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"I said I was in Korea these days, and I wasn't with anyone except Brother Xiaotian. I just came back to Ningxia today." Jiang Cheng continued. Jiang Cheng has already said so, even if Lin Jiangnan is not smart, she should also understand the meaning of Jiang Cheng. Is Jiang Cheng explaining to her? And he said that he had just returned to Ningxia and came here. Did he come to find her? But why did Jiang Cheng do this? "Why do you want to explain to me?" Lin Jiangnan couldn't help asking in a low voice. Jiang Cheng frowned. Shouldn't I explain it to you? Jiang Cheng said as a matter of course. Lin Jiangnan, ".." My God, what does the male God mean? She felt that her IQ was suddenly not enough at this time. Online solution, urgent ah. Lin Jiangnan's drooping head at this time has flashed through countless possibilities. When Jiang Cheng saw Lin Jiangnan's appearance, he knew what she was thinking in her cerebellum now? He could not help smiling, and then touched Lin Jiangnan's head with his hand. Jiang Cheng's palms were dry and warm, and his palms against her head were also a warm touch. Lin Jiangnan looked up at him, but he did get a little close to her, so she raised her head and her eyes could only fall on her resolute and clean chin. I have some.. I don't understand.. What do you mean. Lin Jiangnan asked Nuo Nuo. Isn't it right for a boyfriend to explain to his girlfriend why he hasn't shown up recently? "Boyfriend!" Lin Jiangnan was a little confused in an instant, and she didn't notice that her voice was broken at this time. I We When Yes It's the kind of.. It's a relationship. Lin Jiangnan asked tremblingly. Jiang Cheng looked at Lin Jiangnan's frightened face, smiled, and then reached out to push the broken hair on Lin Jiangnan's cheek to the back of his head. What, you've already kissed him, and you still want to repudiate him? Lin Jiangnan is now the whole person is confused, feeling like a dream, such a dream, she did not know how many, but after waking up the sense of loss is only clear to herself. She shook her head. I guess it's another dream. Is it true that I miss him too much these days, so I even dream about him. But if it's a dream,warehouse pallet racks, it's too real. Lin Jiangnan said to himself. Hey, no, no, I can't be tempted. It's just a dream. Lin Jiangnan, wake up quickly. Wake up quickly. Lin Jiangnan closed his eyes and patted his slightly cold cheek as he spoke. Jiang Cheng listened to Lin Jiangnan's soliloquy, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly. He suddenly reached out, then took her hand off his face and held her cheek slightly up against him with his hand. He bent down and covered his lips. Lin Jiangnan's heart was numb, and the warm touch on her lips made her open her eyes, and she looked at Jiang Cheng in front of her. She could clearly see his beautiful eyelashes, long and thick, and the high bridge of his nose against hers. Jiang Cheng just tasted it, asrs warehouse ,mobile racking systems, slightly pursed her lips and loosened them. His lips left her slightly, and his hand was still on her cheek. How's it going? Are you awake? Do you still think it's a dream? Lin Jiangnan blinked his big eyes at him, as if he had not yet reacted. Jiang Cheng looked at her appearance, can not help laughing, really too cute. He didn't give her a chance to react. His warm fingers suddenly ran across her lips, and she felt the coldness of his fingers. She looked into his eyes, and there was a burning honey in his eyes. While Lin Jiangnan was still immersed in Jiang Cheng's tender and sweet eyes, the sudden kiss came like a storm, and her breath was full of his elegant fragrance. His teeth hit her lips, and with a slight force, he easily pried her lips open, and his strong lips and tongue were wrapped around her tongue and rubbed. Lin Jiangnan at this time feel the body soft fierce, the brain is also a blank, as if nothing can remember the same, she looked at his burning eyes, obedient slowly closed his eyes. Lin Jiangnan hugged Jiang Cheng's waist, instinctively wanting to hold it a little tighter, a little tighter. At the end of the kiss, Lin Jiangnan's cheeks burned with shame. She buried her head in his chest and gasped gently to calm her heartbeat. Jiang Cheng hugged her tightly. So, do you still think it's a dream? He asked softly in her ear. Lin Jiangnan's ears were tinged with a faint blush, and she shook her head vigorously in his arms. Jiang Cheng smiled, he pushed Lin Jiangnan slightly away with his hand, his hand on her thin shoulder, trying to say something to her. But as soon as he pushed Lin Jiangnan away a little distance, Lin Jiangnan's hand on his waist could not help tightening slightly, unwilling to leave anyway. Jiang Cheng wanted to bend down to see her. But Lin Jiangnan kept his head down, and then his whole body leaned toward Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng was so stubborn that she could only throw herself into her arms and hold her waist tightly. What's the matter? He put his hand on her back and patted her gently. Lin Jiangnan was silent for a long time, after a while, Jiang Cheng heard Lin Jiangnan stuffy in his arms, issued a stuffy voice. I can't see it. My face is too red now. The author has something to say: Vegetarian for a few days is not for such a big piece of fat meat, right, right, good time? Chapter 34 18 In the evening, Lin Jiangnan came home dizzy, and she even felt that her walking legs were soft. I'm going in. Lin Jiangnan stood in the doorway and said to him. Jiang Cheng looked down at her. OK Lin Jiangnan took out the key from his pocket, opened the door,industrial racking systems, and was about to enter when suddenly Jiang Cheng's voice rang again. Have you eaten? "Eat.." Ate it. Because Lin Jiangnan's mind is not particularly clear now, she answered Jiang Cheng's question without thinking, and did not notice that Jiang Cheng used affirmative sentences rather than interrogative sentences. And the man who brought you back? 。

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