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"The dragon girl really looks extraordinary!" He opened his mouth, and his voice was a very nice baritone. "Listening to the praise of Chief Li and the soldiers for the girl that day, and talking about the autopsy process of the girl, I really admired her!" She smiled faintly and nodded again: "Your Excellency is full of praise!"! I don't know what the adult ordered my daughter to come. He also smiled faintly, raised his hand, and motioned for her to sit down in a chair beside her. He sat down, too, and the servant brought tea. He picked up the teacup and shook it gently, with a kind of calm and leisurely air. Miss Long, where did you learn such a skill? "My daughter's master used to be a righteous official in Shouyi Village." She had thought about this for a long time. "My daughter has no father or mother since she was a child." I'm sorry, my father and mother in previous lives, please forgive me! " It was the master who took my daughter in, and she was able to learn such skills. "Where is the girl from?" "After the master left, he wandered around, homeless and homeless, first in Simon and then in Beihe." "Have you ever done anything before?" "No!" She said, "Because she is a woman, she has only done some odd jobs occasionally." "So, if I hire you to work for me, would you like to?" She stared at him in disbelief, her heart racing. How His eyebrows went up. She took a deep breath, suppressed her excitement, stood up, and bent her knees in front of him. If adults are willing to help,industrial racking systems, my daughter will do her best! "Good!" He clapped his hands heavily and looked at her with shining eyes. "Good!"! What I want is a talented person like you! Looking at the confidence in his eyes, she also seemed to see the days ahead. OK! It seems that it is God's favor to her! Returned her previous life for "handsome boy nymphomania" and bitter heart, sent her a beautiful man, and finally-let her wait for the second spring in her life! After signing a contract with Nan Daren, she left the Yamen. Hard to bear the excitement in her heart, as soon as she came out, no matter how passers-by looked at her, her mouth was laughing from ear to ear,Teardrop Pallet Racking, clenching her fist, screaming three times, and then making a refueling gesture, shouting: "Long Jin Sa, Fighting!" Then he rushed back to the inn as fast as he could, rushed up to the room, and pushed the door open without knocking, shouting as he rushed: "Xu Qing, Xu Qing, my dear little Qingqing, tell you a good news oh ~ I found a job oh ~!" Suddenly, she was stunned, also stopped! Her little Qingqing is waving a long sword to practice in the room. That gesture is so beautiful! So handsome! It is still a seductive dress, white lining, dark red gown, embroidered with unknown classical patterns, long sleeves, heavy duty cantilever racks ,warehousing storage solutions, sleeves also inlaid with fine yellow silk, waving, revealing a peerless elegance. The black ribbon, which is also embroidered with gray patterns, is tied around his waist, and in the rotation, his perfect temperament, which is both feminine and soft, is brought into full play. This reminds her of those ancient chivalrous and beautiful men in Tanbi novels! Only then did she recall that Xiaolian, the maid of the incense court, had said that he had been a Wudan! But why is his swordsmanship so much like ballet? Especially the spinning, the feet are windy, and the skirts are flying. What is this if not a ballet? But, whatever it is, it's beautiful enough to bubble! _ Eyes glow ~ ~ Drool comes out again ~ ~! In the blink of an eye, he had danced in front of her, smiled, put away his sword, stretched out his hand, and wiped the corners of her mouth with his sleeve. Only then did she come to her senses and laugh at her own gaffes. It seems that she should go to find a doctor to treat her serious illness. Chapter 8 of the main text of the female forensic doctor of traversing. Chapter Words: 6469 Updated: 07-12-20 14:31 Although he signed a contract with the Yamen, he did not need to report to the Yamen every day for this job. He would only be notified when there was a murder case, but he would be paid as usual. There was naturally a house in the yamen, which was a special place to park corpses and examine corpses. Nankai also pulled out some silver to buy her some necessary supplies, such as steamer, rice vinegar, distiller's grains, rattan paper, white paper, soap horn and many other things, or these would be needed one day. So she was very ambivalent. Of course, she didn't want to have a life case. But how can such idleness kill the days? Look at that Xu Qing every day in the room to practice, the body is becoming stronger, but still can not put off the image of the feminine beauty. I can't help it. Who told him to look like that? What's more, a troupe that had been stationed here for a long time took a fancy to him and strongly invited him to join. But he rejected it and vowed never to enter the circle again. Seeing him like this, she knew that the harm that Beihe had brought to him was so deep and unbearable. So she plucked up her courage and recommended him to Nan Kai. After Nan Kai examined his physical strength and skill, he hired him as a constable under the command of Constable Li. Since she entered the Yamen to work, she had more time to go in and out of the Yamen. The people of the Yamen did not ask about her relationship with Yu Qing, and of course, they all thought they were a couple. She was too lazy to explain, and Nan Kai invited her to accompany him to consult the files. Those files piled up several boxes, is left by several county magistrate, large and small cases are there, Nankai since taking office, has been looking up, to now have not read half. So she also dedicated her time during the day, and at night, she went to look for a house. It took her a few days to find an abandoned house by a small lake in the east of the city. There was only one room and a small kitchen. Although it looked very old and shabby, she could not help it. After all, living in an inn is not a long-term solution. I spent some money to find someone to clean up the house, and I had to make some repairs again. I had to pick a date, so I was afraid that I would have to wait a few more days before I could move. This is a good day in Pingshui County, the Hundred Flowers Fair in Pingshui. Pingshui is named for its beautiful landscape,heavy duty metal racks, and the Hundred Flowers Fair attracts people from all over the world to gather here. Originally, the national flower of Nanlieguo is also peony, which is in full bloom in the center of the square.

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