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With a bang, the magic collided, and the middle-aged man in his thirties was defeated. He spurted blood and flew out, then exploded in the air and turned into ashes. It's Elder Martial Brother Lin Mu. He hasn't left yet. He's still teaching! Many people were surprised and then overjoyed. This is a powerful and talented brother. He has been a beginner for more than ten years and has a very high prestige. He is deeply loved by the following brothers and sisters. Imps, you have gone too far. Butian Pavilion is decaying and will soon fall apart. How dare you be so insolent? You accept your life! Shadows were flying, and three old men appeared one after another, coming forward to kill. One wanted to capture and kill Little One, one wanted to kill Elder Martial Brother Lin Mu, and one wanted to kill an important disciple of Xiangjiao. They are extremely terrible strong, superb means, hidden in the crowd, this time to launch an attack, it is really terrible. No matter how much Butian Pavilion declines, you can't be presumptuous! At that moment, several figures appeared, came across the sky, and killed to the front. It is the old man in the church. A group of young people are not reckless people, before they come out, they have already reported to the school, and they have already taken precautions. Boom! Just a few face to face, the sky is already covered with runes, then blood spatter, the elders of the four clans were killed, they are no match for Butian Pavilion. Kill! Hundreds of disciples moved forward in a mighty way, trapping the troops of the four clans and suppressing them. In the end, Lei Zumuyan came out in person and went after him personally. A thunderbolt was released, and the mountain was completely submerged. All the masters of the four clans who had fled at first exploded and turned into ashes. Those who dare to offend me will be killed without mercy! He stood in the air,stainless steel tile trim, thunder and lightning mingled, and loud shouts shook all directions. In the dark, many forces of the people surprised, all backward, dare not too close, although not as brilliant as the past, but not the average person can provoke. The little one's heart is warm and he feels very excited. This is the warmth of the school. The whole school is United and has a sense of belonging. There's no chance for me to perform. The big red bird was so annoyed that he didn't get a treasure. The battle was swift and swift, it had just begun, and it was over quickly. As the days went by, there were fewer and fewer disciples in the school,aluminium edge trim, especially some geniuses, such as Xiao Tian and Yan Xin, who were finally sent away. There are three thousand ordinary disciples in this session alone, which is too many. Finally, the gate decided to send them back to their respective tribes. Those who really don't want to leave can stay and will be transferred one after another. Parting is doomed to be sad, and since then, some people will never see each other again. The little one saw off one group of brothers and sisters after another, and each of them would pinch his little face before he left, so that he could practice hard and stand between heaven and earth in the future, transcending the sacrifice of spirits. At that time, no matter whether there is a sacred vine in Butian Pavilion or not, there will be no fear of the outside world. You are so ferocious at such a young age. We are all optimistic about you and work hard! One familiar and unfamiliar face after another had great hopes for him, and they were still optimistic and full of expectations when the school disaster came. The little one and the breeze will also be sent away, because time can not be delayed any longer, the situation is not good, some leaves have begun to wither and yellow, it can not hold on. However, when they were about to leave, stainless steel edging strip ,tile profile factory, Mu Yan and Liu Lao frowned and got the news temporarily. They were very uneasy and did not let these people start. Two days later, a terrible news came, Butian Pavilion advocated spitting a mouthful of blood, could not help but a sad roar. Mu Yan is all over the electric awn, overturned a spirit mountain, like an angry lion roaring to the sky, incomparably crazy. Even Liu Lao, who was always like a sleepless man on weekdays, was extremely angry, and his eyes shot out a compelling light, and he coughed up blood in a big mouth. The top of Butian Pavilion shook, and everyone went mad, unable to bear it, and the blood rolled. There was news that three of the seven strongholds that Butian Pavilion had opened up over the years had been uprooted, and the disciples and the masters of the religion had suffered heavy losses and were almost completely destroyed. This is years of hard work, as early as hundreds of years ago, they began to prepare, everything is in secret, can be sent to the seven strongholds are the real elite of the church. Such a loss is too great to bear. Will Heaven die and I mend the Heaven Pavilion? An old man cried out with tears of blood in his eyes. The little one was shocked when he learned about it, and then he was very sad. Not long ago, he was seeing those brothers and sisters off. Unexpectedly, in a twinkling of an eye, heaven and man were separated forever. I still remember that when they left, they drank the elder's wine together and got drunk. When they were drunk, they cried and made trouble, saying that they would rebuild the Pure Land in the future. How long did it take? So goodbye forever. There are many brothers and sisters, do not know, to help him to fight the four clans of people, let him feel very warm, hope to make up the day pavilion strong, there is a feeling of home. Unexpectedly, not long after, many people will never see each other again. He touched his little face, as if he could still feel the feeling of those brothers and sisters when they pinched him, so exhorted, placed hope, but the result was soon separated by Yin and Yang. Three of the seven strongholds were removed, and nearly half of the people transferred from Butian Pavilion were destroyed at once, and the remaining four pieces of pure land were not necessarily safe. Now the rest of the church can't go on. Butian Pavilion is full of sadness. As long as a spark is left, it will become a prairie fire in the future. Deep in the Pure Land, a sigh came from the dwelling place of the sacrificial spirits. The sacred vine revives, and the whole body is covered with blue clouds. Its words are calm, and there is no joy, anger, sorrow, or joy. But if you feel it with your heart, there seems to be a kind of desolation. "I have decided to leave the divine seed and let it guard the reborn Butian Pavilion in the future," he said. "Lord Sacrifice!" Everyone mourned, and at this moment it was obvious that there was no way to save it. The life of the sacrificial spirit had come to an end, and the miracle of resurrection was impossible. Lord Sacrifice, please show us the way! Many people cried out. Kill out, as long as there is a person to survive, Butian Pavilion is not extinct, sooner or later one day will be reborn! From ancient times to the present, it has experienced too much, and has paid a heavy price in order to protect the Pure Land. At this time, it rose from the ground, blue clouds into the sky, a chain of order God intertwined,aluminum tile edge trim, full of the sky, said: "The battle has begun, my enemy is coming!" 。

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