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Su Huaize was wearing a seat belt, his slender fingers were holding the steering wheel, and his shirt was pulled into a beautiful wrinkled line. He seemed to be driving with great concentration, but when he felt Yu Manman's eyes, the onion white fingers holding the steering wheel could not help tightening. What's going on? Your Majesty. Su Huaize looked ahead and asked in his usual gentle voice. It's modern. Don't call me that. People will think we are neuropathy. Yu Manman complained. Su Huaize's mouth was hooked, and he said, "then I'll call you Miss Yu." "How long have we known each other? There's no need to be so polite." Yu Manman couldn't help resisting a little. "You can call me Yu Manman directly, or you can call me Manman. It's better than calling me by my surname." Su Huaize shook his head. I'll call you Miss Yu. In Yu Manman's mind, the line in dealing with people was slightly thick, and Su Huaize could not help wondering if she had done something wrong. For so many years, whether modern or ancient, Su Huaize is so polite because of what, he does not think they are friends? Or is there something in his heart that he doesn't like her? I don't understand. Su Huaize insisted on calling like this, and Yu Manman could not force him to change to something else. For a moment, the two of them had nothing to say, and the car was silent. Yu Manman no longer looked at Su Huaize,heavy duty cantilever racks, but looked out of the window sideways, and instead Su Huaize could not help aiming at Yu Manman while driving. How do you feel about coming to the Imperial City? Are you used to it? He asked. Not bad, after all, is the economic center, still like it. Yu Manman said, "at least there are more opportunities than S city." Su Huaize nodded,shuttle rack system, the problem was over, and the car was quiet again. After a while, he said again, "If you're free one day.." Would you like to go out with me? Yu Manman was seriously thinking about what had happened over the years, and wanted to know when he had offended Su Huaize, so that he did not regard himself as a true friend, but also polite everywhere. As a result, her thoughts were interrupted by Su Huaize every few minutes. She raised her head and frowned. "Aren't we going to start a business?" "Yes.." I mean, if you have spare time, would you like to go out? Su Huaize explained weakly. Ok Yu Manman said. Although she seems to be very cold, she is actually very easy to talk to. Although she did not know what Su Huaize thought of her in her heart, shuttle rack system ,mobile racking systems, she still regarded him as a friend. As a friend, if Su Huaize wants to go out and need someone to accompany him, she is willing to help him. Su Huaize really knows her too well. Yu Manman only said two words and agreed to his invitation, and he felt something was wrong. It seems that two people are not talking about the same thing? “……” Su Huaize hesitated to speak, but in the end he said nothing. <<< The place where they eat is not in the same area as where Yu Manman lives. It takes about half an hour to drive. In fact, it's not particularly far, but I don't know why when there are only two of them in the car, the atmosphere is a little difficult to endure. Yu Manman didn't think much about it. She couldn't understand Su Huaize's attitude and gave up. She took out her mobile phone and opened her latest app Weibo. By the way, she searched for the National College Basketball Match. She wanted to see how other students blew Meng Feng. Meng Feng's school has put the group photo on their official blog. As the captain and the main force, Meng Feng naturally stands in the middle with the coach. Yu Manman and the coach's daughter rub a light, also in the middle position. How to look at all feel Meng Feng shining in the crowd, handsome and handsome. She opened the micro-blog comments, originally thought that the comments should be praised Meng Fengshuai's students, did not expect to praise her only accounted for a small part, but more people are exploding hair. Who is the woman that senior Meng is hugging? [Is this Meng Feng's object?] [Ah!!! I'm crossed in love! But the little sister is so good-looking, and they are both so good-looking! [Ben Yan dog tears bless you T _ T] Uh Why is this direction so strange? They won't misunderstand anything. As a school's own official blog, dozens of comments from a school are already very lively. But this Weibo, mixed with congratulations and congratulations, as well as a large number of comments speculating about Yu Manman's identity, has passed hundreds of comments. I don't know if Xiaobian just finished his meal before he went to Weibo. Yu Manman looked at it for a while before the official blog forwarded the Weibo and explained it. [Captain Meng is holding his sister. Please don't make any guesses.] As soon as he posted the following comments, they became much more interesting. The students had all kinds of Internet expressions to express that they were frightened. Yu Manman also smiled. Today's college students are really interesting. She had already looked at Weibo and put what had just happened behind her, and Su Huaize, who was driving over there, could not help but look at her for a while and observe her mood. Don't look at me, look at the road. Yu Manman said without raising his head. Prime Minister Su was caught, and his eyelashes trembled slightly in his panic, and he quickly looked ahead. I'm sorry, Miss Yu. He quickly gave a convincing reason, "We haven't seen each other for a long time, so I'm a little excited." Yu Manman had almost forgotten what had just happened, and Miss Yu, Su Huaize, reminded her of what had just happened. Su Huaize called more than one Miss Yu, which would remind Yu Manman that he had called his Majesty for more than ten years in his previous life, and would once again remind Yu Manman that when she was not paying attention, when she regarded him as a trusted friend, Su Huaize had been estranged from her over the years. For more than ten years in ancient times,push back racking system, it was like getting along with each other in vain. Yu Manman was a little upset at the thought that he regarded Su Huaize as his best friend and that people were only willing to call her by her surname. Yu Manman didn't want to talk to him, so he gave a hum and didn't even have the desire to go on talking. That one Su Huaize drove the car and said hesitantly, "You." Are you angry? It's so awesome that even the honorific is used.

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