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Qin Lanruo looked at me with good intentions. "The maidservant's mother has bad eyes and often sews clothes at night. Because her eyes are not good, she seldom stares at clothes. The maidservant has been very strange and asked her later.". She said that no matter embroidery or sealing clothes, it depends not on the dexterity of the hand, but on the heart. A heart full of joy when the owner of the clothes sees it. "Heart?" "Yes, empress, you try, put the needle on your fingertip, think about the embroidery in your heart, and then count the needles in your heart, thinking.." "I must try it. Thank you, Lanruo." "Lan Ruo was very grateful to the empress for her help last time, and this meager return was nothing." I looked at her with a friendly smile on her face. Under the breeze, her smile was as beautiful as a pear blossom in March, which confused people's hearts. The mind of the Son of Heaven, mind. I drank a bowl of teacup and watched the four sisters-in-law and six sisters-in-law skillfully thread the needle. I guess it's.. Shou Tao. Six sister-in-law quickly under the needle, "to the queen mother's birthday, this time ancestor worship, the emperor also wants to give his underground mother birthday." The fourth sister-in-law glanced at me in her busy life. "Don't think about it. It's lucky that you can embroider before dawn. Just embroider it casually.". No matter how we compare,steatite c221, we can't compare with Princess Qin's pure heart. Of course, the crown is someone else's. I said, you start a needle first, and when I finish embroidering this magpie, I'll help you trim a few stitches, so that you won't show up in front of people tomorrow. Reluctantly, I picked up the veil and saw that it was already late. My sleepiness suddenly came,Alumina Ceramic C795, and I was thinking about it for a while. The fourth sister-in-law got up and drove me out of the house, so that I could take a few breaths to refresh myself. I stretched my arms under the moonlight, inhaled the essence of the moon, and enjoyed the dim moonlight with infinite pleasure. Do you really have leisure? A cold voice sounded. I quickly turned around and saw Lu Li leaning behind the porch. "Did you not start work or finish it?" "What do you say?" I went to the porch beside him and sat down. "Ask knowingly." "I knew it." He smiled faintly and took out something bright from his bosom. "So it was sent immediately." "What is this?" I took it, only to find that it was a fluorescent thread. "Is this the fluorescent thread made of gold and silver in the legend?" "So precious things can only be used on the dragon robe of the father. This is not the case." Lu Li said lightly, "This is the configuration of ordinary silk thread impregnated with liquid medicine made of fluorescent powder." "How did you figure it out?" "An old friend.." Taught me. "What can I do with it?" I frowned unconsciously. Lu Li smiled, "The moonlight is dim tonight and the stars are dim. Tomorrow will certainly not be a sunny day. With the fluorescent light, it will help a lot. Maybe it will help you muddle through." I sighed, "You don't know my craft, but I'm afraid it's a waste to give me this thread." "Embroidery depends not only on craftsmanship, but also on heart." "That's so familiar. People say that during the day." I smiled. Lu Li smiled faintly, "in short." "Embroider with your heart. I don't blame you for losing face for what you end up with." "Yo, why are you talking so well today?" I glanced at him and smiled grumpily. Who told you to give me a long face in the palace today? He was laughing, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,10g Ozone Generator, but suddenly he fell silent, "but." A woman without talent is virtuous. It's better for you, a woman, to behave yourself. I didn't pay much attention to it and asked, "Don't you have to go home today?" "No, after the severe drought in the past few days, the Jiangbei Reservoir is going to see the bottom. We have to stay together to discuss countermeasures, and we will return to our father for a while." "Drought again." I said and looked up at the sky. Yes Lu Li also frowned at the dull sky, "if there is a soaking rain, the people will be saved." My heart suddenly sank, that moment seems to have something to collide out, excited to push away in front of Lu Li, Lu Li looked at me with a confused face. I couldn't control much, so I rushed into the room, picked up my veil and clenched it tightly in my chest. "Yes, yes, yes.." Four sisters-in-law and six sisters-in-law hurriedly put down their work and rushed to my side. One of them touched my forehead and asked the other, "Did the night wind catch the wind?" I quickly shook my head. "No, yes, yes." The fourth sister-in-law glanced at my lower abdomen in surprise. Got it? When the house is round, it doesn't squeak. "What is it?" I quickly pushed her away, "I'm talking about embroidery, the heart of the son of heaven." The fourth sister-in-law and the sixth sister-in-law sighed disappointedly and returned to the table to continue their work. I walked to the corridor with fluorescent light and brocade handkerchief in my arms, borrowed the dim moonlight, and tried to feel the fingertips that Qin Lanruo taught me. The Millennium Festival is full of jubilation with lanterns and colored streamers. A magnificent imperial garden has been filled with large and small masters. As Lu Li said, dark clouds are gathering, but there is no smell of rain. With the emperor's long dragon chariot, everyone knelt down. As soon as the emperor took his seat, someone sent a long board covered with cloth. The emperor pointed to the long board at hand, "This is the final answer." Before the announcement, I want to personally appreciate the craftsmanship of the daughters-in-law. With that, he and the queen stood up and walked. The Crown Princess, standing in the first place, first presented her embroidery. What are you embroidering? The emperor asked softly. The Crown Princess opened the brocade handkerchief and said, "It's my flag." "What is the moral?" "It was my great victory on the battlefield." The emperor nodded and touched the embroidery with one hand. The stitch is exquisite and smooth. It is done at one go. The embroidery is exquisite and the color is bright. It is the best of the best. The emperor said, turned around and motioned to the eunuch behind him to accept the crown princess's embroidery. Walking in turn, sister-in-law embroidered a flying dragon, which means the power of the emperor. The third sister-in-law embroidered the phoenix, the fourth sister-in-law embroidered the magpie, the fifth sister-in-law was the jade Ruyi, and the sixth sister-in-law was the longevity peach. Until the bright dragon boots fell in front of me,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, I calmly opened the brocade handkerchief, and there was a sound of shock around me. The corner of the colored silk brocade handkerchief is not a beautiful mascot, nor is it magnificent and colorful. But an ordinary oil-paper umbrella.

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