luoer, 'don't worry' this sentence, and can not be so quick to draw a conclusion." Yao Guo'er's line of sight has completely turned to Nangong Yi, really, called Luo'er called addiction, next time she also fiercely called Yi'er to him, tired of him! "Oh?"? "Then I'll bother you, big childe." She does not mind being a "heartless" young lady, the responsibility is clean, anyway, Liu Fei is the person of Zixiang Villa, and Nangong Yi is the eldest son of Zixiang Villa. Cut,heavy duty rack manufacturers, always want to threaten her! He turned around and tried to get down from the table. It's really not a big problem to have a long skirt, but the drop between the table and the chair is a little bit of a problem. If you step on it and accidentally step on the skirt corner, you can trip yourself. Depressed. Now you're going to make a fool of yourself again. 23. The strong man is on the stage The author has something to say:.

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