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"Liu Qing, we do not doubt you," Hong Li has long been intoxicated in that story, he is more willing to believe that Liu Qing said is true, "but, have you ever thought, 'October 15, the night of the full moon, the shadow in the moon', that is just a legend in the mouth of the elder, ah, what if we can't wait for this day?" "Yes, yes," said Xiao Qing hurriedly, "a dead person is dead, leaving only a pile of bones, how can there be any soul?" "You are wrong," Liu Qing looked at her calmly, "the body is only a residence of the soul,warehouse pallet racks, the body is dead, the soul has to find a new home. Even if the body dies again, the soul still lives forever! There was a kind of enthusiasm in Liu Qing's cold voice, as if he had gradually seen hope. Liu Qing, don't be so terrible. It sounds like a reincarnation. When you say that, I suddenly feel that the sky is full of that kind of thing. By the way, boss,warehouse storage racks, "Xiao Qing suddenly pulled his sleeve," I heard that there are the most things in the mountains, will it.. " "Don't talk nonsense!" "She's not talking nonsense." Liu Qing pointed to the well with a slender finger like an onion and brought the topic back to the "female ghost". "Do you remember what I said? 'There are ghosts before there are ghosts.' It is precisely because the ghosts are not dispersed and the resentment has not disappeared that the female ghost appears. Otherwise, do you have a better explanation? I know you don't believe in the legends about witches. Hong Li shook his head: "I have no doubt about this, because Xiaoqing's master and I are a sorcerer. We were ordered by the master to go up the mountain this time in order to complete a task, but after a rainy night, we found that all the other people who came with us had disappeared.." "Boss!" Xiao Qing winked at him and motioned him not to reveal so many secrets at once. But if there is a figure in the moon, how can your wish come true? And why did you find it here? "When I left the ancient religion, the Great Elder told me to go straight to the place where the moon rises. As long as I see the mountains, I will have hope. I will wait there for October 15 of that year.". I've been walking for years. Xiao Qing smacked his lips: "I still feel hanging, how can it be possible in the moon..." Liu Qing interrupted her coldly, "It will be October 15 in a few days. If you have a life to stay until then, won't everything be clear?" Liu Qing turned and left, leaving only Xiao Qing and Hong Li standing stunned in the backyard. After a long time, wire mesh decking ,heavy duty cantilever racks, Xiao Qing poked him: "Boss, have you ever seen what a person's soul looks like?" "I don't think there is a living person in the world who has seen it." Hong Li grabbed his hand and leaned on the edge of the well, still recalling the sad and beautiful story Liu Qing said, "I only know that'soul 'is just a noun invented by human beings, and in Western theological circles, soul is interpreted as a symbol of spirit.". Perhaps we think that the soul is a wisp of smoke, fleeting. But Liu Qing went through all kinds of hardships to find here, and kept saying that she had a way, she was so sure, maybe she was really sure to see the results. We might as well wait until October 15, and everything will be clear. "Even you believe her?" Hong Li sighed, looked up at the sky, and held back the tears that were about to fall: "Just for a legend that can't be verified by the elder, she has been looking for a person for so many years. I only hope she can achieve her wish and stop being so displaced." "I also want to see what tricks this strange woman will come up with." On October 15, the night of the full moon, save the souls of the dead? And Liu Qing chose the location in the Temple of the Eye of Heaven, isn't it a bit too coincidental? Hong Li felt a little uneasy in his heart, narrowed his eyes and stared at the direction of Liu Qing's departure. Boss, let's go. It's time to eat. Xiao Qing pouted her mouth. When you walk out of the backyard by the well, you must pass the row of empty houses. When he passed the door of one of the rooms, Hong Li stopped. He remembered very clearly that last night, when he was pulling Xiaoqing to pursue the song, he unexpectedly found that a person's head appeared on the window paper of the room. Until now, he felt uneasy when he thought about it. What was that man doing in the house? "Is there anyone in there?" He leaned over the crack of the door and looked in. Boss, what are you doing? Can't you see the door is locked? The door lock was covered with thick dust, and it seemed that no one had come for a long time. He was not willing to lie on the crack of the door and look in again-the light in the room was very dim, and there were a few straws scattered on the bare concrete floor, but there was nothing else. However, his sensitive nose caught a strange smell, which only came from human beings. Could it be that the people in the room are still there? He tugged at the lock and found it was deadlocked. Almsgiver Hong, what are you doing? He turned around and saw that Huiqing had brought some monks to fill the well in the backyard. Master Huiqing, is there anyone living in this house? He asked with an embarrassed smile. The whole backyard has been vacant for a long time, and all the rooms here are empty. "Oh, don't you clean here?"? You see, the dust on the door lock is so thick. Don't Buddhists often say, 'Clean in Huangting every day'? "There have been a lot of murders in the temple in recent days, so I was negligent for a while and will ask someone to clean it up later." Although Huiqing responded fluently, she still could not hide the evasive color in her eyes. Master Huiqing, I smell a strange smell in this room. Can you open the door and have a look? "Don't worry, Almsgiver Hong. The little monk said that the house was empty. Even if something was broken, it would only be rotten wood and straw at most." Hong Li had always thought that every request of a monk would be answered, but he didn't expect that even this small request would be rejected, so he had to change the subject with a dry smile: "By the way,shuttle rack system, Master Huiqing, the people you sent down the mountain should come back with the police today, right?"? Why hasn't there been any news for several days? 。

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