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Of course, these were all made up by Yile himself, because Princess Rongshou Chang in the capital also sent her a letter. The letter is nothing more than a bunch of angry words, but in Yile's view, his mother is complaining. Say what the emperor is simply confused, because a monk's simple words will give the queen's position to such a callow girl, if the late emperor knows, maybe he will be so angry that he will jump out of the coffin of the imperial mausoleum! Another is to urge Yile to work harder on dim sum, and try to take advantage of the opportunity of this southern tour to develop some feelings other than brother and sister with the emperor's cousin, and so on. After reading the letter, Yile laughed it off, and the orders inside were forgotten in a twinkling of an eye. And Xiao Zhiyi robbed her emperor, not to mention whether she could give up her feelings with the little girl, the emperor himself would not give other women any chance at all. Yile did not forget that several times when she was with Zhiyi, Emperor Xuan had a naked dislike for her. She has a good life as a princess, but does she want to kill herself to provoke the iceberg? "Yile feels that she is not stupid, so if she has seen her mother's words, she should forget them." Where is that Mammy now? Zhiyi has the intention to meet him. It seems that the emperor of your family has sent someone to lock him up temporarily. Yile replied, "If there's anything you want to ask, just go and ask Lianxiang." Zhiyi is full of interest, she has seen the queen mother in the past to rectify the palace people, pity incense is the worship and palace training, the means of nature is not bad. When he returned to his residence with Yile, Zhiyi saw a group of palace maids kneeling in the courtyard, and almost all of them were implicated except those who served them personally. Pian Xiang stood in front of them as if lecturing, and beside him was a familiar little father-in-law, who was the little disciple of Andrew. Girl- "just saw the figure of Zhiyi, Lianxiang immediately came up, also glanced up and down, relieved," Fortunately,Walking tape measure, the girl is all right. " Seeing that Zhiyi had the posture of asking questions outside, the palace people who had already had a good sense brought out their chairs and stools and asked their little masters and Yile to take their seats. "What did you find out?" Pian Xiang said one by one what she had done today, and what she used was nothing more than coercion and inducement. As Zhiyi's personal maid, Pian Xiang has the power given by the queen mother herself, which has the advantage that she does not have to worry about anything else, even if she disposes of all the palace people, she will not be blamed. Because as long as the palace people who serve Zhiyi know that their little master's position in the hearts of the queen mother and the emperor can not tolerate a mistake, so this kind of thing is really possible to happen. Of course, Lianxiang did not take such a tough attitude from the beginning. At first, she ordered several trusted palace maids to divide these palace people into four places, each of them asked questions separately, not asking anything else, only asking them about their journey in the past few days, where they were at what time and what they were doing, recording them one by one, and then comparing the words of these people in detail, Diameter tape measure ,Fish measuring board, some of them would be asked separately. If someone can remember what is the difference between the people in the same palace and normal days recently and tell her, after finding out the truth, Pian Xiang will have their own rewards. Lianxiang likes to find out the problems from the details, and it turns out that this method is really effective. Among them, two fathers-in-law who swept the outer courtyard and the maid who was responsible for feeding the koi in the front pond were found to have left their posts without permission in the past two days, and there was a lot of property in the room. Xiyu was not very good at these things. Compared with Lianxiang, she was better at using force to oppress people. "What's the use of buying these people?" She asked. "Probably to pass on some news." Pian Xiang guessed, "or like Mammy, do something in a small place like a swing, although it can not make the girl have any serious harm, but it is always unavoidable to be frightened." When Zhiyi heard this, he was not afraid at all. Instead, he used a sweet soup as usual. He tilted his head and winked at Yile with a smile. "Sister Yile, it seems that I have become a fragrant baboon. When I return to the capital, I must be more popular than the emperor." Yile also joked, "Yes, if a little girl like you steals the limelight, the princess will be unhappy." Before his dimples faded, Zhiyi glanced at the man kneeling over there. "Only these three," he said, "are there any more?" "No more." "Well.." Zhiyi thought, "Pian Xiang, these people are brought from the palace.". ” "Back to the master, they are all Jiang Xuexuan's people, and the original people in the palace can't even get into the outer courtyard." Zhiyi held his left cheek at random and said carelessly, "How did you treat them in Jiangxuexuan in the past?" "Everyone in the palace says it's easy to stay with you, master," said Lianxiang. "You live less and reward more, and master never punishes anyone." Zhiyi shook his head. "No." She got up and took a few steps. "Grandma said that the palace people are not easy, and there is no need to be too critical on weekdays.". They can be so easily bought by a few bags of gold and silver, I must not treat you well enough on weekdays, short of use. Apart from cherishing the beauty, the other palace maids around immediately knelt down and kowtowed, saying that the master usually treated them very well, but those people did not know what was good or bad. But Zhiyi smiled and said in a charming voice like a little girl, "Don't be nervous. I won't punish you." "The three men only received property and did nothing, so it's not a big mistake for the time being." Zhiyi pondered, "If not, pity incense, you go to clean up three empty houses, which pile up more gold, silver and jewelry, nothing else need to be put.". The three of them must have loved these things very much, and sent them in to stay with the jewels without their service, and waited for five days, which was enough time to choose, and then they could bring out whatever they liked, and that would be theirs. So good? The palace people who kowtowed were stunned. It was really no punishment. It was a great reward. Yile listened for a moment and laughed. "What you girls mean is to let these three people stay inside for five days, during which they can't go out for half a step.". Since they are so fond of gold, silver and jewelry, they must not need three meals a day,Horse weight lbs, but delay their time to choose, so it is enough to send only a bowl of water a day. "Compared with your girls, it seems that the princess is not considerate enough." Yile seems to smile. tapemeasure.net

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