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I took out a steamed bun from my bag to supplement my physical strength and threw it out. As soon as the steamed bun came out of the blue and purple light, it just touched the tender green fog like white water thrown into the fire. In the sound of "flapping", the steamed bun disappeared before it fell to the ground. I felt a chill in my heart, and my body was a little closer to the "Blood Soul God of War", just short of climbing on its back. Strange beads kept fluttering in front of us, and there was no offensive posture, but without the protective photos formed by the purple and green swords, we would have returned for free without attacking us. I ordered my "Bloody God of War" to go around it. I wanted to see if there was a way out on the opposite side, but I was disappointed when I went to the opposite side. It seemed that the door would not appear if it did not subdue the pearl. Turning around, the bead was still following us like a curious baby. I couldn't do anything with it by myself. I ordered the "Blood God of War" to give it a little. Now I don't want to provoke it. Even if I hang up, it's better than being trapped here. "Bloody God of War" pulled out the "Qingyun Sword". At the moment when Qingyun left the scabbard, I suddenly felt like I was in the North Pole. A cold air surrounded me. "Ah," a sneeze came out. How could it be so cold? Did this sword bring it? How could I not feel it when I saw them just now? "Qingyun" stabbed the bead in the hand of "Blood Soul God of War", and the white breath spurted out from the tip of the sword, touching the bead one step faster than the body of the sword. With a light sound of "flapping", the bead disappeared violently. So simple? No way. My heart was full of doubts. The mysterious bead broke at once. There was something wrong here. I found that there was something wrong, the beads were gone,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, but the extremely poisonous fog was still there, the light door that should have appeared still did not appear, it seems that this pass has not passed. "Blood Soul God of War" put away "Qingyun", and the cold breath immediately disappeared without a trace, as if it had never appeared before. The cold really came from this sword. Why didn't I feel cold when I saw it with "Zixiao Sword" just now? Could it be that the attributes of the two swords are mutually restrained? Offset the cold, so that the "Zixiao Sword" should be very hot. When I was confused, there was a wave in the green air,Alumina Ceramic C795, which produced a small vortex, and the green fog gathered around the end of the vortex, and the bead appeared in front of me in a short time. I began to feel cold in my heart. Will the attack be ineffective? "Bloody God of War" cut it more than a dozen times, and I finally concluded that physical attacks were useless for this bead. I was in a hurry. The thick fog gave people a feeling of stuffiness and depression, like a gloomy dog day. I don't know if the palace guards would break in. I didn't want to stay here for a moment. I began to be ruthless. I ordered the "Bloody God of War" to attack it with its strongest attack power. Then I held my head tightly and waited for the strongest attack. The "Blood Soul God of War" was ordered to pull out the two purple and green swords. This time, there was no cold or hot feeling. It seemed that it was still related to the restriction of Yin and Yang. The "Blood Soul God of War" crossed the two swords in front of his chest. The golden sage on his body made the brilliance of the two purple and green swords brighter. A golden breath flowed from the hands of the The two swords seemed to suddenly burst into flames and burst into dazzling flames. The "Blood Soul God of War" raised his hands and split the bead hard. All the purple, blue and golden light rushed to the bead like a strong wind. My body suddenly felt pulled by a force and almost rushed out. The purple and blue light group on the "Blood Soul God of War" disappeared rapidly. Not good! When the light disappears, the green poisonous fog will come up immediately. What will protect me? My heart was in my throat. Just when I thought I was going to be finished, the "feeling of a thief" on my hand suddenly trembled, and the black breath quickly grew up on my hand, no! It was not a breath, it was a completely gray, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,ceramic igniter electrodes, transparent and empty feeling, my arms became a faint sense of fullness, my body became empty in an instant, the green poison gas touched my body and disappeared without a trace, as if it had fallen into a bottomless black hole, not even a trace, but I did not feel anything strange. The feeling of thief ", my good baby, when to have this function again?"? I don't know, it seems that this precious ring still has a function waiting for me to dig! I am excited to wipe it, fortunately, seemingly nihility, I can touch, this baby does not know how many times to save lives, it seems that I have to complete the task about it as soon as possible, or I will lose a lot if I am taken back, just looking for the trouble of the four holy beasts, a little dizzy, later on! I don't believe I can't finish it. "Bloody God of War," that fierce attack, I thought it would be a lot of noise! After the three kinds of mixed light split out and broke through the beads, I waited for a long time, but there was no sound. The whole fog just fluctuated a little and did not change. Gathering three kinds of immortal mid-level power attacks, there is no response here! Anyway, I'm not afraid of the poisonous fog now. I took a few steps to go up and watch it. With a "boom" and a tremor at my feet, I was sitting on the ground. My brain was really shocked. I was dizzy! It turned out to be a backlash, and the interval was a little longer, so I was not prepared at all. Who is knocking over there, trying to pierce the sky! No, the poisonous dragon is coming. Who is it? Who's giving me trouble? Is it Shaomao Laodao? There is someone here, or a woman, who came before me? -- Chapter seventy-five the fairy in the dragon's bowels. I saw the green fog rolling in front of me, as if the waves brought up by a strong wind surged around, gradually making a hazy gap, and a faint figure kept waving his hands inside. Old Shaomao, how dare you offend the divine dragon and disobey the divine covenant? Aren't you afraid that the emperor will punish you? Where did I provoke you? Is it worth your disrespect to come here and catch me? You dare to make me angry, I desperately want to tear off the guard seal, let you become a sinner through the ages, hey! You're not old Shaggy! Although her voice was angry,steatite c221, it was better than any music I had ever heard. It made my ears happy. Even orioles and larks would shut their mouths when they heard her voice. For a moment, I wished she would scold a few more words. Anyway, the person she scolded was not me.

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