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"What to do?" Qi Mei wiped away her tears. "How can we confirm?"? In case it's true. She couldn't stand the blow. "What if Xiaoxi killed them?" "Don't talk nonsense!" Qi Hongtao interrupted her, and he thought, "how about this." Qi Mei raised her head, and Qi Hongtao leaned over and whispered a few words in her ear. Night. After dinner, Tong Ran took a bath. Jesse gave him seven days. Now one day has passed. Only six days left. Luo Xiao has been standing on the balcony since he returned to his room. Tong Ran didn't talk to him. She changed her clothes and came to the door. Her men stopped her. "What are you doing?" Tong Ran looked back at Luo Xiao, "I'm full and I'm going out for a walk." "No." "I am pregnant woman, do not take a walk after the meal do not digest," Tong Ran raised his head, "if you are responsible for the abortion?" The two hands looked at each other, and one of them nodded, "Then you can only walk in the yard." Chapter 1543 she almost cried at this glance. (I read the full text of the novel website without a pop-up window) "You can follow me." Tong ran out of the door, Luo Xiao did not say anything, turned into the bathroom. The courtyard is very large, here is relatively remote, the air is fresh, Tong Ran walked slowly to the lawn, followed by her men, she could not figure out how to contact Mo Nanjue. She bent down slightly and reached for a flower. "Don't move,stainless steel tile edging," he grabbed the flower from her hand. "Who knows if you're trying to play a trick?" With a sneer, Tong Ran did not argue with him and straightened up and walked forward. She walked very slowly, really walking, and her men were impatient, but they had to follow her. "How long are you going to disperse?" "When to digest, when to disperse." Tong Ran is not in a hurry, the line of sight goes out,stainless tile trim, there are trees all around, it is very difficult to determine the terrain, she can be sure that there is a signal here, otherwise the TV can not be turned on. Does she just need to get a cell phone to get in touch with the outside world? But where to get a cell phone. She kicked the flowers at her feet irritably and couldn't figure it out at all. Qi Mei also ate a little more tonight. She looked down from the windowsill and saw a woman in a long skirt standing in the yard. She also went downstairs. The servant nodded at her, "Aunt Qi." "I'll take a walk." Qi Mei came to the yard, and the man was following Tong Ran step by step. The impatient look on his face was very obvious. "Are you all right?!" Tong ran his hand on his lower abdomen, "I haven't digested yet." "You.." His men were so angry that they couldn't attack her. Seeing this, Qi Mei rolled her eyes and hurried over. "Who is this?" "Aunt Qi," his men looked at her and said angrily, "it's the wife of the man they caught. She's in a lot of trouble. She still has to take a walk. I think she probably wants to find a chance to escape!" Qi Mei smiled, "I just came down for a walk, or you go to dinner, I help you watch her by the way." I really don't want to go on here, aluminium edge trim ,metal trim manufacturers, "but." She's a pregnant woman, can't she beat me? Besides, you guys are in there, and I can get out by shouting, and she's not a fleet-footed. "That, also become," the man feels relieved, nod toward Qi Mei, "that trouble next Qi Yi, I go to have a meal, be starved to death by this woman." Her men turned and walked back into the house. Tong Ran didn't care who was following her. She glanced at Qi Mei. She didn't know a completely strange face. She turned her eyes away and continued to lift her legs to the front. Qi Mei followed behind her, the line of sight kept looking at her, all said that the female big eighteen change, Tong Ran and childhood really look not quite the same, but some outlines still did not change, Qi Mei looked more and more like, she almost asked directly, but still held back, "girl.". ” Tong Ran paused. "What's wrong?" She turned around, Qi Mei looked at her big black and white eyes, the upper corner of the eye slightly raised, very delicate and moving, this glance she almost cried out, like, really too much like! Tong Ran looked at her excited look, she frowned, "are you?" Qi Mei hurriedly said, "I am a guest here." As soon as she heard the word "guest", Tong Ran put away her face. She turned around and stopped talking. So, girl, where are you from? Qi Mei followed and walked side by side with her. "Are you Chinese?" Tong ran a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, "Do you think I look like a foreigner?" Chapter 1544 can it be reincarnated? (I read the full text of the novel website without a pop-up window) "No, how can a foreigner speak Chinese so well?" Qi Mei laughed and suddenly reached out and took her hand. "Girl, can I show you your palm?" Tong Ran felt a little twisted. She pulled back her hand. "No, thank you." Qi Mei did not care about her coldness and said, "What's your last name, girl?" "Why do you ask?" "I think you look like the daughter of a relative of mine." Qi Mei never took her eyes off her face. "I'm just asking." "Then your relative must be dead?" Tong Ran went to the fence and fiddled with it. "I don't have parents. You're wrong." Qi Mei felt uncomfortable just listening to what she said. She went over and patted Tong Ran on the shoulder. "So did my daughter. She disappeared when she was very young." Tong Ran paused when he heard this. "Haven't you been looking for her?" Qi Mei choked in her throat and tried to hold back her tears. "Looking for.." I can't find it. "Yes, I can't find it." Tong Ran raised her head. She smiled at the corners of her mouth, but she was bitter. "I also want to go to heaven to find my parents, but I can't find them either.." She only felt that her eyes were sour. If Mom and Dad were still there, would she not have to suffer so much? Is it possible to avoid all this. When Tong Ran closed her eyes,tile profile factory, Qi Mei saw her tears and opened her mouth at the right time. "Is that man in the room your husband?" Tong Ran withdrew her sight, and she raised her hand to wipe the corner of her eyes. "No." Qi Mei was startled and looked at her abdomen, "but I heard them say you were pregnant." 。

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