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In a one-to-three situation, He An actually defeated two opponents in a row and entered the final game with almost full blood. Such a dramatic turning point immediately filled everyone with expectations. The half-dead Wuji team players, along with the people in this battle, are also advancing triumphantly, one by one slowly revived. When He An really defeated the haze with an almost complete victory, the training room was silent for two seconds, followed by volcanic eruptions of cheers. Everyone gathered around He An, pushing and rubbing. If they didn't know that there was still a game to play, I'm afraid they would have to grab He An and throw him a few times to enjoy it. He An's face, of course, is to put on a sense of superiority. Besides, the victory or defeat of the game has explained everything, and the current situation has explained everything. He does not need to use too many words to encourage, the members of the Promise Team have been completely revived. Next, as long as the tie breaker is won again, the morale of the Promise Team will inevitably erupt to the peak, and then the team match will go all out again. Don't underestimate morale. Morale is actually the mentality of the players. High morale is more likely to inspire the players to play at a high level. After all, the players are human beings, not machines, and the mentality plays a decisive role in the players' on-the-spot performance. The morale of the Promise Team at this time made He An feel very satisfied. And he believed that the morale of the Xingxin team must be particularly low when the good situation was caught up to this point. Although the two sides are now standing on the same starting line in the final game, or if they are harshly calculated according to the blood bar,ceramic welding tape, He An will be a little behind. However, in terms of the situation, He An believes that the advantage is on the side of their infinite team. The pressure of being overtaken and reversed is terrible. Don't you see the countless audiences brushing the screen? This is a popular scene, Xingxin team can withstand such pressure? He An had no time to think about it. After a short break, the final game began. Xingxin team on the battle seat, finally stood on their team should be the most concerned, but has been frozen did not appear in the role: Jun Mo Xiao. Of course, this arrangement will not surprise He An. Jun Moxiao has always been regarded as the real core of Xingxin Team. And this suspected role of Ye Qiu,ceramic bobbin element, although the media reports must point out that Jun Moxiao's newspaper celebrity is not Ye Qiu, but He An visited Xingxin Internet Cafe and saw Ye Qiu in Xingxin, at this time the operator behind Jun Moxiao is not Ye Qiu, who can be sure? Challenge is such a loophole in the rules, He An can only guess with the most terrible situation. He thought his confidence was impeccable, but he was thinking that he might have to face Ye Qiu, the founder of the Dynasty, the pioneer of countless glorious plays, and the man known as the textbook of glory. Suddenly, He An found that the palms of his hands were all sweat. He An grabbed the towel on the table and wiped his hands hard. There is no time for him to adjust his mood. The game picture has been loaded, and the countdown of three, two and one has begun. He An put back the towel and took a deep breath. No matter who the opponent is, victory is the only way out for him at the moment, and also the only way out for their infinite team. Wuji Battle Team has failed in the challenge last year, and there is no professional league to play in a year, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,ceramic igniter electrodes, so the team is naturally operating at a loss. This kind of operation now needs to continue for another year. He An, such an ace player, is also the manager of the club, which actually shows how hard the Promise Team is. Even such an important position requires part-time work to reduce labor costs. This year, I'm afraid it's the last chance for the Promise Team. This year, if we can not rush back to the professional league, and then a third year, the team will certainly not be able to maintain. Not to mention whether the high salary of the players can be paid, I am afraid that the players who are qualified for the high salary will not continue to play the challenge in the Promise Team. Then it may have to rely on selling characters, equipment and materials to maintain expenditure. In this way, the strength of the team is bound to be weaker, so more can not pass the challenge. Many of the teams out of the game eventually fell into such a vicious circle and completely disappeared. You can't lose! He An once again warned himself in his heart. He originally had a belief in victory, but after thinking that Jun Moxiao might be Ye Qiu, his belief in victory would always waver, so that he had to remind himself again and again. The audience screen is still lively, and the face-beaters are resurrected like members of the Promise Team. This scene is really too happy, originally far ahead of Xingxin, unexpectedly was pursued to such an extent. And at this time the role of the Promise Team did not lose much life, under the winning streak, morale is booming. Where are Xingxin's people? Are you too nervous to move at this time? The audience jeered loudly. However, their comments have been invisible to both sides entering the game. The opponent is Ye Qiu. Lingering thoughts, let He An in the final game or finally not bold and unrestrained, he repeated his old trick, people go to a third time to turn over, directly into the water. He swam slowly for a while and skillfully found a hiding position. Of course, it was a different position from the first two games. He An began to observe his opponent again. As a result, he couldn't see.. In the water, under the corridor, the view is blocked and naturally very limited. At this time in the limited space, He An temporarily did not find the trace of the opponent, he waited patiently for a moment, still did not see the trace of Jun Mo Xiao, the heart finally felt some wrong. Jun Mo Xiao, if it's Ye Qiu, then. Must be not afraid of water war, then it is possible to go into the water, is it now close to the body in the water? He An thought, hurriedly let a person go to also plunge into the water, 360 degrees to turn a circle of perspective, but nothing was found. Where are the people? He An, who could not find his opponent, suddenly panicked, and the situation was really beyond his expectation. Are you standing where you are and not coming at all? He An let people go to also change a position, the new observation role, you can see Jun Mo Xiao just into the picture when the position of stay, no, Jun Mo Xiao did not stay in place,7g Ozone Generator, he has action, but at this time he An does not know what the other side is action. Two options. Or take the initiative to find Jun Moxiao; or continue to be ready, waiting for Jun Moxiao to come over.

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