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Ruan Qing here several people also made self-introduction, after waiting for everyone to know each other, Zhao Xueshuang smiled and said, "I didn't expect to know so many new friends today, since everyone is so happy, we must drink without getting drunk." After three rounds of drinking, the people on both sides have become very familiar with each other. The iris flower is single-minded to talk to Zifei, but Zifei is far away, sitting beside Zhao Xueshuang, eyes do not look at the iris flower, in addition to the beginning to see Ruan Qing some excited forgetfulness, at the moment it is more light than the previous face. Ruan Qingxin said, so the best, do not want to entangle any debt of love, there are already two in the family to give themselves a headache, she does not want to get into trouble again. Lan Yue and Ruan Qing mood is different, her eyes always follow Luo Feng on the table, even Xiaoxiaoxian can see, hurriedly touch her elbow, Lan Yue suddenly awakened, a little embarrassed. After sitting down again, Ruan Qing saw that it was getting late. He was really worried about the sick people at home. He said with a smile, "Sister Zhao, it's really lucky to meet you today. The feelings between friends are about a long stream of water, so we have more opportunities to get along with each other in the future.". It's getting late today. Sister Zhao still has two men on her side. It's too late to go back. I'm afraid it's inconvenient. Why don't we break up now? Zhao Xueshuang smiled, "Miss Ruan Qing is thoughtful and thoughtful. We're going back late, but there are some inconveniences. Well, next time I'll find an opportunity to invite a few more people." Ruan Qinggong said, "I dare not let my sister spend money. Next time, let my younger sister do this." At the end of the speech,cordierite c520, everyone stood up and said goodbye to each other. Zi Fei bit his lips and turned his head to look at Ruan Qing for a long time before he reluctantly left under the call of Zhao Xueshuang. Out of the gate, Ruan Qing and Lan Yue ride to the east, Xiao Xiao Xian and Iris to the south, four people say goodbye, ride home separately. Ruan Qingxin knew that Lan Yue's mansion was not in the east. Since she chose to walk in the same direction as herself, she must have something to say to herself. Sure enough, after walking slowly on the official road for a moment, Lan Yue slowly opened her mouth, "Qing'er, are we still friends?" Ruan Qing's heart suddenly jumped, "of course it's a friend." "Well, I thought you wouldn't recognize me as a friend when you came back this time." There was no smile on Lan Yue's face. What's the matter with you? You're acting strange today. Ruan Qing pretended not to understand. Then there should be nothing to hide between friends, right? Lan Yue looked eagerly at Ruan Qing. Ruan Qingxin knew what she meant. "What do you want to ask?" Lan Yue gritted her teeth. "Do you know that the female emperor will hold a big wedding at the end of autumn?" Ruan Qing's heart began to "pound" wildly, and suddenly he was afraid to hear the words coming out of Lan Yue's mouth. All you have to remember is that you told me today that we were friends. For a long time, Lan Yue opened her mouth faintly. Ruan Qing's heart slowly put down, ceramic bobbin heater core ,alumina c799, Lan Yue finally did not force her today. Back in the mansion, Ruan Jingxin and Zuo Junheng had already settled down to rest. Ruan Qing drank a lot of wine and walked to Qingya Xiaozhu top-heavy. As soon as he turned the corner, he saw the familiar figure, standing on the bridge as always, silently looking at the moon in the sky. Ruan Qing's head hurt slightly and walked slowly over, "Yu Xiao, it's so late. Why haven't you had a rest yet?" The man standing at the bridge listened to Ruan Qing's question. His whole body shook and his face lost its color. What did she just call him? Yu Xiao, how long has it been since she called him Yu Xiao? When I heard her call out her name tonight, I just felt alienated. When did he begin to be so far away from her heart? The moonlight is very good today. I want to see the moon. "Full of bitterness to say this sentence, Yu Xiao turned around and no longer looked at Ruan Qing, how much he wanted to see her, she knew?"? Want to eat every day can not swallow, sleep can not sleep, is only a sick cloud deep? Lovesick also has his own ah, but he did not say anything, only quietly to give way, let her pass, his body trembled slightly, because of the two words that hurt people, because of the impatience in her tone, he did not say anything, only in the past moment she closed her eyes, heart so painful, painful he must hold the railings of the bridge to support his body. Don't let yourself slip. It's late. Go back to rest early. I'll see you in two days, OK? Ruan Qing could not bear it. He walked over and then turned back and said to him. You go, I'm fine. Yu Xiao turned his face with a strong smile. "Mr. Yun must be in a hurry. He's not in good health." Ruan Qing said, "Oh," and smiled apologetically at Yu Xiao. He strode away until he could no longer see his back. Yu Xiao loosened his tightly clenched fist, and there were several deep wounds in his palm. A few days later, Yunshen's health slowly got better. Under the auspices of Ruan Jingxin, Ruan Qing held a small wedding ceremony like a family banquet. It was not that he didn't want to do it in a big way, but that Yunshen didn't like the excitement and insisted that it was best to be simple. Therefore, Ruan Qing only invited some familiar friends and family members to have a few lively meals. Even so, but also received a lot of gifts, those who have something to ask for Ruan Qing in the future, all kinds of people who want to go the way of the prime minister, or do everything possible to send gifts. Ruan Qing looked and smiled, but when he looked at a scroll, he stopped. The scroll was sent by Yu Xiao. Ruan Qing did not know what he had drawn, so he slowly opened it and his eyes brightened. The painting depicts Ruan Qing and Yun Shen standing at the bridge looking at the fish. Yun Shen's face is full of satisfaction and happiness, while Ruan Qing's eyes are full of spoiling. There is a line of small characters at the bottom of the scroll: "Like a fish in water, the harp and the harp are in harmony, and the beauty is made by heaven." The painting is really lifelike. Ruan Qing himself did not know when the two of them entered the brush of the jade flute. But looking at the small print below the scroll, Ruan Qing was not happy, sighed slightly, and put down the scroll. Who sent it? Yunshen, dressed in a bright red wedding dress, snuggled up with a happy face. Reach out to pick up the painting to see,Ceramic Band Heater, "the painting is really like, really beautiful, I like it very much.".

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