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"Yes, I am her mother." “……” Mother Li's first reaction was surprise, and her second reaction was kindness. This is the first time she has seen Tang Xue's mother. Principal Tang used to go to the parents' meeting. Since the two children are at the same table, it naturally feels closer than the average classmate's parents, and Tang Xue is so cute. Tang's mother straightened up and looked at Li's mother apologetically. "I'm really sorry," she said. "Our child is too naughty. I apologize to you." "Huh?"? It's all right. It's normal for children to play. "Mother Li touched Tang Xue's little head and looked at Li Yubing with concern.". She had a worried question and asked cautiously, "Well …" Li Yubing in our family, will he be disfigured? How can you marry a daughter-in-law with a Pockmarked face in the future. Tang's mother was amused and replied, "Don't worry, if your son is disfigured, I will compensate him for my daughter." Just then, Li Yubing, who was so painful that he didn't cry, suddenly had moist eyes. Can I not. He said weakly. Chapter 4 a storm. Tang Xue was scared to death by Li Yubing. She was really good for two days. On the third day, when she asked Li Yubing to buy her a funny egg, she gave the eggshell to Li Yubing for the first time to show her humanitarian concern for him. Li Yubing: ".." Really, so touched. A few days later, Li Yubing's face was completely better. He finally did not turn into a Pockmarked face,aluminum tile trim, but had a small hazel mole on the right side of the bridge of his nose, which was close to his right eye. If his eyes are the moon, then this mole is a little star looking at the moon. Well, it's pretty nice. Tang Xue touched the mole with her finger and asked Li Yubing, "Does it still hurt?" The little girl's fingertips were soft and delicate, and Li Yubing turned her head away and did not speak. Li Yubing, let's play house! "I don't-" The words of refusal have not been finished,stainless steel tile trim, Li Yubing has been captured by Tang Xue. Recently on TV in the "Golden Bough Desire Evil", Tang Xue gathered a group of people, she played the emperor, others played the imperial concubine, Li Yubing played the favorite imperial concubine. Tang Xue hooked Li Yubing's shoulder, the other children surrounded them in the middle, everyone called her "emperor", she nodded with satisfaction, that expression and deportment, no doubt fatuous. She patted Li Yubing on the shoulder with her paw: "Aifei, you speak. If you don't speak, you will fall out of favor." Li Yubing died bravely, like Liu Hu Lan. These two people, stainless steel edge trim ,stainless steel edging strip, one is shooting a palace drama, the other is shooting an anti-Japanese war film, not on the same channel at all. Tang Xue scratched her head, thinking about what to do next, and she slanted her head to look at her beloved concubine Li Yubing. Oh ho ho, got it! She suddenly leaned over and gave the princess a kiss on the cheek. Li Yubing's face is green. There is another person with the same green face. Principal Tang came to Tangxue's class today. It was two minutes before class. He and several teachers came to the door of the class, just in time to see Tangxue holding Li Yubing's shoulder in one hand, like a little bully, but also close to others. Second grade! Just play hooligan! And in front of so many teachers! Where can I put his face as a headmaster! Hoo-Hoo- Principal Tang was so angry that he breathed heavily and his nostrils became bigger again. He looked like he had a sense of inexplicable joy. Tang, Xue! Tang Xue saw that the situation was not good and went back to the class. After that, he was honest and motionless in class. Principal Tang naturally refused to let her go. So Tiantangxue came home from school and was punished to stand again and again. How old do you think you are? Why are you still like a child? Principal Tang pointed at her and taught her a lesson. I am a child. You! Why don't you feel ashamed? I'm ashamed of you! Principal Tang said, deliberately scratching his face with his index finger, "Shy!" Just then, Tang's mother came in with a basket. She took a rest today. As soon as Tang's mother saw the battle, she was so familiar with it that she changed her shoes and asked casually, "What's wrong again?" "Ask her!" Tang Xue looked at her mother pitifully: "Mom, today the teacher asked me to answer correctly, the teacher also praised me, and then my father let me stand.". ” Mother Tang: "..??" Principal Tang hastened to explain: "It's not because of this.". The child openly molested a male classmate and kissed him. I couldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. He talked about the scene he saw today. Principal Tang has been in the education sector for some years, but he is good at taking care of other people's children. When it comes to taking care of his own children, he has a big head. Tang's mother crouched down and asked Tang Xue, "Why do you kiss Li Yubing?" Because I'm playing the emperor. Li Yubing is his beloved concubine. Tang's mother was happy, "You are quite high-end in your own positioning." He looked at Principal Tang and said, "Children are playing house. Don't over-interpret it with your adult thinking." Principal Tang felt a little relieved, and then stressed, "It's no good to play house. I'm already a big girl." Tang's mother touched Tang Xue's little head and said, "Tang Xue, you have grown up, and you can't kiss a man.". You can't let a man kiss you. "Why?" After kissing, you will get aphthae, and you need an injection to get better. You and I will go to the hospital for an injection later. Tang Xue's sunny little face immediately collapsed, and she answered sadly, "Oh." After thinking about it, she was a little unwilling: "Why can my mother kiss my father?" "Cough." The two adults always blushed. "Because I am the headmaster, whether the headmaster kisses others or is kissed by others, both sides will not get sick," Tang said with a heavy "hum" and an exaggerated tone to cover up his embarrassment. "Oh," Tang Xue suddenly realized, "no wonder Dad can kiss Teacher Huang." When Tang's mother heard this, she suddenly changed her color. She stood up, rolled up her sleeves and was about to start. Suddenly, she thought that her daughter was in front of her. She was afraid of scaring the child,china tile trim, so she tried to restrain herself. She just said with a sullen face, "Tang Hongjiang, tell me clearly." "The child is talking nonsense!"! I was wronged! I don't even know Mr. Huang! Tang's mother pulled him into the bedroom and slammed the door.

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