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Looking ahead, the average age of the parents who have been seated in Class 12 is not more than 50 years old. They are basically either the father or the mother of the students. Both parents have something to do, and they also call their aunts and uncles to attend on their behalf. Even in the whole rank department, it is rare for such an old parent to attend the meeting. yuan Che and Tang Ran stood at the school gate and watched Grandpa walk slowly into the teaching building. Jin Luo, who had been holding back for a long time, finally couldn't help it: "Brother Ran, is that really your grandfather?" Jin Luo had a meal in the canteen and came out of the school just in time to see Tang Ran holding an old man to the door. Because this person's mouth is extremely big, Tang Ran is worried that after telling him the truth, within five minutes, the truth can be spread from the school gate to the classroom, so he only said that this is his grandfather. Jin Luo is skeptical: "Brother Dye, I don't feel right." Do you think he won't complain to your father when he goes back? Tang Ran looked at him and said, "Where did you get so many questions?" But the more reluctant he was to say, the more curious Comrade Jinluo became: "No, I'm really curious. Why did you think of asking him to come to the meeting for your father?"? In your style, shouldn't you hire one from the street? As soon as Tang Ran wanted to roar, "Is it OK because Lao Tzu is poor?", he heard yuan Che,shuttle rack system, who had been silent all the time, suddenly open his mouth and say, "Because his grandfather is hard of hearing." Jin Luo thumped his palm: "Right!"! I said there must be a special reason. Eh? Brother yuan, how do you know? yuan Che: ".." Tang Ran rushed to answer: "Because people will observe their own summary, unlike a classmate, caught people have to ask to death!"! Have you thought about it? Just ask, go back and reflect! Jin Luo: "?" Can you think about this? The last parents' meeting was held on Friday,drive in racking system, and no one was in a hurry to do their homework, so the non-resident students still had the leisure to go out for a wave; this meeting was held on Wednesday, and except for a few people whose hearts were particularly big, they basically could not get up. Tang Ran, who had a big heart and leisure, made an invitation to the two people beside him: "Will Blue Fire go?" Jin Luo waved his hand again and again: "No, I have an appointment. Li Hong is still waiting for me to go there." Tang Ran listens, however came interest: "What do you make an appointment with?" Genro said, "Well, this one we're dating is more exciting.." Brother yuan is all right. You may not be able to come. Tang Ran was quickly aroused by the fighting spirit: "Fart, what call I can not come?"? Come on, I have to show you today. Is there anything I can't come to? …… Five minutes later, Jin Luo and his party met with Li Hong, cantilever racking system ,industrial racking systems, Ren Yuzhen, Qin Shuo and Fang Yuting at the KFC near the school. Tang Ran looked at a table full of Jinbang test questions and silently put down half of his sleeves: ".." Jin Luo announced in a very straightforward manner: "Let's stop for a while. Brother Ran said he would come to carry us." "***," Tang Ran kicked Jin Luo aside, "I also when you about what, really exciting. Gather a crowd to do exercises? The committee member cheerfully put down the pen in his hand and made a handkerchief: "General Manager Tang, Lei, Lei." “……” Tang Ran turned around and asked yuan Che, "Do you think it's too stuffy here?" yuan Che gently pulled the corners of his mouth, ignoring Tang Ran, who winked at him crazily, and said, "It's not boring. It's all right." "Yes, General Manager Tang," said Li Hong. "Look, Brother yuan says this place is all right." Tang Ran: ".." Can't we just go through the motions and give each other a step down?! He turned to take aim at Qin Shuo, who was sitting behind a table of examination papers with a pen in his hand and looked abrupt. He advised, "Shuo Zai, I don't think you look good. If you can't do it, don't do it." Qin Shuo glanced at yuan Che, who was standing behind Tang Ran with his hands in his pockets. His face flashed a little complicated emotion. He seemed to hesitate for a moment, but finally he shook his head firmly: "No.." My dad came to my parents' meeting today. Tang Ran was still stubbornly looking for a step in the same place. yuan Che had already crossed him and sat down at a table next to Li Hong. He opened his schoolbag and began to take homework and stationery. Jin Luo's consciousness of holding his thighs was quite high. He immediately sat next to yuan Che. At the same time, he did not forget to greet Tang Ran: "Come on, Brother Ran, let's have fun together!" With an incredible look on his face, Tang Ran walked slowly toward the table: "Don't you just have a parents' meeting?" Am I crazy or are you crazy? * Three minutes before the start of the parents' meeting, Feng Zhizhong came out of the office and was attracted by the old man sitting in the last row as soon as he stepped into the classroom of Class 12. He frowned and asked Ding Yifan, who was standing by the front door of the classroom, "whose parent is the uncle sitting in that position?" Ding Yifan: "Oh, it's Tang Ran's grandfather." Feng Zhizhong: ".." Sure enough. On the day Tang Ran burned the paper, he had secretly made up his mind in the office, but because the boy behaved unexpectedly well-he wrote a few questions in a decent way outside the classroom, he never implemented them. He planned to have a chat with Tang Minghua alone on the day of the parents'meeting, but his father didn't come this time. About the same time, Feng Zhizhong and the parents who came up to ask their children questions exchanged a few words and asked them to return to their seats and sit down first. If there were any questions, they would discuss them after the meeting. Feng Zhizhong stepped onto the platform and read in detail the results and rankings of each student in the class in this monthly exam, as well as the progress and retrogression compared with the last monthly exam. Although there is a report card posted on the back wall of the class, in order to arouse parents'enough attention, the school still requires the head teacher to read it out. yuan Che Grandpa sat in the last row, because his ears were not good, the teacher said for a long time, but did not hear a word clearly. But the old man was a little stubborn and had a good face. On such a formal occasion with many people, he refused to expose his hearing problems,mobile racking systems, so he straightened his back, put his hands on his knees, and made a look of listening carefully.

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