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"Stop it!" One of them shouted. Lin Tian is too lazy to pay attention to this person, the big hand falls, although very casual, but its strength is still strong scary. Then, with a few splashes of blood, the seven monks of the nether world were all beaten to death. Lin Tian didn't care about this at all. He slanted his head and looked at the ghost fruit tree not far away. Three ghost fruits were congealed on the top of the ghost tree, each of which was wrapped with a faint brilliance and interwoven with strands of mysterious marks on it. He did not stop too much and went straight there, ready to break the natural ban on the periphery of the nether tree and take away the nether fruit. However, as soon as he got out of Zhang Xu yuan, he stopped and turned his head to the southeast of the place. What's the matter, boy? The crocodile of the five elements is slightly suspicious. There's someone else coming. Lin Tiandao. Almost at the moment when his words fell, the southeast direction of the place came with great force. Space vibration, a figure with black armor across here in a twinkling of an eye, the body is very tall and burly, the whole body is intertwined with a very amazing ghost gas. The five-element crocodile was slightly moved: "Nirvana and the Eight Heavens." "We are about to reach the Ninth Heaven of Nirvana." Lin Tiandao. The figure with black armor was obviously a monk of the nether world, who came for the nether world fruit. After stepping into here, his eyes fell directly on the three nether world fruits in the ancient land, and his eyes were suddenly interwoven with Zhan Zhan Jing Mang. However, the next moment, the man noticed the existence of Lin Tian and the Five Elements Crocodile, his eyes fell straight on Lin Tian, and his expression suddenly moved. Human beings on the other side of the world! The strong man of the nether world was slightly frightened, and then, like the nether world friar before,stainless steel tile edging, his eyes shot out two cold lights directly. Human beings actually entered my side from the other side of the isolated world and said, "How did you get here?" The man's eyes are evil. The ancient land of the nether world had long been isolated from the world on the other side, and even their ancestors could not pass through it. Now, a human of Nirvana level had come here from the world on the other side, which naturally surprised him and made him want to know how Lin Tian had come. Lin Tian looked at the strong man of the nether world with a flat expression. "Who do you think you are to command me?" The strong man of the nether world suddenly looked at the three nether world fruits in the ancient land, and his eyes fell on Lin Tian again, becoming more cold and gloomy: "Don't say?"? It doesn't matter! After suppressing you and refining your spirit, you can know everything naturally. Perhaps,tile trim factory, our clan can enter there more quickly and unify the ten directions of heaven as soon as possible! The words fell, and with a clang, the man had an extra spear in his hand, covered with strange lines, and stabbed Lin Tian. Ka! In an instant, this space is directly cracked. Lin Tian raised his hand to clap forward, facing the other side through the dense spear, in a twinkling of an eye is the collision together. Then, with a loud bang, he was shocked back a few steps. This one act makes crocodile of 5 elements stare round eye directly: "Not be boy, what are you doing?" But he knew that Lin Tian was powerful, the strongest body of reincarnation, in the sixth heaven of Nirvana, even the quasi-emperor could slay, but now he was shocked by a monk of the nether world in the eighth heaven of Nirvana, and he stepped back a few steps in a row, which really made him very confused. Lin Tian steadied his figure, china tile trim ,stainless steel edge trim, frowned and said, "The operation of the divine power is not very smooth, and it is difficult to give full play to his physical strength. Compared with normal times, it is weakened by about 50%." When he first came to this ancient land of dust, he found that the divine power in his body was not running smoothly, and he didn't care much at that time, and the ten monks of the nether world who had been killed by pure physique before, because they were only at the level of the road and could easily be cut off, did not make him aware that the physical power was also affected. It was only when I met a nirvana eight-fold monk of the nether world that I discovered this. Apart from the fact that the divine power is not running smoothly, the physique is also affected. The five-element crocodile opened his mouth, clenched his paws slightly, and then bared his teeth: "That's true. It seems that the crocodile's body strength can play about 30% at most." "Keng!" The shrill sound of the soldiers rang again, and the monks of the nether world with black armor moved again, carrying spears to Lin Tian. And, at the same time, the man reached out the other hand, interwoven with a rich ghost gas, along with the sharp spear to kill Lin Tian, the void collapsed in pieces, there is space turbulence overflow, directly crushed. Lin Tian raised his hand, and the golden power interwoven out, toward the front to meet, simple and direct, a punch hit. Hum! The void buzzed, and the golden divine power collided with the nether world of the nether world monk, suddenly rubbing out a flash of lightning, and the blue nether world surged, as if it could corrode all things, and began to erode his golden divine power. At the same time, with the surge of the blue nether world, there was a very fierce breath interwoven, shaking the golden power of his sacrifice, and many places began to disintegrate, as if ice had been hit by a hammer. It's corrosive and aggressive. Lin Tian said to himself. He shook the golden divine power to fight with this man. The divine power was not running smoothly, and the body did not adapt to this dusty ancient land in time. At this time, even 50% of the fighting power could not be brought into play, but there was no fluctuation in his expression. Keng! The war spear in the hands of the monks of the nether world, like the dragon of the nether world, ran through the sky and swept across the void. At the same time, the spirit of the netherworld became thicker and more terrible, which made the golden power of Lin Tian's sacrifice more open. The Terrans are too small and vulnerable! The monk of the nether world looked at Lin Tiandao with a cold and aloof attitude. "You're pretty good," he said. "You can barely resist the attack of this general." Immediately, with a sound of Keng, the war spear in his hand sent out a more harsh sound, and the ghost gas also offered more. With the sound of war spears, the space is distorted, and with the surge of the nether world, the space is shattered, and the general trend of attack and killing is very frightening. Mankind, surrender! The voice of the man was raised in vain, as if a king were threatening his courtiers. Lin Tian's expression was flat,stainless steel tile edge trim, without any emotional fluctuations, but his eyes were a little indifferent. If I don't give you some color to see, you really think you are invincible. 。

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