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He shrank in the corner of the room, stretched out his thin fingers and touched the slender body of the little white, pondering that he was innocent, and he believed that before long, the police would find out the truth and let him go, he just had to wait, and he did not know where he was, whether he was safe now, what had happened after his coma. Why did Shi Chen disappear? What did Lu Qingyun know when he found them? One question after another popped out of his mind, and none of them could be answered. Just as he was thinking, the iron gate opened with a clang. A policeman came in and said majestically, "Shi Xiaochuan, someone wants to see you." Shi Xiaochuan stood up silently, lowered his head, and went out behind the policeman, while Xiao Bai, who had just crawled over him, rolled up his arm along his sleeve, cool. This is not a reception room, but an interrogation room. For Shi Xiaochuan, who has been accustomed to all kinds of surprise interrogations these days, he has become accustomed to all kinds of interrogations, so he stands there calmly, ready for any possible surprise interrogation. However, sitting there was not a policeman,metal trim manufacturers, but several people he knew, including Shi Chen's father, Shi Anqing, and his own father, and several people who were probably Shi Anqing's subordinates. Shi's father's face turned black and looked at him angrily. It seemed that he had been regarded as an active criminal who kidnapped Shi Chen. Shi Xiaochuan opened his mouth and tried to say something, but finally he closed his mouth and stood in front of them with his head down. Shi's father looked at him with complicated eyes. There was no place like his own child all over his body. Because of his face and character, he became more and more suspicious. Shi's mother swore that she had never done anything wrong to him. He believed it at first. However, this child, this child, was so special that he was different from all the children around him. From small to large,stainless tile trim, like a ghost, gloomy, silent, always staring at you with those eyes, so that you dare not look at him. He said to himself over and over again that there were children who were not like their parents, and that he was his own seed, but since he heard the rumor that when Shi's mother was young, she had a lover, and they had a good relationship, but one day, the lover suddenly left, and then in a very short time, Shi's mother married herself. He began to be suspicious again. The family was also made to take off by this incident. Mother Shi committed suicide by drinking pesticide. He was also tired. The couple stopped fighting, but the grudge was left behind. From time to time, when the couple quarreled, they had guns and sticks, which were damaged in the open and in the dark. In fact, aluminum tile trim ,aluminium tile trim profiles, he knew that he was not worthy of Shi's mother. Shi's mother was a beautiful girl from all over the country. He also wanted to live in peace of mind. Especially after Shi Xiaoshan was born, Shi Xiaoshan, who looked like him, made him very happy. He spoiled him every day, but he still couldn't. As long as he saw the child in front of him, he would unconsciously sink his face. As soon as Shi Anqing saw him, before the police went out, he rushed over, carrying Shi Xiaochuan's collar and shaking him vigorously, "Shi Xiaochuan, where did you take my son?"? Ah, tell me, what are you doing with such a dead face? Your father is here today. If you don't say one, two, three, I'll let you go out sideways. He pointed to Shi's father, "Old Shi, you also say." Father Shi came over and said reluctantly, "Ogawa, if you know something, just say it quickly. You know how Uncle Shi usually treats you. Shi Chen is just like your brother. You have to be conscientious.". ” Shi Xiaochuan looked at him with deep eyes and shook his head. "I fainted at that time. I really don't know what happened to Shi Chen later." Shi Anqing looked at him with a livid face, waved his hand, and immediately the person next to him handed over a remote control. He pressed the switch, and Shi Xiaochuan saw his image immediately appear on the TV on the wall next to him. He was watching Xiaobai intently, chatting with it, playing with it, and talking to himself on the screen alone. But it looked so weird and funny that he was talking to a snake, and the snake seemed to be playing with him with its tail. Shi Xiaochuan did not expect that the small cell he lived in was also equipped with a monitor, and his every move was filmed, perhaps this is one of the strategies of the police. In the picture, he looks like a madman. Even a snake charmer in India would not have such a close relationship with a snake as he does. When Shi's father saw the video, it was obvious that he was probably greatly stimulated. He pointed to Shi Xiaochuan and pointed to the picture again. "You-" you waited for a long time but didn't say a word. Shi Anqing looked at the picture through Shi Xiaochuan. He stood up slowly, walked over, twisted Shi Xiaochuan's arm, pinched his jaw with his fingers, forced him to watch TV, and said in his mouth, "Look, look, what are you? Our Shi family is really unfortunate except for a monster like you." Shi Xiaochuan struggled with pain. "Let go." Shi Anqing made a wink, immediately next to the two men also came over, a left and a right to control Shi Xiaochuan, the strength of two tall adult men, immediately let Shi Xiaochuan can not move, Shi Anqing "brush pull" a tear open Shi Xiaochuan's prison clothes, had already given up Shi Xiaochuan immediately fierce struggle, he remembered that if his every move was recorded, Then they will know where Xiaobai is. Sure enough, as he expected, he noticed that the wrong little white slipped down from his trousers and climbed to the vent at a very fast speed, but before he could climb out, with a "snap" sound, a fine barbed wire fence fell down from the vent, and even with the slender body of the little white, he could not climb over, and the little white immediately turned around,tile trim manufacturers, changed direction, and ran around the room looking for an exit. Next to it, there are four big men chasing and blocking it.

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